Glass Pack vs. Straight Pipe: The Ultimate Comparison

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Glass Pack Vs. Straight Pipe

There are several exhaust options for your vehicle, and each offers a different performance. The standard exhaust systems, i.e., mufflers, do not make much noise. 

The standard exhaust systems, such as mufflers, have designs that muffle the car engine sound. Therefore the engine doesn’t create a disturbance or too much noise. 

In contrast, the straight pipe exhaust systems offer a very different experience. The straight pipe exhaust system design allows the car to flex its muscles and produces noise. Learn more about the glass pack and the straight pipe exhaust, i.e., how they work. 

Glass Pack vs. Straight Pipe

Glass Pack Muffler

The glass pack muffler is also referred to as the straight-through muffler. The exhaust option is the simplest of all available mufflers in the market, making it ideal for performance rides. 

The glass pack muffler features single and perforated exhaust tubes. The quitter mufflers have an angled tube, while louder mufflers have a straight tube that runs from inlet to outlet. 

The difference between the glass muffler and the standard muffler is its unique sound. The glass pack muffler has a glass layer that absorbs pressure pulse, thus reducing your vehicle’s sound. 

The glass pack exhaust offers varying sounds, some are noticeably loud, and others are ear-splitting. 

Straight Pipe Exhaust 

The straight pipe exhaust replaces the standard exhaust preinstalled in your vehicle. Most car enthusiasts that install straight pipe exhaust are after the vehicle performance and exhaust sound than emission norms. 

As its name suggests, the straight pipe exhaust uses straight pipes. The pipes run from the exhaust header straight to the vehicle’s rear. 

The straight pipe exhaust system lacks a muffler or a catalytic converter. Therefore there is nothing between the sound from the engine and the back of your car. It’s the reason why cars with straight pipe exhaust systems are noisier. 

How The Glass Pack Muffler Works

The principle under which the glass pack mufflers work is quite simple. The sound from the engine passes through a material that absorbs sound. 

It means that minimal sound escapes the muffler. The sound blanketing capacity of the glass pack muffler is quite excellent. 

Vehicle enthusiasts refer to the glass pack muffler as the cherry bomb muffler because of its fantastic sound muffling abilities. The muffler is better than standard mufflers since they don’t allow sound to resonate back to the vehicle’s engine. 

The glass pack muffler dissipates sound without causing damage to the human ear. The glass pack muffler also reduces the engine pressure caused by loud sound waves using the sleeve of glass particles. 

The Benefits Of The Glass Pack Muffler

The glass pack muffler will give you that aggressive and deep sound better than the sound from the factory exhaust. 

The glass pack exhaust system also improves your vehicle’s fuel economy, but this hugely depends on how you drive. The exhaust will give increase the performance to 5-10hp, which is excellent. 

The whole glass pack mufflers are great, and they offer value for money. Their capability of absorbing sound is good too. However, it would be best if you involved professionals when installing it. 

The Disadvantage Of Glass Pack Mufflers 

The glass pack mufflers do not fit all the car types and models. The other thing is that when the exhaust system begins to get old, it starts to produce terrible sounds. The exhaust system needs regular maintenance. 

You can prevent a muffler from corroding by simply painting its surface with quality paint that doesn’t melt. Alternatively, get yourself a muffler that has an excellent finish. 

What Is The Cost Of Glass Pack Mufflers?

The glass pack mufflers are usually affordable, and it’s because of their simplicity. The exhaust does not pack high-end and complicated technology; this makes its manufacturing process straightforward. 

The price of the glass pack muffler is from $50 to $90 without installation. Complete installation of this exhaust system will cost up to $50, but the installing price varies according to mechanics.

What Is The Glass Pack Mufflers Made Out Of?

All the glass pack mufflers have fiberglass, and that’s why they are referred to as glass packs.  The material used to make the tubes might vary, including aluminum, steel, etc. 

However, the different materials come at varying prices. If you pay much, you will get better material. 

