10 Marketing Techniques To Boost Your Cyber Monday Sales

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Marketing Techniques To Boost Your Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is just around the corner, bringing exclusive deals and a huge wave of online sales. While customers get excited about new discounts and special offers on this worldwide day of shopping, business owners feel the pressure to outperform their competitors.

Naturally, Cyber Monday can bring about a lot of stress for business owners who need to stock, strategize, and optimize for a potentially overwhelming spike in sales. Thankfully, Cyber Monday doesn’t have to be scary; with the right preparation and marketing strategy, you can sit back and watch as your business breaks records and brings in new revenue.

What Is Cyber Monday And Why Does It Matter?

Cyber Monday is a day celebrated worldwide when businesses offer irresistible deals, and shoppers splurge on their holiday needs. It occurs the Monday after Thanksgiving, and it’s a huge day for businesses; 2022 Cyber Week brought in a record-breaking $281 million in global sales.

“Never underestimate the power of a sale,” says Jason Zhang, CTO of Tapin.GG a company best known for gaming tactics like Valorant boosting. “The shopper gets a great deal, and the business gets more traffic and revenue. It’s a win-win situation.”

Though reducing your prices to increase revenue may seem counterintuitive, shoppers tend to buy more when they get an exclusive deal. By marketing offers for Cyber Monday, you can bring in a new set of shoppers ready to spend — and possibly stick with you long-term.

Below, discover our top 10 tips on how to have the best Cyber Monday experience possible.

1. Create a Killer Social Media Strategy

Social media is where many shoppers start their search for the perfect product. By having a consistent and engaging social media presence leading up to and during Cyber Monday, you can build a brand reputation and bring in new customers.

“Social media is how people connect with a business and ultimately decide where they want to spend their money. Consistent presence is key to bringing in consistent traffic,” explains Andrew Chen, Chief Product Officer of CommentSold a company that specializes in Shopify live selling.

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-curated feed. Consider posting daily on Instagram, including Stories, Reels, and posts about your best products and services. That way, when Cyber Monday rolls around, your followers will already know and trust your products, making them more willing to jump on the opportunity of a limited-time sale.

2. Partner With Content Creators

To continue harnessing the powers of social media for Cyber Monday, consider partnering with content creators to spread the word to a more widespread and diverse audience.

“When people see someone they trust endorsing a product, it does wonders. If you really believe in your product, you need to find influencers who believe in it, too, to help you spread the word,” advises Brianna Bitton, Co-Founder of O Positiv.

Partnering with content creators can give potential buyers the ability to see the product in action in the hands of a creator they already trust. This trust can then extend to your business and your product: If their favorite creator trusts and endorses your business, why shouldn’t they? 

3. Set Up Social Shopping

Social shopping is an often overlooked tool where shoppers can buy products in-app on their favorite social media platform. This can be an especially important tool on Cyber Monday, as shoppers will most likely browse social media for the best deals.

“A large social-media presence is important because it’s one of the last ways to conduct cost-effective marketing,” explained UC Berkeley Haas School of Business executive fellow Guy Kawasaki. “Everything else involves buying eyeballs and ears. Social media enables a small business to earn eyeballs and ears.”

You can use these eyeballs and ears, so to speak, in a much more targeted way when you use social media not just as an advertisement but as a storefront in and of itself. When you advertise, share, and sell your products all on one platform, Cyber Monday shoppers can easily and effectively engage with your product.

4. Optimize Your Website Speed Across Devices

Cyber Monday (hopefully) creates an influx in website traffic to your e-commerce site. Optimizing your website to handle this type of traffic can help ensure that anyone who clicks on your site stays around long enough to view and buy your products.

“There’s little as disheartening as an e-commerce store that grinds to a halt because it’s overloaded on the biggest shopping day of the year,” Vik Patel with Future Hosting expressed.

Check your website speed and capacity before Cyber Monday rolls around so you can make any necessary adjustments before the big day. Then, when it comes time for shoppers to start clicking in, they’ll experience a streamlined, smooth process.

