6 Injuries And Crimes That Can Result From Negligent Security Measures 

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6 Injuries And Crimes That Can Result From Negligent Security Measures 

When a property or business fails to properly secure itself, many accidents, crimes, and tragedies can occur. One of the top responsibilities business and property owners have, after all, is to keep everyone on their property safe. From surveillance cameras to other preventative safety precautions, efforts need to be taken to ensure the safety of the public. There are six common injuries and crimes that are known to result from negligent security measures: 

1. Drowning

Every public and private pool (or another swimming hole) should have security measures put in place to make it nearly impossible for a person to drown. Because drowning is nearly always fatal unless the victim receives immediate medical attention, these premises liability lawsuits are especially tragic. When someone is seriously injured or killed due to improper supervision, which can include everything from a property lacking a lifeguard to a pool not having a fence around it, the property owner can be found fully, or partially, at fault for the accident. For those who’ve experienced an injury at a public or private pool, through no fault of their own, hiring a qualified premises liability attorney to handle your case is an absolute must

2. Assaults 

Assault is one of the most common, and serious, injuries that can occur due to a property’s lack of negligent security measures. When criminals are aware that a property has lax security measures, they will be much more likely to take advantage of the situation to (try to) get away with an assault. Inadequate lighting at a location makes the likelihood of assaults and other crimes more common as well. If a property owner is proven to have known about lax security measures being a problem, they can be held partially or fully responsible for violent crimes that happen on their property. 

3. Kidnappings 

Kidnappings are one of the most tragic incidents that can happen due to a property’s negligent security measures. Similar to assault, would-be criminals can feel emboldened to kidnap victims if they know a property’s security measures are unlikely to catch them in the act. Having some type of early-on, moment-of-the-crime evidence is crucial to solving kidnappings, after all. Property owners who fail to meet basic, and often-required surveillance requirements can find themselves in huge legal trouble if a kidnapping happens on their property. Many responsible business owners see implementing appropriate security measures as one of their business’s top priorities. 

4. Theft 

While less serious than kidnapping or assault, theft is still a common crime that property owners need to be aware of. Having security cameras, a security guard, and other preventative measures in place can reduce the rate of theft on a property significantly. Because business owners can lose tons of their own money and merchandise by lacking proper security measures, a business rarely fails to implement security cameras and other important precautions. Unfortunately, there are still instances of irresponsible business and property owners that create conditions where criminals are more likely to commit theft, so being vigilant about your surroundings remains incredibly important at all times. 

5. Murder 

Although murder is rare, a location or piece of property is much more likely to have an instance of murder occur if they fail to take proper security measures. This is one of the costliest, most devastating premises liability incidents that can occur, and they can lead to absolutely massive lawsuits. If you’re ever feeling threatened on a property, you should contact the police immediately, and then leave the property ASAP. Getting into a more visible, security-heavy area is also highly recommended if you find yourself in a threatening situation. 

6. Slip And Fall Accidents 

While not typically associated with lax security measures, slip and fall accidents are quite connected to how well secured a location is. A lack of cameras, security guards, and other safety precautions at a property increases the chance that obstructions, a lack of maintenance, and other issues arise that can lead to a slip and fall accident. If you’re in a slip and fall accident, and notice that the area you were injured at lacks proper security measures, you should document this fact immediately to help you out during any legal action that you might end up taking. 

Stay Safe In 2022

By staying aware of the security measures around you in public (and on private property), you can stay much safer in 2022. Avoid areas that are poorly lit, which lack security cameras, or which have dangerous hazards present, and you will be less likely to find yourself in a premise liability accident, or as the victim of a crime. 

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