Delightful Words You Can Use To Describe Spring – Words To Welcome Spring

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Delightful Words You Can Use to Describe Spring Season

Springtime is the best season for many folks. It is characterized by warm weather, colorful flowers, and more sunlight during the day. And who wouldn’t love that? After the end of chilly winter, who wouldn’t want all that which spring comes with?

While springtime may seem like a nice season to many due to the warmer temperatures and beautiful flowers, to some, it means it’s time to deal with allergy medications. Regardless it is important to know that spring has its cons and pros.

Before we go any deeper, let’s first look at some of the words and phrases you can use to describe your delightful spring season.

1. Adjectives You Can Use To Describe Spring

  • Alive
  • lush
  • melting
  • pastel
  • anew
  • breezy
  • cheery
  • awakening
  • barefoot
  • blissful
  • blossoming
  • blue
  • gentle
  • grassy
  • green
  • grow
  • budding
  • buzzing
  • chirping
  • bucolic
  • cheerful
  • cloudless
  • colorful
  • active
  • airy
  • refreshing
  • romping
  • sun-kissed
  • sunlit
  • scampering
  • delightful
  • fluffy
  • fragrant
  • springtime
  • sprouting
  • invigorating
  • sparkling
  • crisp
  • lovely
  • rainy
  • spectacular
  • spring green
  • free
  • fresh
  • full of energy
  • spring-inspired
  • fair
  • fecund
  • floral
  • flourishing
  • sun-drenched
  • sun-filled

2. Nouns You Can Use To Describe Spring

  • rain showers
  • rain slicker
  • rainbow
  • raincoat
  • raindrops
  • Mother Nature
  • allergies
  • vacation
  • vale
  • grass
  • grass stains
  • gentle breezes
  • glade
  • March
  • May
  • valley
  • vernal equinox
  • warmth
  • happiness
  • harmony
  • puddle jumper
  • apple blossom
  • arrival of spring
  • green trees
  • greenery
  • growth
  • warm air
  • watering can
  • fun in the sun
  • furrow
  • galoshes
  • garden
  • time of year
  • tornado
  • transition
  • tree
  • tulip
  • garden party
  • gardening
  • puddles
  • purple iris
  • rain
  • April
  • April showers
  • Easter
  • June
  • rebirth
  • regeneration
  • sap
  • scent

3. Phrases You Can Use To Describe Spring

  • I see green again!
  • flourishing flowers
  • the first sign of spring
  • April showers bring May flowers.
  • Happy spring!
  • a time of renewal & new life
  • birds leave their nest
  • blooming into spring
  • a spring in your step
  • bring on spring
  • don’t forget your umbrella
  • a blissful season
  • sweet, springtime breezes
  • flowers are sunshine to the soul
  • sweet as can be
  • the fertile earth gives birth to new life
  • a day touched by sunshine
  • swing into spring
  • the blossoming splendor of spring
  • spring at long last approaches
  • spring awakening
  • a special time of the year
  • a bouquet of spring
  • chase your winter blues away
  • a day in May
  • a time of gentle beauty
  • enchanted April
  • everything sprouts in spring
  • butterflies in the garden/glade
  • take time to smell the flowers
  • first day of spring
  • the days are getting longer & the sun is shining brighter
  • feel the sun on your face
  • get into the swing this spring
  • green grass brings great fun
  • tender blooms emerge from the earth
  • spring celebration
  • green spring onions coming up from the garden
  • spring fling
  • spring forward
  • He’s no spring chicken!
  • spring has sprung
  • hop into spring
  • here comes the sun
  • I cannot come to school today, I have got a spring fever!
  • spring event
  • spring fever
  • in springtime, love is carried on the breeze
  • spring ahead, fall back
  • spring cleaning
  • hurray for spring
  • in the merry month of May

4. Verbs You Can Use To Describe Spring

  • bloom
  • spring ahead
  • spring into
  • sprinkle
  • clean
  • come alive
  • come to life
  • breathe in
  • bud
  • celebrate
  • change
  • romp
  • shine
  • blossom
  • born
  • shoot up
  • shower
  • smell the flowers
  • smile
  • chirp
  • take a walk
  • teem
  • drizzle
  • awaken
  • thrive
  • barbecue
  • bask
  • dust off
  • soak up the sun
  • sprout
  • get in shape
  • wake up
  • get healthy
  • grow
  • hatch
  • have fun
  • get outdoors
  • warm-up
  • flourish
  • flower
  • get outside
  • glow
  • go camping
  • green-up
  • heat up
  • feel free
  • reinvent
  • rejuvenate
  • renew
  • freshen
  • frolic
  • garden
  • rain
  • ready the garden
  • refresh

Reasons Why Spring Season Is The Best

Here are some of the reasons why you should love spring.

