Drive New Move-Ins For Your Care Home With Call Tracking

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Drive New Move-Ins For Your Care Home With Call Tracking

Receiving more move-ins is the primary goal for most care homes. Therefore, it’s important to achieve this success in every way possible in your business.

If you were to implement call tracking software into your care home, you’d see significant increases in the engagement from your prospective residents and their families – as well as the rate of move-ins.

In this article, we’ll take you through what call tracking is and how it will boost your care home’s move-ins.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking software is a tool that allows you to accurately track all your inbound enquiries, and receive extensive data on each one. 

You’ll also receive important data on engagement across your care home’s marketing activity.

When using call tracking, some of the data provided for your calls will include:

  • The abandonment rate of calls
  • Caller area codes
  • Caller phone numbers
  • The ring duration

This will give you clear insight into inbound enquiries, and help you establish some basic knowledge on how prospective residents are interacting with your care home.

For a more in-depth analysis, you can use some of the following call metrics:

  • Website visits from different marketing sources – This reveals all the visits to your website, and shows which marketing sources prospects visited before arriving there.
  • All the activities driving calls – Not only will you be able to see all of your prospect calls, but you’ll also see which marketing activities drove them to this point e.g., social media ads or pay-per-click activities.
  • Revenue produced by calls – You’ll know how much revenue is produced as a result of each phone call – i.e., the prospective resident converting to a move-in.
  • Identifying keywords mentioned in calls – You can set a variety of crucial keywords which are relevant to your care home (words relating to a move-in, for example). Your call tracking software will then identify these keywords.

How Can Call Tracking Elevate Your Care Home’s Move-Ins?

Call tracking can increase your number of care home move-ins in many different ways. This includes:

More engaging content for prospects

Using the insights and reports from your software, you’ll see which of your marketing activities are generating the highest number of conversions.

You can then assess the type of content used in these activities – written content, design, etc. – and replicate or adapt it for new strategies and campaigns.

This ensures prospects are continuously seeing engaging content, making them more likely to convert to a move-in.

Easier tracking of your most valuable leads

Call tracking can also help you track your most valuable leads.

When you identify prospective residents and their families who are showing keen interest in your care home – such as calling, or making inbound enquiries, for example – you can track the marketing sources they visited to get to this point.

This will then show which your activities are delivering the highest-quality leads.

Highlighting your care home’s superior qualities

If you want to increase move-ins, it’s also important to reflect on your care home’s core qualities throughout your marketing.

Using the software’s data, you can create customer journey maps to outline the touchpoints visited by every prospect.

Then, you can identify the activities, channels, or campaigns which are receiving the most visits. This can show you where it’s best to produce new content. More importantly, this content can display your top qualities as a care home – such as your qualified staff, excellent facilities, and caring environment, for example.

This ensures more prospects are seeing your superior qualities as a care home, resulting in a higher number of move-ins.

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