How To Remove Glass Dome Light Fixture- Step By Step Guide

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How To Remove Glass Dome Light Fixture

Pendant light fixtures such as glass dome light fixtures can help you customize your lighting installation. Glass dome fixtures fit tightly to the ceiling and they diffused light for a more radiant and more stylish lighting effect. You may want to change your light sometimes hence the need to remove the glass dome light. the following steps can help you remove your glass dome light fixture easily.

So, How do I Remove Glass Dome Light Fixture?

To remove the glass dome, you must locate the ornament’s bolt, which is normally located at the bottom of the light. Hold the glass dome with your hand, and then turn the flash in a counter-clockwise motion to loosen it. Once is it completely loosen detach the bolt carefully just to prevent the glass from falling off.

Ways To Remove Glass Dome Light Fixture

There are three options for removing glass dome light fixture, these are;

  • Screw type mechanism,
  • Grove or notch mechanism.
  • Spring mechanism.

The screw-type mechanism is very common. Since most dome ceiling fixtures have metal frames that hold the glass dome in place, there should be between one and three screws that hold the dome in place to support it at all times. You should also be able to access this area with one hand to loosen the screw.

Once you have your hands on the screws, turn them one after the other in a clockwise motion to loosen them and pull them outwards without removing them from the metal frame. You can then remove the glass dome after loosening the screws but make sure the screws don’t come off the metal frame.

The notch or groove mechanism of removing the glass dome light fixture is very straightforward. To remove a glass dome from a notch or grove system, you need to apply some pressure on the metal against the ceiling. You should apply another pressure to push the glass dome in a counter-clockwise position to loosen it.

The spring mechanism of removal is an option when the glass dome is not screwed with the system. To remove the glass dome from a spring-loaded light fixture, you must pry the metal collar that attaches to the ceiling with the aid of a flathead screwdriver or knife, just to loosen the paint around the fixture. Once you loosen the spring system, use your hand to pull the glass dome down from the spring.

Some spring-installed light fixtures will require some ap, nudge, or pressure mechanism. For the tap mechanism, just tap at the metal ring gently, and until the glass, the dome comes off. For the nudge-installed glass dome, you need to use a flathead screwdriver to push the dome lightly until it comes off. For the pressure-installed mechanism, you need to apply some pressure with your hand around the edges and the glass dome will pop out.

For glass domes installed with slotted connectors, you will need to turn the glass dome in a counterclockwise position just to unscrew it. You will notice some metal bumps in the glass dome installed in this way and they hold the glass dome in place.

The flush mount glass domes have their rims positioned by a flush against the ceiling. To remove the glass dome, you must locate the ornament’s bolt which is normally found at the bottom of the light fixture. Hold the glass up with one hand and use the other hand to turn the flash in a counterclockwise motion to loosen it.

Removing A Glass Dome From Light Fixture With No Screws

Removing a glass dome fixture without screws can be a daunting task. If the glass dome removal is not carefully handled, you may end up damaging the ceiling and the dome itself.

Light fixtures with no screws are those that are mounted on ceilings without any attachment to the ceiling. Many people often wonder how they can remove light fixtures with no screws on the ceiling because the light connections to the ceiling might be damaged through mishandling. You must ensure that the light connectors are not detached from the mounts when removing the glass dome.

There are two types of flush mounts with no screws, these are; direct flush, semi-flush mounts, and directional flush mounts. The flush mount is installed directly on a ceiling without leaving any space and it is most suitable for bathrooms.

The semi flush mount is mostly suitable for rooms with high ceilings and it is characterized by some available spaces in-between the fixture and ceiling. The directional is mounted to concentrate light towards a particular direction.

The twisting and pulling down method is one of the commonest ways of removing glass dome fixtures without screws.  All you do is gradually press the dome upwards and slowly turn it to the point of the notch. At this point, gently pull up the notch and pull it down. You may want to seek the assistance of one other person just in case the procedure gets complicated.

In the case of finding a helper, the person may use a broomstick to push the fixture upward while twisting gently but you must exercise caution to avoid accidental dropping or breaking of the dome.

If bulbs or springs are holding the glass dome, you need to be extra careful. You can loosen the pain around the collar with a knife. Once you loosen, the paint around the collar, gently pull the glass dome downwards and find out where the springs are exactly located. Use the hands to open the fixture up especially the region the springs are supporting the dome.

Once you separate the fixture from the ceiling completely, change the bulb while the spring is holding the dome. If your mission is just to replace a bulb, then you can pop the dome back into the ceiling at this point.  You must be careful when using this option because your knife may leave some scratches on your ceiling.

Tapping is a method used to remove a glass dome fixture when a metal ring holds your dome tightly to the ceiling. Simply tap the metal ring and the dome should pop up. Turning is another option of removing a glass dome. All you need to do is turn the glass dome, even though it is no attached through any screw to the ceiling. This option is simpler when there is a peg holder attached to the dome.

What Are The Benefits Of Light Dome Fixtures?

Light dome fixtures come with several desirable benefits worth considering. For instance, these light fixture comes with a very low power consumption capability. With a glass dome fixture saving you as much as 50% in power consumption, you can save as much as possible on your energy cost.

Another benefit of using a light dome fixture is that it can fit anywhere, whether outdoors or indoor. This means they can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and outdoor areas like decks and patios.

Glass dome lighting fixtures are very easy to install. They come in different installation options that are sub-divided into two; Installation with screws and installation with no screws. Installation with a screw tends to be easier and you can handle it yourself, but installation without a screw will require the help of a professional electrician. Installed glass dome fixtures with screws are much easier to remove compared to those with no screws.

With dome lighting, you can easily direct your lighting to the entire area, center, or a specific area of a room or space. This will depend on your preference and specifications.

Dome lightings are versatile and adaptable. They are versatile in the sense that there is a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. They are complementary décor components that can reflect some vintage or classic lighting styles. You will also be able to find different lighting colors that match the fixtures. They are adaptable in the sense that they can be installed in different ways, though most people will prefer the hanging option.

Glass dome fixtures save space. Whether you are installing it over your countertops or far under the ceiling, you don’t have to worry about your space being compromised. These fixtures will keep your workspace uncluttered by saving space. They can also be used in providing some extra light especially in areas such lights are needed.


The removal of glass dome fixtures should be handled cautiously because of the susceptibility of the fixtures to breakages. If you are unsure of your ability to handle the situation, simply call a professional electrician to help out. Since the removal of glass dome fixtures is straightforward, it shouldn’t cost you much to hire an electrician. If you don’t change your bulbs frequently, perhaps you may consider the non-screw installation methods otherwise, you will find it more convenient to use the screwed installation option for your glass dome fixture if you constantly change bulbs.

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