10 Ways to Style a Lehenga Choli Ensemble

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Ways to Style a Lehenga Choli Ensemble

When you attend many weddings and events, it’s essential to find new ways to style your lehenga choli ensemble. These classic garments never go out of style, but by choosing trendy fabrics and cuts, you can refresh your traditional wardrobe. Don’t let your friends see you in the same outfit more than once. Here are ten ways to style your lehenga choli, so you have a unique look at every event you attend. 

1. Traditional Embroidered Lehenga Choli 

Especially when you are the bride, you probably want a more traditional lehenga choli for your ceremony. You will want to stand out from the crowd even in your classic red and gold. Opt for elaborate embroidery to add drama and elegance to your bridal ensemble. Layer your dupatta to add regal flair. It’s your wedding. You deserve to look like the queen you are. 

2. Change Up the Dupatta 

Choosing a new dupatta can quickly refresh a previously worn lehenga choli. Try draping it like a sari. Covering your torso will help your choli look unique, even if you wore it just last week. This draping style can also conceal your midsection on days you may feel self-conscious. 

3. Try A Tye-Dye Inspired Lehenga

Show off your playful side in a tye-dye look. Break away from traditional jewel-toned lehenga choli and go for an ensemble with a modern twist. Pair with a matching tye-dye dupatta, or dress up this more casual look with a sheer embroidered dupatta. A tye-dye look lets you play with color, so rock out in contrasting colors like teal and pink or stay more subtle in soft pastels. Have your bridal party wear tye-dye lehenga cholis that pair well together for a funky yet coordinated look at your Sangeet.

4. Make Your Choli Sparkle

Help a solid-colored lehenga stand out by pairing it with a sequin choli. The emphasis will be on your neckline, so try a choli with a princess cut. Pair with some delicate earrings, and let the choli be the ensemble’s focus. A gold or silver sequin choli can be a great addition to any wardrobe as it can pair with most lehengas to create unique looks for multiple events. Opt for a monochrome look for a formal event, or go bold with sequin embroidery to be the life of the party. 

5. Flirt in Floral

There is something so romantic about muted floral patterns. Play with this flirty look in a printed lehenga choli. Perfect for attending a Sangeet or another afternoon affair. A soft white base with a floral pattern is a classic and delicate look sure to delight. Add a sleek pearl choker and pastel dupatta to complete the look. 

6. Mix and Match 

Try mixing and matching different sets if you have a closet full of lehenga choli ensembles. By simpling pairing a solid choli with a different and more elaborate lehenga, you can create a unique look. Try different combinations and see which colors play well together. Use elegant gold jewelry to tie the pieces together

7. Monochrome 

The monochrome look is everywhere in 2022. Why not use this sleek style for your lehenga choli? Take a regal approach in head-to-toe gold. Or mix it up in a deep jewel tone like emerald and pair this with a lighter sage dupatta to add a bit of dimension. You can also skip the dupatta and let the lehenga choli steal the show. 

8. Go Backless 

Make a statement in a backless choli. Choose one with a simple front design and a high neckline, allowing the back to pull focus. Drape a dupatta to keep this look subtle at a religious event. A peek-a-boo keyhole design can help a traditional choli look chic and sexy. 

9. A Short Embroidered Choli 

When you find a signature embroidered choli, you want to pair it with everything. Short cholis have come back into fashion, so don’t be afraid to show a little more skin at your next event. A silky sheer dupatta can keep the look from being too scandalous to wear around family. Choose a choli with multi-colored embroidery so you can pair it with any of your lehengas.

10. Off the Shoulder 

If you are petite, a full lehenga can sometimes totally overwhelm you. Change up the cut of your choli and try out a sleek off-the-shoulder design. By opening up the choli to show off your shoulders, you’ll lengthen your neck and appear taller. Pair this with some chandelier earrings to further elongate the look. Keep it delicate with chiffons and silks. Maybe look for a touch of embroidery, but simple is best in this non-traditional style. If you want a bit of detail, simple threadwork on the lehenga can add just the right amount of flair without overpowering the delicate fabric. 

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