The Benefits Of Automatic Case Erectors And Sealers In Your Packaging Line

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The Benefits of Automatic Case Erectors and Sealers in Your Packaging Line..

Case erectors and sealers are good for your company. They can help you actualize your company’s packaging line dreams. However, turning your attention to automated case erectors & sealers will automatically improve the efficiency of your company. They will also save you a lot of labor costs. That’s why you should seriously think about technology when it comes to case erectors and sealers. Here is why you should equip your production line with automated case erectors and sealers.

Improves Speed

If you want more production, you should work on the speed of your packaging line. And that’s where automation comes in. Remember, employees can produce up to a certain limit. Beyond this limit, the speed will reduce drastically. That’s why you need to invest in automated case erectors. These machines are automated. This means that they are driven at a constant speed throughout the day. You can easily achieve your target without any difficulties.

Semi-Automatic Case Erectors

If your packaging line is manual, think about a semi-automated erector. This technology will reduce employee involvement in the production line. Plus, these machines are smaller, making them more affordable and highly efficient. You can count on this technology when it comes to forming, packaging, as well as sealing cases.

Enhances Efficiency Of Packaging Line

You cannot rely on a semi-automatic machine when it comes to dealing with large volumes of cases. That’s why you should think about bringing the automatic erectors on board. With an automatic case or carton erector, you have a packaging machine that can reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

Fully Automated

If you are looking for max, high speed, and super-efficient packaging processes, think about a fully automated carton-based erector. Meant to automate the whole packaging process, you can count on the fully automated machines to fold flaps, handle large cases, and arrange them accurately in an efficient and affordable manner. These case erectors are highly durable.

Easy Integrated With Your Packaging Line Equipment

An inefficient packaging line will raise overhead and labor costs. Boost its efficiency. Make the most out of it by integrating it with a case erector. Doing so speeds up the packaging process. It makes the whole process automated, which plays a key role when it comes to improving its efficiency.


If you want your packaging process to remain safe, think about automated case sealers. These machines are designed to minimize human involvement in the packaging line, which makes it safe. It saves your employees from repetitive strain-related injuries. Plus, they play a key role when it comes to improving the speed of your packaging line. This cuts down the labor and other related costs.

Common Terms Used In Packaging Machinery

If you want to optimize the packaging process, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics. In particular, learning the terms used in packaging is important. Here are a few terms to help you understand all things packaging.

Active Case Squaring

Active case squiring is a special technology that ensures that you have consistent square cases. Simple. Straightforward. Smart. These are some of the best things about this unique technology. This technology relies on photo-eye technology to ensure that the cases are squire before they can be sealed. For instance, if the machine spots a skewed case, it will adjust it accordingly. This can give you consistent cases. There are several advantages to squaring. They include:

  • Ensuring that the cases are square and consistent
  • Proper weight distribution within the cases
  • Prevent the pallets from collapsing
  • Improves the efficiency of the packaging line
  • The production process can be carried out with greater speed

Case and Machine Hand

The machine gets a command from the dominant hand. This is the hand that dictates how the machine works. For instance, it ensures that the machine is either right or left-hand operated. Your production line will dictate the machine’s hand dominance-based orientation.  Also, the product flow can dictate the orientation of the dominant hands.

Hand dominance plays a key role when it comes to the erection and sealing of the cases. Understanding these terms will help seal your cases appropriately, which eliminates shipment damages.

Dominant Hand 

For optimal production, you need consistency when erecting the cases and using the machine’s hands. That’s why most manufacturers will strive to meet this condition. For instance, if you want a left-handed RSC, you will have to purchase a left-handed erector. On the other hand, a right-handed RSC demands a right-operated erector machine. That’s why you should always stick to the same orientation. Doing so will eliminate mistakes during the installation process. Plus, it will protect your production process.


The process of producing one product and then moving to another product on the same machine line is known as changeover. The changeover is the time taken to move from one product to another on the same machine line. A good packaging line should minimize this change over time. Reducing the timelines makes your packaging process fast and efficient. That’s why you should understand how changeover works and the needs. It will help you improve your company’s efficiency and reduce the time taken to package products.

Tips And Tricks For Managing Changeover

In most cases, if a packaging line contains several changeover points, it will take more time. This makes it less efficient. This is because the machine will have to spend more time when doing changeovers. That’s why you need to get a clear understanding of your machine’s potential changeover points. You also need to understand the change over time of each machine. This will play a key role in managing the process. Still more, production managers can easily anticipate breakdowns as well as points of delay.

The Bottom-Line

The above are the biggest benefits of using automated case erectors and sealers. From efficiency to save on labor costs, automated case erector machines and sealers have so much to offer. Invest in them and let your company flourish.

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