How To Make Yourself Infertile

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How To Make Yourself Infertile

Thinking about long-term plans and finding a partner who’s also thinking about raising kids someday? If you don’t want to have children yet, or you are not ready for them yet, you might want to know how to make yourself infertile. A lot of people think that the only way to avoid having children is sterilization. However, this is not true! Many ways of making yourself infertile do not involve surgery. We have compiled an ultimate step-by-step guide on how to make yourself infertile that does not involve surgery. It can be difficult finding trustworthy information on this topic, especially when it involves your own body and plans. Let’s take a look at all the different options available:

How To Make Myself Infertile

  1. Infertility means that a couple cannot have children. It usually happens when a female is unable to carry a baby to term or when a male has no sperm. If a man has very few sperm, he is said to have oligospermia, and if he has no sperm at all, he is said to be azoospermic.
  2. The most common type of infertility is the inability of one or both partners to conceive after trying for many months (six months in the case of women). This type of infertility can be caused by problems with the woman’s ovaries (ovarian failure), the man’s reproductive system (lack of semen, ejaculation dysfunction), problems with conception due to poor quality embryos (embryo deterioration), problems related to chromosomal abnormalities or abnormal development of eggs themselves and in whatever way can affect the ability for healthy development and implantation (ectopic pregnancy) as well as atypical causes such as bacterial vaginosis, chronic salpingitis and immune disorders such as HIV and other infections, etc.
  3. In case of unexplained infertility, you should consult an expert doctor who will conduct necessary tests not only on your body but also on your partner’s body. Women often get pregnant easier than men, but this is not always so. There are many little things that you can change to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
  4. When it comes to IVF (in vitro fertilization), there are two basic types: natural and assisted reproduction. In natural IVF, a woman without the right partner will have to go through a long period of waiting with monitoring her ovulation (and then planning for sex) until she gets pregnant – all this takes lots of time and money, and sometimes a single mistake can ruin everything. Therefore, couples often consider other ways of having children; one of them is the option that involves the use of laboratory-made sperm (sperm donation). However, many people consider sperm donation unethical as it involves a man donating his reproductive organs. In addition, it also poses significant health risks for the donor as well as his offspring later in life due to exposure to varroa mites or other diseases spread by these insects once he/she was an adult himself/herself and even during childhood due to frequent traveling between donor countries.
  5. The second method used in assisted reproduction is known as artificial insemination or IUI. This method is more expensive than natural IVF, but it is also considered better by many couples. In this method, the choice of a sperm donor is limited only to two options: The partner of the woman or the partner of the man. A gynecologist or doctor from an infertility clinic will collect a woman’s eggs during certain times in her menstrual cycle and then fertilize them with her partner’s sperm in vitro (this can be done via a syringe or other means). In natural reproduction, eggs are much more fragile and vulnerable to external influences so a great deal of care is needed when handling them. Our eggs can be damaged easily and if they are not protected carefully, they will lose their ability to develop into embryos which will then die and not survive in the body.

Why You Might Want To Make Yourself Infertile

  • If you are a woman, you might want to make yourself infertile as a way to gain extra time in life while still being able to do the things that you enjoy. You can go back to being a stay-at-home mom or go back to work full-time while still maintaining two jobs. Until recently, it was not possible for a woman or her partner to undergo artificial insemination (IUI) and not be paid for it because it was called an indirect expense and the National Health Insurance paid only so much money per month per childbirth. However, with the new Pay Ratio Law, there is no such possibility as well as other family benefits like social security, etc. Tax Exemption for IVF treatments was also introduced recently in Taiwan.
  • If you are a man, you might want to make yourself infertile because of your father’s shadow – your father is an ancestor that has already passed away but will always be remembered by everyone around you until his/her death; every person who looks downward will still see your father’s figure no matter how old he would become. Most people find this idea taboo and repulsive – but I’m happy that someone personally told me about this on many occasions; those who want to kill themselves want to do it the most while they are still young. “If you have finished your life, you are not undying but alive; if you’ve been born then you have a spiritual soul.” (From Death Row.)
  • If you already have children and like to raise them, then by making yourself infertile, you can artificially hasten the time in which your children will grow up so that they can reach older age when you are not able to provide enough for them anymore.
  • In terms of money usage and such, making yourself infertile will not be a noteworthy advantage. However, one reason that people might want to make themselves infertile is that they have a certain distaste towards the entire process of child-rearing/raising; if they don’t have kids by accident then they will either get tricked into having kids or forced into having kids. Having a child is very expensive in terms of expenses and raising a child is also very expensive in terms of energy consumption and time investment; finding quality jobs with good pay is becoming increasingly difficult due to economic changes.
  • If you want to leave your family, then give money to a charity organization to raise you. Or donate the money to pay for an abortion or some other means of ending the pregnancy. Many charities accept donations and some of them are also willing to pay for couples or individuals who want to leave their families and start their own lives.

How To Make Yourself Infertile

  1. If a couple is desperate but doesn’t want to get pregnant anymore, then they could try some homeopathic medicine that could stop the woman’s period so that she cannot get pregnant anymore. Or they could use artificial insemination if they do not have enough sperm in the first place. That way they will have no child at all but they will be able to choose whether or not they want any children in the future and whether or not they want to become parents right away, and only when and if it becomes necessary in their lives.
  2. If you already have kids, then either take the kids with you or leave them all in the care of family members, and just remain here with your mother who can no longer get pregnant. (Or maybe propose a divorce.)
  3. The method I mentioned above is for women who don’t want to become pregnant but can’t manage to think of some other ways yet. If you do want children but don’t know how to raise them, also consider all the disadvantages that come along with parenthood, and whether or not it would be wise for you to continue on this path.
  4. If a couple doesn’t want any child in the first place but has been left with an abandoned child by a family member who unexpectedly died because of suicide over unfulfilled debts/jealousy created by lovers/drug addiction/etc., then they can consider giving that child away and becoming parents even if they just adopt it temporarily until they find a way to go back on their choice not having any children after dealing with the loss of their loved one as well as preparing themselves emotionally and financially for the responsibility of raising a child.
  5. Another way to give birth in the real world is to have twins. Twins are more likely to be born on time, but they consume more energy and are more likely to die earlier than single babies. Also, a lot of parents will do whatever it takes to ensure that their twin children grow up in the best conditions possible and that one child is treated equally with the other.
  6. If you’re already pregnant, then you can choose to give birth to your twins by getting them out as soon as possible, or you can let them stay inside for nine months and after that wait a whole year before giving birth. (And sometimes another year or two after that.)


Making yourself infertile is not easy, and it does have some negative side effects. However, if you are not ready to have children yet, it is a great option to consider. There are many different ways to make yourself infertile. All you have to do is choose one that works best for you. If you are not ready to have children, you can make yourself infertile using various methods. This helps you avoid unwanted pregnancies until you are ready to start a family.

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