Factors That Influence The Price Of A Junk Car

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Factors That Influence The Price Of A Junk Car

You can sell a junk car quickly and profitably if you do everything according to a clear scheme. In order not to be at a loss, one should not ignore the procedure for evaluating a car, and forget about proper advertising and pre-sale preparation of a car. However, all the necessary operations can be entrusted to professionals. For example, to JunkCarsUs. We buy junk cars in Bakersfield, so you can have no problem with this.

Options For Selling A Car That Has Been Damaged In An Accident

There are two options for selling a car that has been in an accident – with preliminary restoration and without repair. In the latter case, the buyer takes the damaged car to repair it himself. If the strongest blow during an accident occurred on the side or frontal part, the car, as a rule, cannot be restored. You can sell such a crumpled vehicle only for scrap metal, and spare parts.

1. In its current state (not refurbished).

If as a result of an accident more than half of the car was damaged or the entire engine failed, then the repair costs will exceed 70% of the market value of the vehicle. In this case, it makes no sense to restore a junk car. The repair will not be profitable, it is necessary to sell it for spare parts.

2. For parts.

After an accident, a car that is not running can retain some serviceable parts and assemblies. They are used when repairing other cars, so you can take out whole parts and sell them. There are two options:

  • give a broken car for spare parts to one company;
  • to disassemble the car yourself, assess the condition of the parts, and sell the working parts separately.

The second option will be more profitable in terms of the total cost. But it will take time and no one can guarantee that all the details will be bought.

When Should You Repair Your Car?

Usually, people whose car has minor damage (for example, only a scratched fender, or dented bumper) decide on a preliminary repair. Restoration will cost an amount that can then be returned upon sale (that is, the cost of repairs should be added to the cost of a car assessed after an accident).

In expert circles, it is believed that repairs are profitable, the costs of which will not exceed 35% of the amount that the appraiser will put up.

What Factors Affect The Sale

Car owners want to get more money from the sale of the car. But when selling junk cars, it is important to consider factors affecting the price:

  1. Degree of damage to machine parts. Even if a restored car is being sold, a discount is required (if a broken car costs the same as a whole one, then it is more profitable for the buyer to give money for the latter).
  2. Demand for a specific car. If we are talking about a rare, valuable car, then even in poor condition it costs decent money.
  3. The buyer. If a specialized company acts as a buyer, then the price will be fixed (and, as a rule, small), without the possibility of bargaining. Damaged cars are given to private individuals for a higher price, but finding such a buyer is much more difficult.
  4. Region. In an area where car prices are initially high, it will also be possible to resell a broken car at a good price. Where demand and supply for specific machines are high, even new copies are not expensive.

How To Sell A Car Restored After An Accident

Selling a repaired car is easier than selling cars that are not running. However, it is important to comply with the conditions:

  1. You will have to reduce the price since no one will agree to buy a restored car at the same cost as a car that has never been in an accident. The only time this is justified is for rare cars that are rarely put up for sale.
  2. Honestly tell the potential buyer about the repair (list what parts were restored). Suppression of information is tantamount to fraud, the buyer can then request the annulment of the transaction.
  3. Do not forget about the pre-sale preparation of cars that have been in an accident before. This offer is provided in many service and repair centers. It is also called auto aesthetics and includes:
  • Thorough washing;
  • Interior dry cleaning;
  • Cleaning the body from bituminous, limescale;
  • Adding additives to the engine;
  • Polishing the body with wax products (for extra shine);
  • Paintless dent removal
  • The use of a rust converter, which allows you to remove traces of corrosion on the body.

Ways To Sell Junk Cars

You can sell a broken car by yourself. This option requires the owner of a full return and a huge amount of free time. It is very difficult to find a good buyer who is ready to put the vehicle in order at his own expense. But this is almost an ideal option for owners of rare cars and representatives of the auto industry of the nineties of the last century.

Selling your damaged vehicle for parts is another effective way to raise some cash. Submission of advertisements will help in its implementation. They can be placed on multiple Internet platforms. A buyer company is the best option for the owner of a junk car.

When selling a car to such a company, you should first of all contact its representatives. This can be done in person or by telephone. The driver must describe in detail to the employee the features of the technical condition of the vehicle, and the volume of the damaged area. Using the information provided, an approximate amount of money is calculated that the buyer can offer to the client.

Final Thoughts

After an accident, the car can be repaired or resold. This decision should be made based on the condition of the vehicle after the accident. In some cases, it is more rational to sell the car, for example, if it already has a body geometry violation. JunkCarsUs is a reliable company to sell your junk car quickly in Bakersfield. The company buys various types of vehicles with different damage. The amount you get for your car will depend on the brand and general condition of the vehicle. 

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