Mattress For Arthritis: Things You Must Know

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Mattress For Arthritis

One of the most difficult parts of arthritis is joint pain. This can make it difficult to move the affected area. This tends to be worse earlier in the morning. There are a few ways that you can lessen the impact of arthritis. You can try using creams or medications. You might also want to do stretching exercises. Some people like using hot or cold packs, which can reduce swelling and tenderness. But one of the best options might be getting a mattress that is designed to reduce arthritis pain. So, how does a mattress help, and how can you find the right one for you?

How A Mattress Can Help With Arthritis

 Let’s start by looking at some of the reasons why getting a good mattress is so important. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to eliminate the pain of arthritis. However, you will be able to better manage the associated pain.  One of the best ways of doing this is by keeping your spine in the right alignment. A good mattress will have zones of support to help you do this. This will be able to reduce pressure on the back and joints. 

Another huge benefit is that you will be able to get a good night’s sleep. This will help your mental health. Poor sleep habits have been linked to problems like depression. It is also linked with the amount of stress you experience. It can also affect your balance, making you more susceptible to falls. Here are some of the other issues that can stem from sleep problems. 

Of course, you will only be able to get these benefits if you choose a good mattress. If you pick a low-quality one or get something that isn’t right for you, you could end up any issues worse. Here are some ways that you can make sure that you are getting the right mattress for yourself. 

Consider The Way You Prefer To Sleep

Each one of us has a slightly different way of sleeping. Generally, though, there are four sleeping positions you can take. These are; side, back, stomach, and a combination of all three. The way you like to sleep will affect how thick your ideal mattress should be. 

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach or your back, you will need to get something firm. This will ensure that you have plenty of spinal support. On the other hand, if you like to sleep on your side, you will need to get something softer. If you are a combination, it’s best to go with a medium thickness. You must also use eco-friendly mattress protector against spills and stains with a trusty waterproof mattress protector that is made from organic bamboo.

If you have joint pain, you must put a lot of thought into how firm your mattress is going to be. If you get something that is too soft, you won’t be getting enough spinal support. This can cause joint pain. On the other hand, if you are getting something that is too firm, it can increase the pressure your body is under. 

Mattress Materials

Another important element for you to consider is the type of materials that will make up your mattress. Each of these options will have its own set of pros and cons. 

Today, the most popular type of material is memory foam. This will contort to support your body. As a result, it will offer plenty of support. When you leave, it bounces back into place. Another option that you might want to consider is latex. These are also fairly supportive. They have earned their reputation for lasting for a long time. Third, you might want to consider a hybrid. This is a mix of memory foam and innerspring. It will have a bit of bounce to it while molding to your body. 

Each of these materials will have its own pros and cons. But they aren’t the only thing that you need to consider. You’ll need to make sure that it will be healthy. You’ll have to get something that will be certified by the CertiPUR-US. This means that it won’t be made with any potentially harmful chemicals. You don’t want to be breathing in these fumes during the night. 

Pick A Mattress With A Trial Period

Often, the best way to tell if a mattress is right for you is by sleeping on it for a few nights. Because of this, you should pick something that comes with a good trial period. The good news is that most mattress manufacturers will allow you to do this. The standard is 120 nights, though some will be longer. 

Remember that it might take a few nights for your body to get used to the way the mattress feels. Think about the amount of support you are getting. You should be waking up feeling refreshed. You don’t want to be feeling stiff and sore in the morning. If you are, it might be time to think about getting a new mattress. Sometimes, you might be able to stick with the same manufacturer, just get a different thickness level. If you don’t like it, you can always return it for a refund. 

Get Something With A Warranty

You want to make sure that you are getting a high-quality mattress. One of the best ways of doing this is by picking something that comes with a strong warranty. This will ensure that you are protected if it starts to develop any defects. Plus, a good warranty tells you that the company stands behind its product. Ideally, you should be able to get a warranty that lasts for 10 years, though some will be longer. 


Often, a mattress will be an expensive purchase. Because of this, you should consider how durable the mattress will be. This will be a combination of high-quality materials being used to make the mattress and taking care of it properly. Often, it will be better to spend a little more money if it gets you a mattress that will last for a long time. A quality mattress should last for between seven to ten years. 

Look At The Reviews

Hopefully, these tips have helped to narrow down your search a little. But there are still a lot of mattresses on the market that will fit these definitions. The best way to refine the hunt even further is by reading through some reviews. This will tell you what other customers thought of the mattress they purchased. This article contains plenty of in-depth mattress for arthritis reviews and more tips on what to look for when buying one. 

Tips For Sleeping With Arthritis

When you have arthritis, getting to sleep can be a challenge. Getting the right mattress is only part of the solution. There are also some tips that you can use to get to sleep more easily. First, you might want to do some heat therapy before you go to bed. Put a heat pack on your most affected areas. Or you can have a warm bath. This will help to lower joint pain and control swelling. 

You should also make use of the pillows. They can be a good way of providing additional support, helping to relieve the pain. Where you should put the pillow will depend on the type of arthritis that you have. For example, if you have pain in your back or shoulder pain, you might want to use the pillow as a wedge. On the other hand, if you have pain in your hips, you can put the pillow between your knees. It might take a while to find the most comfortable sleeping position for you. 

Third, it can be a good idea to stretch. This will allow you to loosen up the joints. It can give you a wider range of motion and help reduce pain. Talk to your doctor about the best type of stretches for you. Plus, the more physical activity you get during the day, the easier it will be for you to get to sleep at night. 

You might want to try out a new bed. It might be a good idea to get an adjustable bed, similar to the ones used in the hospital. This will make it easier to get into a comfortable position, getting the support you need. It might also make getting out of bed easier for those who are dealing with hip or knee problems.

It will often take a bit of time to find the right routine and sleeping position for you. But you must be able to sleep comfortably through the night. Here are some other tips that you might want to try


Trying to get to sleep can be a challenge for those with arthritis. This can be the start of a vicious cycle, as the lack of sleep accentuates joint pain, making it even harder to sleep. Thankfully, getting the right mattress can help. It will provide support for your joints, reducing pain and making it easier to drift off. So, get the right mattress and experience a good night’s sleep tonight. 

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