Dubai Desert Safari: An Offbeat Experience Like No Other

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Dubai Desert Safari

Want to experience the city of Dubai like none other? Well, let us tell you how. The city of Dubai still has the old-world charm which is beautifully conserved.

This section of the UAE has an integral part of the intriguing this country’s traditions, culture, and heritage. Moreover, there is no more amazing manner than to witness its limitless beauty and serenity than adventuring on a overnight desert safari.

Furthermore, a Dubai desert safari is a fantastic blend of jaw-dropping adventurous activities, mouthwatering culinary cuisines, and genuine cultural experiences. 

If you pick the Dubai desert safari, then the following will surely be included in your most-awaited Dubai desert trip. However, there are morning, overnight, and evening Dubai desert safari to choose from. 

So pick after reading the accessible stuff during the desert safari. In reading this post, you will find a rejuvenating escape from your boring and machinery life of yours. Read on!

1. Camel Rides

To awe the magnificent desert, you must ride on the back of a camel. This ride is an alternative and unique way of journeying. 

Moreover, this bumpy camel ride will make you understand how ancient Bedouins traveled the Arabian Desert.

2. Sandboarding And Quad Biking

You may try sandboarding, where you try balancing as you attempt to remain standing as you slide down the enormous sand dunes. Moreover, you just need to strap your feet along with the sandboard and let the dunes slide you down fastly.

Likewise, if you are trying to explore the desert of Dubai in a thrilling manner, then pick quad biking which is easy to maneuver for first-timers and beginners.

3. Dune Bashing

This is one of the most exhilarating parts of the Dubai desert safari. You may drive the Land Cruiser or Hummer over the unthreaded paths of the dunes using a powerful 4×4 vehicle. Moreover, you will undoubtedly feel the adrenaline rush!

You will drive in the golden dunes at thrilling speeds. This dune-bashing session will probably prevail for 45 minutes. Please note that dune bashing will be stomach-turning for some travelers, so be pared accordingly for the wild ride!

4. Cultural Experiences

In all the Dubai desert safari, loads of cultural experiences await you. From taking IG pictures and falconry to shisha smoking and tattooing in traditional Arabian clothing, the list is long yet impressive, presenting a glance into the lengthy Bedouin past.

5. Local Entertainment

With stunning belly dance shows, extreme fire performances, and dizzyingly complicated tanoura shows count to the spirit of the desert safari in the evening time. 

Just make sure you sit back and enjoy everything. Moreover, they all are much entertaining!

6. Visit A Bedouin Camp

You will be impressed by the traditional welcome and the hospitality they provide you. 

Moreover, they have low-lying seating. Furthermore, you tend to chill out and feel comfy there. You may slouch as long as you wish to and munch on the yummy barbeque meal.

7. Camping In The Middle Of The Desert

Almost all the overnight Dubai desert safari will provide you the camping gear. They are sleeping bags, tents, pillows, and as many refreshments as you wish to have. 

Moreover, your only work there is to enjoy napping in between nature as you camp under the diamond-like twinkling stars. Furthermore, if you have sufficient time, do not miss this legendary activity.

8. Traditional Barbecue Dinner

If you choose either the overnight or evening Dubai desert safari, you are in for a big feast. Furthermore, whatever you add to your menu for dinner only will be added. 

Moreover, whatever you opt for is sure to suffice for you!

Travelers who wish to taste the raw delicacy of Dubai’s desert when away from the adrenaline-pumping activities, may opt for this choice. 

You will sink the barbeque into your teeth and enjoy the yummilicious dinner served in the middle of the desert. Moreover, you can take part in a bunch of activities that remind the Bedouin traditions and culture.

Final Thoughts

Well, readers did you get to learn what you were searching for about the Dubai desert safari? We hope you did! But before planning an adventurous and fun trip to the Dubai desert safari, make sure you check whether the service meets all your needs. That is quite important folks!

After making sure of such things, you may plan your Dubai desert safari trip. This picturesque trip into the Arabian Desert will ensure you a getaway that is distant from normal. 

This trip will be filled with fun-filled moments which will divert into cherished memories for a lifetime. In case you liked or found this post beneficial, then be certain to save it for yourself for later use.

If you have already tried this adventurous Dubai activity, then say your comments!

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