What Is Family Court?

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What Is Family Court

Family Court is a legal process where a family court judge or magistrate decides how to handle the custody of children when parents are divorcing. If you have dependents and your spouse or civil partner claims that they don’t have the ability to make decisions for your children, then you might need to go through Family Court. This process can be a lengthy one and will require legal representation from an attorney who is experienced in this area of law if it seems as though the case may take more than one day. Judges and magistrates have great power in Family Court, and it is important for parents to understand how their decisions will affect the future of their children.

Family Court is a term used in many states that surround the United States. In each state, the laws and procedures are different, but there are some similarities between states. The rules of Family Court are similar to divorce and child custody cases as well. A parent seeking child custody must file a petition for child custody for the court to hear his or her case. The parent has no say in what happens in the family court without proceeding with a petition.

What Types Of Claims Are Processed In Family Court?

Most claims brought in Family Court are for child custody and support. The parents of the minor child must have submitted a petition for child custody before the court will hear their case. There are also complicated cases which do not fit into one of these two categories. For example, if there is a divorce and both parties claim that they want to see their children every other weekend, then the judge or magistrate may order supervised visitation, which allows the parents to see their child without supervision. The visitation schedule can be supervised as long as both parties are at the same place at the same time.

The court will make a decision based on evidence, such as the financial status of the child, the child’s wishes and what is best for the child in the long run. The other party to the case will have an opportunity to defend their claim or dispute what happened or what may happen in the future. In these cases, parents have an opportunity to prove that they are fit parents and that their children will be safe with them.

What Types Of Services Are Available At Family Court?

1. Court Clerks: 

A court clerk is responsible for scheduling hearings, entering orders, and ensuring that a judge has the information needed to make a decision. A court clerk is a law or paralegal who assists the judge or magistrate in a case.

2. Self-Help Centers:

Self-help centres are public libraries where parents can go to find out more about their rights in family court. They can also find helpful information in a book they may have checked out or the public computers and printers.

3. Mediation Services: 

Mediation services provide opportunities for a mediator to help make parents and children feel more comfortable during the process. Mediators will help with questions of custody, visitation and child support issues. This service is beneficial for both parties, who may have different ideas about what is best for their child.

4. Domestic Violence Protection Orders: 

Many victims of domestic violence need a protection order from the court in order to file for divorce or ask for a modification of divorce. A family court attorney is necessary to help victims file restraining orders against their abuser. Victims must prove that they have been harmed by the other party and then find an attorney who will petition for the judge or magistrate to issue an order of protection.

5. Court Interpreters:

Court interpreters translate for people who do not speak a common language or who do not understand the language of their own country. Court interpreters are professionals who can help translate spoken words and written legal documents. Interpreters may be necessary when you are speaking with a judge or magistrate in Family Court.

Do I Need A Lawyer For Help With Family Law Court?

Family court can be an overwhelming process for parents. There are a million little details that can affect the outcome of a case. It is best to hire a family court lawyer who will help you with certain aspects of your case, such as filing the proper paperwork or obtaining restraining orders. Family court is complicated, and it would be hard to get everything right without legal counsel. An experienced attorney will help provide confidence in Family Court so that you know your child’s needs will be met.


Having a child is one of the most important things in a parent’s life. When babies are born, you feel a sense of love for them that surpasses all other emotions. Your child’s needs are your priority, and you will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. This is why many parents choose to enter into divorce in order to pursue custody over their children. If you and your spouse plan on getting a divorce, then the judge or magistrate will have the final say in what happens to your family.

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