Moderate temperatures

Spring is a transitional period between the chilly winters and scorching summer. For this reason, the season comes with mild- temperatures.

Study shows that many people are comfortable at a mild temperature of about 72 degrees, and spring offers nothing less. Moderate temperatures allow you to strip off layers of heavy winter clothes and still be comfortable.

More daylight

After the spring equinox, days become longer and nights shorter. This means that you have a lot of time to get things done. In addition to that, we could all use an extra hour of sunlight. It is good for our health because of vitamin D.

Cute baby animals everywhere

Warm temperatures are ideal for reproduction. Many animals tend to reproduce during this time because of the favorable conditions.

More so, there are plenty of greener pastures to feed on. Therefore, you should expect to see many cuties, baby bunnies, chipmunks, and ducklings, just to mention a few. Interacting with these animals can have a positive effect on your mental health.

You can now take a walk outside

One thing with winter is that it is always freezing—couples in bed cuddling all day long. For singles, well, still in bed but with a hot cup of coffee watching TV shows.

Everyone is on the inside of the house due to the freezing temperatures. Not in spring! Warmer temperatures in the spring melt the ice away and allow you to walk outside without freezing your feet off. It’s a great time to now take part in some outdoor activities and be active once again.

Reduced rate of crime

The authorities conducted research, and it was discovered that there is a reduced crime rate during springtime. Thanks to the extra hour of daylight in the evening, it has been reported that crime rates drop by 27% during the spring season.

Fresh fruits and veggies

Spring is the season of the year when plenty of fruits and vegetables are harvested. Including fresh fruits in your diet is good for your general body health.>

Outdoor Activities You Can Do During Spring

During winter, people forget about sports activities and stay indoors. But with the sunny weather of spring, you can’t afford to be locked indoors. Here are some great outdoor sports activities you can try out this spring.


Temperatures are moderate, and ice is melting; what better outdoor activity to undertake other than rafting? Spring avails you the opportunity to get wet in water with your buddies.


After staying indoors for the better part of winter, it’s now time for hills and mountain adventures. You can do this alone, with your family or an organized group in your region.


It is less demanding and a great way to spend some quality time on the outside. Pack your gear and go seize the moment in the woods.


It is a great activity for adrenaline junkies. Mountain climbing is a bit demanding and risky but comes with great benefits. The activity is full of fun and a great way to exercise and stay fit.


It doesn’t have to be complicated. Picnics will best suit those with tight schedules. If you don’t have much time, an afternoon picnic will suffice.

Reasons Why Some People Dislike Spring Season

Spring is great, but summer is better. You thought spring was good? Think again. Here are some of the reasons why many people frown when spring season is around the corner.

Inconsistent weather

During the spring season, the weather keeps fluctuating from hour to hour. You could start your day with bright sunlight only to end up with a heavy downpour. This makes it harder for many people to decide on clothes to wear during the day.


With spring come allergies. Watery eyes and a running nose characterize it. Knowing that you have to deal with such every spring is discouraging. The increased amount of pollen grains and dirt encourages allergic reactions to many.


We all love bees for the good work they do to the environment. They facilitate pollination, and to be honest, they are fun to look at, especially the Bumblebees. But we didn’t invite them to the picnic!

Whenever there is a nice picnic spot with flowers, bees will be drawn there. The last thing you want is a bite from the bees. And it is not just bees alone; even spiders and mosquitos come crawling from the winter hibernation state to disrupt us.

Spring cleaning

Springtime means regularly cleaning your house and getting rid of your winter clothes for a while. Cleaning your house scouring for every bit of dirt may not be as funny as you think.

Time to file taxes

During this season, people get stressed out with the idea of filing taxes. Even with all of the free tax filing services available, it can be a tiresome activity making sure that your W-2 forms are ready. Taxes need to be filled by 15th April.

To students, it means dealing with finals

To students, spring is not that fun because it is a reminder that they have to deal with their finals. And even worse, life after graduation.


Spring is finally around the corner; time to forget the cold winter season and look forward to sunny days. As much as well like to think spring has got all the solutions to our problems, it doesn’t.

Springtime comes with its fair share of problems. You could make the most out of the spring season by participating in some outdoor activities discussed here. It is good not only for your social life but also health.

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