Privacy, Shading And Other Benefits Of Perforated Window Decals

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Privacy, Shading And Other Benefits Of Perforated Window Decals

For many businesses of varying types, keeping windows and other transparent storefront areas blocked or covered may be a priority. This can be for a few reasons, from privacy to UV ray blocking to a few others, and you have a few good options if you’re going this route. 

One of the top such options is the use of perforated window decal products, which are just one of many custom window stickers and related products you can purchase from quality vendors. What exactly is a perforated window decal, and what are some of the key purposes they’re used for among today’s businesses? Here are some basics.

What Is A Perforated Window Decal?

For those just learning about this product, a perforated window decal is basically a large swath of vinyl (specifically polyvinyl chloride, or PVC film) that’s printed on two sides. The front side is completely covered in the full-color design of your choosing, while the backside has a layer of material with small holes punched through it. 

This back layer is what actually gets applied to the window, and from the outside looking in, people will only see the printed design. From the inside looking out, however, you’ll be able to see through the decal thanks to the small holes that have been punched through it.

This type of decal is also known as a one-way vision decal, and they’re popular for a variety of reasons we’ll touch on in our next several sections. 


For certain businesses, such as those that provide massages or other similar services, privacy is a top priority. In such cases, you likely don’t want people being able to see in through your windows at all times of the day.

With a perforated window decal in place, you get the privacy you need while still allowing in plenty of natural light. This is thanks to the aforementioned small holes that are punched through the decal material, which admit just enough light to keep things bright inside while still providing an effective level of privacy. 

This protection applies not only during business hours, but also after-hours when the business is closed. This can be a great solution for businesses that are often targeted by vandals or burglars, as it will make it much more difficult for anyone to see inside and assess whether there’s anything worth breaking in for.

UV Protection

Another common reason businesses opt for perforated window decals is to help block harmful UV rays. This is important for a few reasons, the first being that it can help keep your customers and employees more comfortable by keeping direct sunlight from coming in and heating things up.

In addition, blocking UV rays can also help protect items inside your business from fading or otherwise being damaged by overexposure to sunlight. This is important for businesses such as art galleries or retail stores that sell items that are sensitive to sunlight, and it can help you keep your merchandise in good condition for longer. 


As with most window decal products, perforated ones can also be fully customized to suit your needs. This includes not only the size and shape of the decal itself, but also the design that’s printed on it. You can check out General Label Inc. for customized window decals.

In most cases, businesses will opt to have their company name and logo printed on their perforated window decals. However, you can really print anything you want, provided it fits within the space available. This could include an eye-catching piece of artwork or even a QR code that customers can scan to learn more about your business.


Another big selling point of perforated window decals is their durability. These decals are designed to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, and they’re not particularly susceptible to damage from the elements.

In most cases, perforated window decals will last for several years before they need to be replaced, provided they’re properly cared for. This makes them a very cost-effective solution for businesses that want to spruce up their storefronts without breaking the bank.

Stylish And Attractive

Many people look at perforated window designs and see modern, stylish buildings. This is thanks to the unique look that these decals provide, which can really help your business stand out from the competition.

Not only do perforated window decals look good, but they can also be very effective at getting people’s attention. This is thanks to the fact that they allow you to print large, full-color designs that are sure to catch people’s eyes as they walk or drive by.

Easy To Install And Remove

Another big advantage of perforated window decals is that they’re very easy to install and remove. This is thanks to the fact that they don’t require any special tools or equipment to put in place, and they can usually be removed without messing with the underlying glass.

This makes perforated window decals a great option for businesses that want to be able to change up their look on a regular basis. For example, you could put up a seasonal design for a few months and then replace it with something else when the season changes. 

Stopping Exterior Glare

We already talked about stopping UV rays above, but in the context of what’s going on inside your business. For many storefronts that have large swaths of windows out front, it’s also important to consider the glare that comes in from the sun. This can make it difficult for customers to see what’s on display inside your business, and it can also be a huge pain for employees who are trying to get work done near the windows.

Thankfully, perforated window decals can help with this as well. By blocking some of the sunlight that comes in, they can reduce the amount of glare inside your business and make it more comfortable for everyone.

Cost Effective

Finally, it’s important to note that perforated window decals are very cost effective. This is thanks to the fact that they’re easy to produce and don’t require a lot of materials. In addition, they’re also relatively easy to install, which can help save you money on labor costs.

All in all, perforated window decals are a great option for businesses that are looking for an attractive and cost-effective way to spruce up their storefronts. Thanks to their many benefits, they’re sure to give your business the professional look it deserves.

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