Does Planet Fitness Have A Steam Room? What You Should Know About Steam Room

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Does planet fitness have a steam room

Steam rooms are often found in gyms or spas, and they serve specific purposes to improve users’ health and well-being. Many regular gym-goers do underestimate the importance of a seam room in rejuvenating the body and the mind. Some do avoid such an essential part of the gym for some skin sensitivity or health-related issues. Regardless of your situation, it is important to visit the gym room once in a while or regularly to depend on how your body can handle it.

Does Plant Fitness Provide Steam Rooms?

No, Planet Fitness doesn’t offer a steam room or sauna in most gyms they operate. They deliberately do this to maintain their low membership fees.

Gyms usually have steam rooms or saunas, which are particular rooms created with water-filled generator pumps that pump steam into an enclosed space so that moisture is provided in the air while people are sitting inside.

What Is Planet Fitness, And Why Are There No Steam Rooms In Their Gyms?

Planet fitness has become a gym organization most famous for its affordable membership fees. It is driven by the goal of welcoming everyone to a healthy lifestyle through physical activities. It has a mantra called “Judgment Free Fitness,” which has made it an appealing choice for regular and new gym users worldwide.

While the fitness program membership does not come with a steam room, the Black card tier membership will give you access to facilities such as hydro-massage machines and tanning.

Simply put, Planet Fitness can be described as a Fitness franchisor brand in the United States with more than 2000 branches all over the country. Today Fitness Brand has extended to almost all continents of the world. For as low as $10, you can become a member of the fitness company. The company provides fitness facilities that welcome everyone, even people with disabilities.

There are three types or tiers of membership o choose from when signing up for Planet Fitness membership. The cheapest tier that is regularly promoted is the $10 membership package that comes with a 12-month contract. The Second Tier is the $15 a month package that comes with no warranty. The $10 option contract means you have to pay $120 a year and not a monthly $10. The third package is the PF Black Card tier that goes for $22.99 per month, but this also requires a 12-month contract.

With the PF Black Card Tier, you can access all planet fitness facilities anywhere you are in the country. This package also comes with a wide range of many other benefits. For instance, you will have access to free massage chairs and tanning beds. You are also entitled to bring another person with you to the gym each time you visit.

Why Is There No Sauna Or Steam Room In Planet Fitness Centers?

Planet Fitness aim at providing basic fitness facilities. Steam rooms and saunas can be expensive to install, and the fitness company is compelled to shoulder the costs of such installation. Expenses on Steam rooms and saunas don’t end with installation, as such facilities will attract lots of dirt and debris; hence the staffs know it is a must to clean them every half an hour.

You will find at least one individual staff carrying out maintenance per shift in most Plant Fitness facilities.  It is also possible that Planet Fitness may not be able to maintain costs of constant care for Saunas and steam rooms.

If Planet Fitness decides to add steam rooms to its facilities, then a new membership fee may come into effect.

What Facilities Can You Find In Planet Fitness?

The fitness facilities you will find in Planet Fitness cover primarily the primary fitness objectives. Cardio and strength training facilities such as treadmills, bikes, and weightlifting facilities are always available at Planet Fitness centers. The locker rooms also offer some shower stalls plus hair dryers.

Aside from the absence of steam rooms, you wouldn’t find Jacuzzis and swimming pools at Planet Fitness facilities. You will likely not find Yoga studios and Pilates at the centers. There are no workout classes; you will have to figure it out on your own.

Why Consider Plane Fitness?

There are several reasons why you should consider Plane Fitness for your workout goals. The affordability and wide availability nationwide are just a few of the reasons why Planet Fitness is your ideal choice.

Availability of bright, and well-maintained facilities is another reason why Planet Fitness may be your best fitness option. The fitness company also has more than 2000 centers nationwide which means there should be a fitness center near your home. They want you to have a home near your home where you can work out at your pace.

Another benefit you should consider with Planet Fitness is that they are opened round-the-clock. Whether you want to work out very early in the morning or late in the evening, you will find Planet Fitness opened to welcome you. Since the gyms are opened round the clock, you don’t have o squeeze your fitness routine into their time frames.

Your ability to go to the off-peak gym hours means you can become more flexible with your routine because you wouldn’t likely have to be in the centers’ queue. The machines are regularly wiped down, while the shower curtains in changing room are swapped out constantly. You don’t have to worry about the mildew smell associated with some gyms.

With multiple treadmills, bikes, weights, and many more, you wouldn’t have to wait for turns to use the gym’s facilities. It’s pretty common to see dozens of treadmills at a Planet Fitness center.  You wouldn’t have to deal with restrictions placed on the use of fitness machines here.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Steam Rooms And Saunas A Fitness Center?

Though Plane Fitness does not provide seam rooms and saunas in most of its fitness centers, it is essential to know the benefits of these facilities.

Steam rooms are known to improve circulation. They boost the cardiovascular system across all age groups of users. Several studies have confirmed that moist heat can improve blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels or capillaries; hence blood will flow much easier and transport Oxygen all around the body.

Steam rooms and saunas are known to promote skin health. As steam makes the body sweat and will open skin pores, it can help clean the outer skin layer quickly. The warm condensation from the steam will help in rinsing away dead skin and dirt, and this is one of the procedures used in the treatment of acne. Steam is also known to remove toxins that are trapped below the skin.

Seams and saunas will improve workout recovery. A person’s muscles will become sore after a workout, which is known as muscle soreness. It is important to relax your muscles quickly after a workout to promote healing and recovery.  Several studies have also confirmed that the immediate application of moist heat after a workout will help preserve muscle strength and reduce pain. Heat will relax muscles and soothe nerve endings.

Steam is known to loosen joints and reduce the force needed to move joints by as much as 25% compared to cold applications. Steam rooms have also been used in reducing joint pain. The steam application will reduce stress by stimulating the body to release endorphins, also known as the “Feel-good hormones.” Steam application is also known to reduce the level of cortisol or stress hormones in the body. When cortisol levels reduce, people will feel more relaxed.

Steam also opens up the mucus membrane and that will help you breathe easier and more comfortably. Steam is known to break up and loosen congestions in sinuses and lungs and may be used in dealing with some symptoms of the common cold.

Staying in the steam room for up to 30 minutes or more can help you burn more calories. The reason for this is because your heart rate will increase as you remain in the steam room, and elevated heart rate will be prolonged as you stay in the steam room.

Though, there are no substantial evidences that staying in the steam room will aid weight loss, and the reason being that weight lost after using steam is water weight that may be replaced after drinking water.


Planet Fitness has come to stay and will remain at the forefront of delivering affordable, easy and clean fitness service that is nearer to you than ever before. You may want to contact the company directly through is contact email and online enquiry forms. In addition to providing affordable and clean fitness service, the company also provide online 24/7 support where you can get instant answers to your questions or queries. While steam rooms are very important for fitness, they are still not as essential or important as the regular workout machines for aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

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