Is Wayfair Furniture Good? Is It Worth It?

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Is Wayfair Furniture Good

Formerly known as CSN Stores, Wayfair is an e-Commerce company based in America. It was founded in 2002 and sells furniture and home décor products.

The store has a wide array of options to choose from. They offer more than 14 million items on their online platform from more than 11,000 manufacturers. You will definitely find your dream furniture in their collection.

Many people prefer shopping at Wayfair because of their generous return policy, tons of options, quick delivery, and user-friendly interface.

But even with these, some customers are still asking, is Wayfair furniture good?

Well, simply put, Wayfair furniture has proven to be a reliable solution to furniture and home décor problems.

They offer all sorts of product categories ranging from high-end, mid-end, or low-end. Wayfair only sells quality and fine products to its customers. This is made possible because they have quality control. So yes, Wayfair furniture is good.

More About Wayfair

Wayfair is the largest online furniture drop shipping company in the United States. The company deals with a variety of home products. This may include rugs, lighting, kitchen, renovation bed& bath, appliances, and outdoor products, just to mention a few.

Wayfair does not manufacture any of the products on their website but instead hosts products from several manufacturers worldwide; many folks tend to get this wrong.

Featuring several manufacturers enables them to offer their clients many products and options to choose from in terms of size, price, and color. Availing all this information in one place makes the shopping process easy and enjoyable.

The downside of this setup is that the quality of products tends to fluctuate. This is because product quality varies from one manufacture to another. For this reason, Wayfair’s return policy allows for displeased customers to ship back their purchases.

Why Should You Shop For Furniture Online On Wayfair?

Over the last decade, online shopping has gained a lot of popularity all over the world. This has seen a lot of vendors taking their businesses online to reach a bigger market.

The same trend has been seen with furniture stores Wayfair being the leading furniture dropshipping store. Why are furniture eCommerce sites like Wayfair becoming famous so fast?

There are many reasons why people nowadays opt to buy furniture online instead of just walking into a physical store conventionally. Some of these reasons include better prices and convenience.

Online shopping offers customers more convenience and a better shopping experience as compared to the conventional shopping process.

You can easily access inventory from thousands of manufacturers on your device, make a comparison of product designs, sizes, and even colors before making a purchase.

Wayfair also offers affordable prices for customers from all walks of life. The company ships directly from manufacturers, therefore shortening the distribution chain, which normally leads to an increase in retail prices due to storage and transportation costs.

By shortening the distribution line, Wayfair ensures that the manufacturer recommends its product retail at reasonable prices.

They also feature high-end products worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and standard budget products, giving you the power to choose how much to spend on the product.

Another great thing about Wayfair is that they offer free shipping for most of their products. If you don’t need the furniture urgently, you can take advantage of this after-sale service and save a few dollars on shipment.

They also offer free shipment of replacements for missing or defective products. Their website is user-friendly with an easy-to-follow checkout process that makes your shopping experience a walk in the park.

Wayfair also has a master card and a credit card, which allows you to access additional funds for your purchases in their stores.

Benefits Of Using Wayfair Credit Card

Qualifying for these credit cards is easy. You can check if you qualify to get a card without necessarily applying for one. The application process is similar for the same, and upon approval, you will get a recommendation on which of the two products will work best for you.

Both the Wayfair credit card and master card come with a rewarding program. A customer is entitled to earn 5% in reward dollars for every purchase made using the Wayfair credit card. The credit card can only be used in Wayfair stores.

On the other hand, their master card can be used in any place where MasterCard is accepted. Mater card owners earn the following rewards whenever they shop using their cards; 3% on grocery purchases, 2% on applicable online purchases, and 1% everywhere else.

Upon accruing these rewards, you can redeem and use them to make purchases of up to $ 2,500 per month.

Wayfair also offers its customers an introductory offer to make free purchases of up to $250 on their first credit card or MasterCard purchases. However, this offer cannot be merged with any other discount or coupon.

Does Wayfair Feature Open Box Sale?

Wayfair has an open box and clearance section that allows its customers to purchase returned products at a discounted price.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the products sold under open box sales are usually in perfect shape as customers ship back products for reasons other than defectiveness. For instance, one might receive a product with an undesired color choice and decide to ship it back.

Upon receiving the shipment, Wayfair inspects the items to ascertain their functionality before listing them under the open box sale. Be sure to check the company’s shipment and return policy before making a purchase.

Finding a product that matches all your preferences under this section is difficult. Still, if you are willing to make a few compromises, you can get yourself a great discount on a perfectly functioning product.

Wayfair Furniture Assembling Process

Wayfair ship their products in parts. Due to their large sizes, these products are usually shipped in several boxes, which may or may not arrive on the same day.

Upon arrival, carefully open the boxes and inspect the contents to ensure that all the parts were shipped without damages or defectiveness.

If you are assembling yourself, use the assembling guideline with the right tools to put together your furniture. The assembling work can be tiresome and time-consuming and might require an extra set of hands depending on the furniture size.

If you don’t have the time or the skills to do the assembly yourself, you should head to and contact them to do the assembling for you.

If there are defective parts, make sure you ship them back within 30 days after delivery, or else they will not replace the parts. Even though Wayfair will replace the parts and ship them back to you for free, you will have to incur the cost of shipping the defective items back to them.

Disadvantages Of Using Wayfair

Even though shopping for furniture on Wayfair is easy and convenient, it has its shortcomings too. For instance, it is really difficult to decide on a product’s suitability with certainty as there is limited information on the product. You have to try out a sofa seat to be sure that it is comfortable.

Delivery time is also relatively longer; you, therefore, have to wait for days, sometimes even weeks, before your purchase arrives.

Even though Wayfair ships an assembling guide and the product, they do not offer free assembling services. You, therefore, need to have tools, time, and skills to put your furniture together, or you can hire their assembling partners to do the task for you.

Most furniture pieces are large and require a lot of packaging material to be adequately covered. Disposing of the packaging material can be problematic since they come in large quantities.

What Is The Wayfair Conspiracy Theory?

On 14th June 2020, a known activist member of the QAnon group tweeted about an alleged conspiracy that linked Wayfair to child trafficking. The activist alleged that the expensive furniture listed under girls’ names on Wayfair represented children being sold in disguise.

Wayfair refuted the allegations and went ahead to explain that most of the expensive products were large commercial products. They also attributed the high prices on some products to a technical glitch that has since been fixed. The allegations turned out to be false and unfounded.


The process of shopping for furniture can be tiresome and draining, especially when one has to search through different stores physically. If you are lucky enough to find what you were looking for in one of the stores, chances are you might not like what you see on the price tag.

This is why Wayfair should be your go-to online store for your furniture needs, as they not only have millions of products for you to choose from, but they also offer the best furniture deals.

Furthermore, Wayfair offers free shipping to most of their product, saving you the hassle and money that would have otherwise been spent on transporting your furniture.

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