Can Xfinity See Your Search History? Privacy And Security

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Can Xfinity See Your Search History

People are usually worried about their online privacy regarding the different internet providers. Comcast has been around for almost a decade now and offers internet services as Xfinity internet. 

The company offers high-quality digital cables, and their internet connection is quite fast and stable. 

Today, several Xfinity internet users are paranoid about their search history records. They are worried about whether Comcast ISP can access their internet history. So let’s find out more. 

Can Xfinity See Your Search History?

Xfinity Internet is an internet service provider, and it abides by its customers’ privacy and safety rules. 

The internet service provider won’t check out your search history uninvited. Therefore you should not have worries about your search history being exposed. 

Facts About Comcast Xfinity Internet Service 

The Comcast Company, through Xfinity internet, is committed to connecting you to anything you wish to do online. 

It can be managing your home’s internet or browsing; in the process, the company aims at protecting your privacy and securing your information. 

The other plus thing about Comcast is providing a great internet experience with unique products such as Wi-Fi control features etc.

Tracking Websites

The Xfinity internet only provides internet services. It does not visit your apps or website through a broadband connection. 

Since Comcast cannot track your information, it’s evident it cannot build any profile about you and thus cannot sell your information. 

Selling Information 

The Xfinity internet does not sell information that identifies to anyone. In addition, it also does not sell the location data of any person that uses Xfinity mobile services. 

DNS Deletion 

The company deletes the DNS queries after every 24 hours. The DNS is simple to the internet’s address book, and it’s also known as Domain Name System. 

It allows people to navigate the internet. According to Xfinity internet, millions of users search billions of addresses daily. The company ensures it has deleted the DNS queries of their customers after every 24 hours. 

However, there are specific situations where it does not delete the DNS information. That’s when the internet provider is researching a network or security issue, complying with a valid legal request, and offering protection against some security threats. 

However, the company insists on never using anyone’s data in advertising or marketing, or selling the information to anyone. 

Tools and Support

The company offers its customers tools and support to help them stay safe online. The tools and security software are usually free, including multifactor authentication. 

They also help you access free online advice and tips on protecting you and your family. You will also get advice and support from Xfinity security and privacy. 


The Comcast Company complies with all the laws against consumer privacy. The federal and state governments have set numerous laws for collecting, using, and disclosing the user’s personal information. 

However, Comcast must respond to any lawful request for its user’s information. The internet service provider is committed to protecting its customer’s information and thus scrutinizes all the requests according to its customer’s privacy. 

How To Delete Comcast Search History

Comcast is one of the most popular internet providers in America. The company also offers its search engine. Like other search engines, anything you browse in Comcast is recorded in the browser’s history. 

At times you will not want your search history available to those who access your computer. The good news is that the process of deleting the Comcast search history is quite straight forward and you can do it directly from the internet browser. 

Step 1

Firstly, open the internet browser and then click on “Tools.” It’s on the horizontal menu bar that runs across the browser’s window top. 

Step 2

After clicking on the “Internet Options,” you will see a drop-down menu. Go to clear recent history and click on delete. 

The Best VPNs for Comcast Xfinity

Comcast is among the largest internet providers in America, and customers love it for its good internet bandwidth. Xfinity is a brand that operates under Comcast. Here are some of the best VPNs for Comcast Xfinity. 

Nord VPN

It’s the top choice because it’s secure, superfast, and unblock almost all geo-restricted services. Plus, it guarantees you back your 30-day money. 

Cyber Ghost 

The VPN is beginner-friendly and quite affordable. Its solid functions feature reliable security, privacy, and excellent connection speeds. 

Surf Shark

It’s cheap and user-friendly, plus it has a secure VPN that functions perfectly with Xfinity. The VPN offers limitless connections in all aspects. 

IP Vanish

The VPN includes a user-friendly application and has amazing security and top-notch privacy. The IP Vanish functions well with Kodi devices plus have great connection speeds.

Express VPN 

It has next-level privacy and security, plus it’s quite reliable and fast. The speed makes it ideal for streaming since it can unblock popular streaming sites.

Hotspot Shield

The hotspot shield has great unblocking capabilities and amazing security features. Therefore it’s an ideal VPN for daily streaming and browsing.

Private VPN 

The VPN has great streaming speed and puts a lot of emphasis on security and privacy. The repeal of broadband privacy rules was in 2017. Therefore most internet service providers can easily track your online activities. 

The VPN prevents the internet providers such as Comcast from spying on your online activities or sharing the information with 3rd parties. People tend to hate Comcast because of throttling and broadband privacy. 

Comcast usually throttles or slows down browsing speed each time it notices its user doing activities that it does not approve of, such as streaming Netflix or torrenting. 

It would be best if you used a Virtual Private Network VPN to avoid Comcast’s snooping and throttling.

The VPN will be quite beneficial; it will encrypt the device’s internet routes and traffic in an intermediary server in a remote location. 

Therefore, Comcast won’t be able to see your activities, including the apps, services, and websites you access. 

How To Manage Comcast’s Network And Security Settings 

Those who own businesses use the Comcast internet to manage their security and network settings. You can do this 

Suppose you own a business and have a Comcast internet gateway for internet network services. In that case, you can access and manage Comcast’s network and security settings.

For higher security standards and adequate safety of your Business Wireless Gateway and network, make sure to change the password from a default one. Here is how you protect your business and so your Comcast internet history records:

  1. Open your web browser while connected to Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  2. You then navigate to the login page and enter your default username and password.
  3. Click on login (not that you can change your password, but the username cannot change) 
  4. After successful login, go to the password in the upper right corner. From here, you will be able to access the extra security measures.
  5. You now have to enter your new password. The password should have eight and above characters. To ensure maximum security add symbols, numbers, and alphabets to create a strong password. 
  6. Confirm your password and save your new settings. 

After creating and saving your new setting, it is possible to access the troubleshooting window from the modem logs. You can see the network IP address and Comcast’s browsing history. 

How To Clear Recently Watched Programs On Xfinity 

It’s important to clear your recently watched streams on Xfinity, especially if you have a family. It’s because most people with families share the streaming service account. 

The account will surely show some of your previously watched content. If it’s adult content, you won’t want your kids to interact with it. Therefore it’s vital always to clear your browsing history. 

Clearing The Watched History From Xfinity

The process of clearing things you’ve recently watched on Xfinity is quite straightforward. The Xfinity comes with a remote control that will allow you to trigger prompts on the app and allow you to clear the programs you’ve recently watched. 

Alternatively, you can delete only those that you’ve watched. To delete the recently watched in Xfinity, press the last button that’s on your remote control. Pressing the button will show the records of all the programs you have been watching for the last seven days.


The Xfinity internet service provider does not track the websites or apps their users access through their broadband. Therefore the company cannot build a profile or send your information to a third party. 

The company follows the federal and state laws against selling information that identifies any of its specific users. However, it can release your information if a legit legal order is given. 

The Xfinity internet provider also deletes its user’s DNS every 24 hours. Overall your search history is safe with Xfinity Company, and all you will have to do is protect it from your side using a strong password, etc. 

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