7 Glamping Essentials: Give Your Next Camping Trip A Glow-Up

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7 Glamping Essentials

We all want the joys of being outdoors without sacrificing the creature comforts of home.

Glamping, a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping, is ideal for those not quite ready to wander into the wilderness with the bare essentials. Visit survivorhive for more information about camping.

The perfect glamping experience means something different to everyone. Upgrades such as a more spacious tent and comfortable bedding can elevate an experience for some. Others may seek out fully furnished treehouses or a luxury travel trailer with wifi and five-star amenities.

No matter where you stand, here are seven essentials to give your next glamping getaway a glow-up.

1. Solar Phone Charger

Electricity is the foundation of many modern comforts, and is key to staying connected, even on the road. When camping, you may still want to communicate with friends and share updates on social media.Packing a solar phone charger is a great way to keep one foot in both worlds, without going fully off the grid or being fully plugged in. 

There are many options on the market to suit any glampers taste. Some companies offer kits with both solar panels and power banks. The power bank or a rechargeable power supply is a great backup for a rainy day. Otherwise, just plug your device right into the solar panel unit when the sun is shining. 

2. Cooler

Many glamping venues have electricity and come with dedicated fridges and freezers. If not, packing a high-quality cooler to maintain beverage and food freshness is a must.

For an old-school approach, a hard and durable cooler with superior insulation is the way to go. Depending on the weather and frequency of use, some models will keep goods fresh for up to five days.

Pricer equipment is available, too; consider splurging on a powered cooler. These come in electric or solar options and save you the headache of re-icing. Added bonus: many coolers have USB ports and double as device chargers. 

3. Tent

Unlike the utilitarian camp tents of yesteryear, glamping tents marry functionality with aesthetics and comfort. 

Glamping has raised the bar for outdoor shelters, whether you are a couple looking for extra space to stretch out or a large group sharing the same tent with separate rooms. 

Instead of polyester and waterproof nylon, the best tents use weatherproof and durable canvas for years of enjoyment.

For a truly beautiful and comforting space, opt for a bell tent or safari tent. These stunning shelters are what Instagram dreams are made of. Some have footprints large enough to fit three queen size beds and ample standing space. 

On the higher end, these accommodations boast features like outlets, stove jacks, and PVC flooring to keep warmth in and bugs out.

4. Mattress And Bedding

Are you really glamping if you wake up on a deflated air mattress? Or if you are shivering in a thin sleeping bag? For a true glamp effect, leave those items at home.

For genuine luxury, you can opt for a self-inflating queen-size bed. With the popularity surge in glamping, new camp mattresses combine the durability of outdoor gear with at-home levels of comfort. 

Elevate this even further by bringing along the comfiest sheets and pillows. Choose a faux-fur throw or a down blanket specially made for all-weather to complete the outdoorsy feel

5. Camp Kitchen

Cooking outdoors is a challenge and an adventure. Those who love it can’t get enough. For the rest of us, it can be intimidating and overly difficult.

A portable camp kitchen is an ideal solution for those who don’t want to battle the elements over an open fire. These foldable kitchens are easy to set up and break down. 

Choose one with multiple surfaces for prepping, cooking, and storing equipment. Some even have built-in sinks that drain to the ground, ideal for washing produce and dishes.Pair this with a two-burner gas camp stove and a dutch oven, and you will be on your way to delicious one-pot meals cooked al fresco, in any situation.

6. Mood-Setting Pieces

Once you have all the logistical details out of the way, you will want to decorate your space to get the glow-up effect in full force. 

Swapping a typical lantern for string lights can create a warm and comforting glow. A woven rug can contribute to a rustic feel. Buy vases or mason jars and go out to pick wildflowers and other local flora to create a connection between your space and the outdoors.

Bringing a coffee table and chair can add to the coziness and provide multiple areas to enjoy. The options for curating the perfect ambiance are endless.

7. Hot Tub

Okay – this might not be totally essential. But for the glamper wanting to bring things to the next level, a hot tub could be the crown jewel of your getaway.What’s more glamorous than an inflatable hot tub that fits you and a few of your best friends, jets included? It’s more attainable than you think, and can really tie together an outdoor experience. 


Glamping can be a special way to enjoy the outdoors. The newcomer and lifelong camper alike can find something to enjoy, whether on a budget or spending big.With just a few key items, you can tailor your dream escape, venturing just far enough into the wild without going totally off-grid.

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