How The Straight Pipe Exhaust Works

The straight pipe exhaust shares some similarities with the standard exhaust. However, the straight pipe exhaust runs from the header to the end. Plus, it lacks a muffler or catalytic converter to reduce the engine noise. 

The straight pipe exhaust gives loud sounds that most motorheads love. However, most people hate the straight pipe exhausts since they are so noisy, it’s not ideal for gated communities.  

The Benefits Of Straight Pipe Exhaust

More Noise

As mentioned, cars with straight pipe exhaust are very noisy. For the straight pipe noise, it’s advisable to check up on your local noise laws before installing it. Certain towns and cities have outlawed cars that have noisy exhaust systems.

Better Performance 

Most cars with straight pipe exhaust systems are usually racing cars. It’s because the straight pipe exhaust offers better performance than the standard exhausts. 

The straight pipe exhaust reduces the engine’s pressure from the exhaust gasses. Overall, it makes the engine function better. It increases your car’s torque and horsepower. 

Better Fuel Economy

Once you install the straight pipe exhaust, you will witness an improvement in the fuel economy. It’s because of the straight part system design and how it expels the gases from the vehicle. 

The straight pipe also reduces the car’s weight, which helps improve how it consumes fuel. 

Less Weight 

Replacing the standard exhaust system with a straight pipe will make your car a little lighter. You can remove the catalytic converter and muffler from the equation to dramatically reduce the care. The care will be lighter than before and make it a bit faster. 

Improves Aesthetics 

Immediately after installing the straight pipe exhaust, you’ll notice that your car looks sportier and faster than before. 

People won’t see most parts of the new exhaust system, but the pipe sticking out from the back will enhance your car’s appearance. 

The Disadvantages Of The Straight Pipe Exhaust

Too Much Noise

Some people enjoy driving cars that make noise because of the attention it pulls. They enjoy people looking at their cars and noticing their power. However, noisy cars can disturb the neighborhood. 

In other towns or cities, it’s illegal to drive noisy cars, and thus you need to look at your local laws before installing the straight pipe exhaust system. 

Increases Emissions 

Other than releasing exhaust fumes and gases, the car’s exhaust system has other roles to play. It should prevent the car from releasing harmful gases that can destroy the environment. 

The catalytic convertor found in exhaust systems converts harmful gases to less harmful gases which are not so dangerous to the universe. So, if you remove the catalytic converter, the car will produce a lot of emissions when you drive. 

Extra Expenses

The car comes with a standard exhaust system that will offer you the needed performance. The system will help your car maintain its good shape. 

If you choose to replace the standard exhaust with the straight pipe exhaust, you will be adding an extra expense to yourself. It’s because you have to buy a new exhaust system plus the installation cost.

Decreased Worth

In some instances, you will be able to sell a car that has straight pipe exhaust at a higher price. That’s if the person is specifically looking for a racing car with this exhaust system. 

However, selling cars with straight pipes can be tricky to sell to the average person that doesn’t have a racing car. 

Such people will not pay that extra cost for a noisy car because it can put them in legal trouble. Therefore you might have no option but to accept less money than what you value. 

What Is The Cost Of Straight Pipe Exhaust?

Some car enthusiasts understand the exhaust system well and have experience installing them. However, you should leave the straight pipe exhaust system installation to the professionals. 

The installation of the straight pipe exhausts involves welding, which most people do not know. However, installing won’t cost a lot if you know how to work around the welding machine and other tools. 

The parts used in installing the straight pipe exhaust cost some hundred dollars. It will take a few hours of labor to fully install the straight pipe exhaust. However, each car needs a specific part, which affects the prices differently. 


The glass pack muffler’s primary function is to negate the engine’s loud sound. The exhaust system is supposed to reduce the sound from the engine and thus reduce the engine pressure

The gas particle in the exhaust system dissipates the sound wave pressure. On the other hand, those who want high-performance rides should go for straight pipe exhausts. The exhaust is top end and reduces the backpressure. 

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