Why TikTok Account Is Really Important For Business

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Why TikTok Account Is Really Important For Business

For some reason, TikTok is still considered a children’s social network and useless for serious business due to the abundance of entertainment content. According to many, only a blogger can gain popularity there, and only if he will buy TikTok followers. However, everything is much more complicated.

Of course, there are good educational videos among silly or cute videos, but it’s hard for the average business owner to immediately understand how TikTok will help, for example, a huge factory in China, a small tailor in a small town, or a furniture workshop to find new customers on another continent or save money on advertising. Let’s figure it out.

What Is So Cool About TikTok

A lot of solvent audience, whose trust can be quickly gained

There are many children and students on TikTok (those for whom adults buy goods), as well as parents (those who buy for children or are influenced by native advertising, conventionally, household appliances).

Everyone loves to have fun or look at something unusual to relieve tension. Therefore, you can push the user to purchase with the help of unobtrusive content.

For example, children watch videos about creating drawings, a woman learns construction life hacks, and a man likes to listen to stand-ups or watch ASMR videos with cutting soap, wood, or destroying a paint layer.

Theoretically, your entire family can sell:

  • art supplies for professionals, because the child wants the same pussies or paints;
  • building materials or any tools that the wife urgently needed, from new tiles for the backsplash of the kitchen to a screwdriver with many parts;
  • any product from the story that was told on the ASMR channel as a native ad (food, household appliances), or paint in your favorite color.

Investment in the future

People are growing up. Children who watch your videos can become your clients in a couple of years. This is especially true if you are selling accessories, clothing or technology. And young students in a couple of years will be interested in repairs, buying real estate, traveling or children’s goods, which they can be told about now.

The sooner your brand gets into the user’s information field, the higher the likelihood that he will remember you if he needs to buy a certain product or order a service. For example, this is what Nestle used to do. Everyone knows about their baby formulas, purees and cookies (because some still like to eat them secretly).

Incorruptible Algorithms

The application will help you find your audience even without advertising and budget injection. Let’s say you created a video about cat beds, and your cat starred in the title role. In theory, thanks to algorithms, it will be shown to fans of videos about cats and even interior design, so more people will know about your pet, account and product.

If the video collects a lot of positive reactions, then it has a chance to get into the recommendations feed and conquer the whole world. The main thing is humor and what your target audience likes.

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