5. Create a Dedicated Cyber Monday Landing Page

Customize your website to highlight the deals you’re offering for Cyber Monday by creating a dedicated landing site. Here, you can show off all your best deals and most popular products.

“When someone goes to your website, they should be able to quickly understand what you’re offering and why they should want it,” says Leroy Hite, Founder and CEO of Cutting Edge Firewood a company selling luxurious types firewood. “Banners, landing pages, and direct, bold text can make a huge difference in engagement.”

Direct customers straight to the products and deals you want to highlight for Cyber Monday and watch the sales roll in.

6. Send Out an Email Campaign With Exclusive Deals

Sending deals directly to the inboxes of your loyal customers is a simple way to bring them back around for Cyber Monday.

“Make it as easy as possible for shoppers to choose you,” suggests Max Ade, CEO of Pickleheads, “By sending deals and new products directly to their inboxes, you cut out a lot of the work for them in terms of searching for and comparing products.”

Everyone loves to feel like they’re part of the exclusive in-crowd. Rewarding your newsletter subscribers with exclusive offers and deals reminds them that you value them and makes it easy for them to choose your product over a competitor’s. 

7. Create Irresistible Deals

Cyber Monday is all about the deals. By creating offers too good to let pass, shoppers will feel the urgency to buy your product now while the price is cut. 

“The best incentive you can give a shopper is an irresistible deal,” explains Sara Alshamsi, Founder and CEO of Big Heart Toys. “Everyone is looking for the best quality for the lowest price. Deals on already high-quality products provide a ‘bang-for-your-buck’ feeling that most people can’t resist.”

Deals like buy one, get one (BOGO) and even simple price reductions can help bring in a Cyber Monday crowd looking for the best products at the best prices.

8. Offer Discounted Bundles

Discounted bundles can come in many forms, including gift baskets or service packages. They give you the opportunity to curate a special grouping of products while creating incentives for shoppers to buy more than one thing.

“The best way to keep revenue high while discounting your products is to ensure that a larger quantity is being sold to offset any overhead costs,” advises Rachel Drori, CEO and Founder of Daily Harvest who offers healthy meal delivery. “Creating deals that include buying more than one product, like BOGO or bundles, can keep the discounts high and the revenue higher.”

Discount bundles on Cyber Monday are a thumb-stopping way to get more product off the shelf and offer your customer an individualized, curated experience.

9. Offer Free Shipping

Another great way to incentivize shopping up to a certain price threshold is offering free shipping. 

“Many shoppers are willing to spend a bit more for higher overall savings,” states Marcus Hutsen, Business Development Manager of Patriot Coolers. “For example, offering free shipping for purchases of $50 or more means your shoppers can spend that money on your products instead of shipping costs.”

Deals for free shipping can be the deciding point for many shoppers when they’re choosing whether they want one final product. You can maximize sales on Cyber Monday when you create a free shipping deal that incentivizes a higher price threshold.

10. Retarget Shoppers Who Abandoned Their Carts

Setting up automated email reminders for shoppers who abandoned a cart full of your product is a great way to bring back those who haven’t fully decided if they want to purchase from you yet.

“Reaching out directly to potential shoppers is a surefire way to bring them back to the site to buy the product. People who are already interested in the product will come back around with a little nudge,” says Asker A Ahmed, Director of iProcess Global Research

With this small extra reminder, shoppers won’t be able to forget your product, especially with the low prices offered on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Marketing Sets You Up for Success

Don’t be fooled — Cyber Monday deals can’t stand on their own to bring in the traffic you want on this day of sales. You need a well-rounded marketing strategy, including social media campaigns, website updates, and direct individualized communications to ensure that your revenue skyrockets on Cyber Monday.

“The benefits of a strong marketing strategy are truly staggering,” praises Patricio Paucar, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Navi who shares with consumers the best phone deals on the market. “It’s what sets a successful small business apart from a small business just getting by. Brand recognition and reputability go far in setting your business apart from the rest.”

Make sure your business stands out this Cyber Monday with these marketing strategies, and watch as your holiday sales reach new heights!

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