Basic Hygiene Rules For Your Elderly Parents 

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Basic Hygiene Rules For Your Elderly Parents 

Caring for the elderly involves a careful choice of hygiene products. Caring for the elderly involves a careful choice of hygiene products. Galaxy Home Care offers you grooming service for senior citizens in Nassau county, other cities, and many other important things for your families. So, let’s consider how you can help your loved ones

The brush should have soft bristles, the paste is individually selected by the dentist according to the condition of the gums. Irrigation is an indispensable device that cleans hard-to-reach areas. In parallel, a light massage of the mucous membranes is carried out, stimulating blood circulation.

Rules For Foot Care

Over the years, the body stops producing collagen, and sebum. Feet begin to peel, and dry, they are more susceptible to mechanical damage, and negative impact. The condition of nails is affected by the deterioration of blood circulation. They become brittle, and fragile, and require regular maintenance. How to properly organize the process of foot care:

  • After a walk, carefully inspect your feet;
  • Use warm water to wash your feet;
  • Soap solution can soothe the skin;
  • Blot your feet, do not rub them with a towel;
  • You need to wipe your feet dry – residual moisture contributes to the drying of the epidermis;
  • The daily procedure should be accompanied by the application of a fat cream;
  • Before a pedicure, the feet should be well-steamed;
  • To remove rough skin, use a special file, pumice stone. In this case, the feet should be dry.

Physical activity for the elderly is of great benefit, but the feet suffer from excessive stress. After training, you can keep your feet in warm water, adding mint, chamomile, and calendula.

Nutrition And Hygiene – Tips For The Elderly

There are certain foods that protect the aging body. A healthy diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, sea fish, vegetable oils, and dairy products. It is not advisable to add extra active substances to the menu – exclude broth, fried fish and meat, and gravies. Every patient who has faced gastrointestinal problems knows that it is much healthier to eat stewed, boiled fish or meat. Tips on nutrition:

  •  Do not completely exclude meat products from the diet;
  •  It is better to give preference to dairy, and vegetable dishes;
  •  Eggs are an irreplaceable source of protein, you should eat no more than four pieces per week;
  •  It is better to minimize the consumption of sweets, and flour, and to give up fatty cakes. Alternative – buckwheat with milk and a spoonful of sugar, oatmeal with honey;
  • Instead of white bread, rye or gray bread, as well as bread are suitable;
  •  Avoidance of spicy seasonings will preserve the health of the mucous membrane, kidneys, and nervous system;
  •  A sufficient amount of fluids is the key to well-being. An elderly person should drink at least six glasses of soup, drink, or water a day.

Care For The Elderly: At Home Or In A Boarding House?

Caring for the elderly is painstaking and sometimes very hard work that requires patience, strength, time, and very often also knowledge in the field of medicine. Of course, any family wants to provide their loved ones with proper care, but what to do if there is no such possibility? The concern is even more aggravated when supervision is required for bedridden patients: regular physiotherapy to prevent pressure ulcers, taking medications, adherence to diet and nutrition – only qualified professionals can provide such care for the elderly.

Features Of Care For The Elderly: At Home, With A Nurse, In A Boarding House

You have three options to solve the situation: to take care of an elderly person at home, to use the services of a special nurse, or to arrange a relative in a specialized boarding house. Let’s look at the key features of each.

  1. Home care. It all depends on the state of health of the person: if he can move around, take care of personal hygiene and eat, then you can organize care for him at home. However, if the mobility of a relative is limited, and he needs regular medical procedures, then you simply cannot do without the help of a specialist with special qualifications.
  2. Caregiver. By hiring a professional nurse, you will be able to keep up with work and personal affairs, but be absolutely sure that your loved one will receive proper care in a familiar environment.
  3. Boarding house. Today, more and more elderly people are becoming guests of comfortable and modern nursing homes. Private boarding houses are cozy atmospheric institutions where the elderly are surrounded by care and can count on professional treatment, care, and rehabilitation.

Elderly Care, Grooming Service For Senior Citizens In Nassau County – You Are Calm And Relatives Are Pleased

According to psychologists, working with the elderly also requires a lot of psychological and emotional preparation. Fluctuations in mood, whims, refusal of treatment, the requirement of increased attention to themselves, personal insecurity – all this range of emotions they can experience during the day. Therefore, special requirements are put forward to the staff working with this age group of patients. They must not only have a medical education, but also be tolerant, delicate, and non-judgmental.

High-quality care services for the elderly can be guaranteed only by employees of specialized nursing homes.

What Do Modern Homes For The Elderly Offer?

Assistance in caring for the elderly includes:

  • Medical procedures. This includes following doctor’s orders, taking medications, monitoring vital signs, massage, physical therapy, and other manipulations.
  • Preparation and maintenance of an optimal diet. All meals are prepared according to the patient’s needs and, if necessary, are developed taking into account the diagnosis.
  • Assistance in maintaining personal hygiene. Those people who cannot provide themselves with proper hygienic care on their own will always receive it within the walls of a specialized boarding house.
  • Organization of leisure. Residents of a private nursing home in Nassau county can go for walks, and attend various events, they have access to a library, board games, cinema, and much more. Here the elderly find friends and great company to spend a pleasant pastime.
  • Cleaning and other household duties. Qualified staff will wash and iron clothes, clean the room and provide other services.

When choosing a retirement home for your loved ones, pay attention not only to the location of the institution but also to the professionalism of the staff, the range of medical and household services that guests can count on, and the quality of food, repair, and landscaping.

Private nursing home Galaxy Home Care is exactly the place where your relatives will find a second home and will be able to receive qualified assistance in accordance with world standards of care for the elderly.

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