9 Tips To Improve Security Of Your HR Communication In Canada

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9 Tips To Improve Security Of Your HR Communication In Canada

HR professionals will agree that effective and timely communication is undoubtedly a vital aspect of successful HR practices in Canada. However, in the process of communicating efficiently and quickly, you should not ignore the significance of security and confidentiality. After all, communicating with your colleague regarding a talented potential hire without heeding the security measures can jeopardize the entire recruitment process.

To enhance the security, privacy, and secrecy of your entire HR communication system, you can train and educate the employees regarding possible security threats, establish a standalone HRIS and HRMS, and categorize the sensitive information related to the workforce. You can also safeguard your HR communication by deploying one of the most secure VPNs in Canada.

Language training can be a successful workplace investment, and you should turn your focus toward it so that your employee can enhance their communication skills.

Let’s share with you 9 tips to improve the security of your HR communication in Canada.

Implement Annual Data Breach Response Policy And Conduct Annual Exercises

A data breach response policy is a must for all businesses to minimize the chances of data theft or loss. Moreover, you can also conduct annual data breach response drills to help your organization tackle any potential data breach. Through these exercises, you will also be able to pinpoint areas that need importance. If you don’t have a comprehensive security system in place, you upgrade and strengthen your prevailing security systems.

Install Secure Communication Systems And Tools

Online fax is one of the most important tools that play a major part in any kind of HR communications. However, in Canada, you shouldn’t see it as the only method to communicate with your colleagues. In fact, you should use other secure communication or collaboration apps like Slack or email to get a quick response. These tools are easy to use and don’t need any additional software or special devices.

Use Latest Encryption Protocols

Encryption of your data is no doubt one of the effective ways to make sure that your HR communication is secured in Canada. Encryption makes your data unreadable if the person tries to open it without a key, so this way, unauthorized people won’t be able to access it. You can utilize encryption for your emails and software that stores your business’s sensitive information.

Turn On The Two-Factor Authentication

Authorize your two-factor authentication ASAP! It will prevent anyone who is trying to get unauthorized access to your business account from getting in. It 2FA enables the security mode that requires your account password along with a unique pin code which is mostly sent to you on your phone. This unique pin code can be generated by some password applications as well. Most of the applications have this option built-in, so you should turn it on as soon as possible.

Say No To Autofill

To take a step further toward making your HR communication secure, you should disable your AutoFill feature from Google. To avoid any security breach, always enter your account details like passwords, manually in your browser instead of using the AutoFill option. This way, it won’t be easier for hackers to tap into your device and steal your data to use it for their purposes.

Get A Premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

As you may know already, VPN has proven to be a very handy tool when it comes to maintaining a good security system when working in Canada. VPN can also help you stay secure when you are using a public Wi-Fi network

For instance, when you are working from home which means you can work from anywhere, and you connect to a public Wi-Fi to use the internet, any hacker can have a sneak peek into your data information and can even steal your sensitive credentials. Using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN will mask your online activity from any prying eyes that may have been looking to hack into any device that is using a public Wi-Fi network.

Train Your Employees

Confirming that all of your workers are aware of possible security dangers is fundamental in boosting your firm’s security. Don’t infer that your staff is totally aware of security dangers out there. In fact, you should take this opportunity to educate them about any possible security threats. It’s an excellent chance to demonstrate your concern for their safety and teach security knowledge to them so they can avoid any security threats.

For instance, an employee should be able to understand the value of using strong passwords and staying away from dubious connections. Overall, it will aid your employees in understanding how to safeguard private data and lessen the likelihood of getting hacked.

Design a Central Platform

The next step is to build an integrated, secure HR system. This way, you will be able to use this to satisfy all HR demands on a single platform. It will also be a good technique to ensure you manage sensitive data with the least amount of danger possible.

The privacy of HR communication might be greatly enhanced by developing a single platform. All of your staff will utilize this platform to coordinate tasks and interact with one another. It will be more difficult for hackers to determine who can access what data.

Categorize The Sensitive Data You Have

The most important step in safeguarding your data is to know the type of data you have. After you determine the sensitive data you have on hand, you can select which sort of data demands extra security. You can also select which data should be removed. By doing this, you can reduce the risk of losing important data and keep it away from the hands of unauthorized third-party, as well as protect your company from potential threats.


Maintaining secrecy and security of HR communication is very crucial for HR departments working in organizations in Canada. It’s no doubt very important to carry out effective and proper communication, the secrecy and privacy of sensitive HR data are equally vital.

So, take the necessary measures and keep your information safe all the time.

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