What Are The Common Causes Of Delay When Claiming A Car Accident Settlement?

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What Are The Common Causes Of Delay When Claiming A Car Accident Settlement'

When someone has been seriously injured in a car accident, their world can suddenly come crashing down around them. As they work to seek a fair settlement, injured car accident victims may find delays keep them from completing their task. With this information, injured victims will discover some of the possible delays that could hold back their settlements. 

Factors That May Cause A Delay In A Car Settlement

Multiple factors can cause delays in car settlements. When someone has been injured in a car accident, they need to seek immediate help from a lawyer. Those who need further information can learn more at Millar Law Firm

The Kinds and Severity of Injuries

The suffered injuries can have a big impact on how quickly the settlement can be reached. If a person has been severely injured, it could take months before a settlement occurs. Attorneys will not begin the negotiation process until their client has been released from the doctor.   If you are injured in an accident or anyone that you know got involved in one make sure to learn more about the settlement claims and how it works so that the one who suffered will be compensated properly.

The Complexity of the Crash

Complex crashes take much longer to settle than other types. A car crash that involves multiple vehicles will take longer than a traditional crash. In some types of crashes, such as in chain-reaction accidents, it can be very difficult for liability to be determined. It will take time for all the insurance companies and attorneys to investigate the cause of the crash to determine who needs to pay. 

Insurance Company Delays

The insurance companies are often a cause of settlement delays. It is important to remember that insurance adjusters are only thinking of the bottom line of their companies. An insurance adjuster will often attempt to delay or even deny claims. 

Car Accident Settlements Cannot Be Rushed

Though most car accident victims want their settlements as soon as possible, the process should not be rushed. Rushing to reach a settlement could lead to a person being unable to get the fair amount they are owed in compensation.  

In most cases, the initial offer from the insurance company is going to be much lower than the car accident case value. Attorneys will often reject the first offer and continue to negotiate with the insurance company until a fair settlement offer is received. It can often take weeks or even months before a settlement is reached. 

Hiring an Attorney Is Wise

Without an attorney, injured parties may find it difficult to settle. Accident victims will often believe the insurance company is offering their top amount and settle right away. This is a mistake that will not happen if a victim is represented by an attorney.

Getting help from an attorney will allow individuals to learn about their rights and how much their case is worth. The attorney will guide their clients on knowing when to reject and when to accept a settlement offer. 

Schedule a Consultation Appointment Today

It is important to note that every state has a statute of limitations in place. This statute provides a specific time when lawsuits can be filed. If the statute of limitations is up, the injured party will have no further legal recourse for seeking compensation. 

Because the statute of limitations is ticking quickly, injured car accident victims should take action right away. Getting help from an attorney makes the process of pursuing compensation much easier for injured victims. Schedule an appointment today to get started. 

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