Sustainability Steps By Streaming Platforms To Make The Earth Green Again

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Sustainability Steps By Streaming Platforms To Make The Earth Green Again

Even when millions were confined to their homes during the pandemic binging HBO Max, Netflix, or other streaming sites, we saw a massive shift in climate change; and the shift was for the better.

It happened because the mass production of plastic discs was affected, reducing the energy consumption and emissions of CO2. However, We still face climate adversities.

To help the climate, streaming platforms like HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify have started to take things seriously. They have launched campaigns to create awareness and have taken steps to reduce carbon footprints.

HBO and HBO Max Steps towards Sustainability:

Any environmentally conscious person in today’s world would avoid binging these shows on HBO Max. However, HBO and HBO Max have taken few steps to reduce the impacts of CO2 produced by them which in turn effects whole of the earth.

So, you can stream HBO Max in UK, USA or anywhere in the world guilt free.

HBO Max came out in 2020 and has already taken over the streaming wars, winning over Hulu and Disney plus. They have Game of Thrones, House of Dragons, and Studio Ghibli on it.

Recently they have also stepped up to fight the increasing environmental changes. HBO and HBO Max have partnered with COOL Effect to invert the Carbon footprints the company has created. They have introduced two ventures, which their users can donate to as well, including Sea of change in Myanmar and watering the west in Oregon.

In a sea of change, they plan on planting mangroves plant. It helps the shoreline and also helps the people living in the area while reversing the effects of CO2.

Watering the west initiative in Oregon helps protect the diverse green life found in Pacific Northwest and the California watershed.

Netflix’s steps towards sustainability:

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming platforms available in today’s world. They cater to most countries with their diverse content; apart from raising awareness with their nature documentaries, the company is also seen as doing its part.

By the end of 2022, the company is committed to reaching its goal of 0% carbon footprint. To achieve their goal, they have started projects that have a negative impact on raising carbon levels on Earth; these include protecting and increasing forests and keeping the land on the surface and below water clean.

They are working to reduce their carbon emissions by 45% below the levels recorded in 2019 by 2030. In addition, Netflix is also reducing the indirect carbon emission caused by its supply chain. Netflix wins not only in the proper use of data but also in sustainability.

Hulu’s steps towards sustainability:

After HBO Max and Netflix, Hulu is far ahead in the race to make the environment better. In normal circumstances, the usage of excess energy results in electricity generation. The generation of electricity requires energy plants to work at full throttle.

This causes an increase in CO2 emissions. In 2020, the US alone was responsible for generating 4.01 trillion kWh of electricity resulting in 1.55 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions of CO2.

Hulu has partnered with Switch, one of the leading data center providers working with renewable energy. They have planned to relocate their data center so that they can work with 100% renewable energy.

In numerical terms, this shift by Hulu has saved 265,000 tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere every year. This way, Hulu’s subscribers can view their favorite shows without worry.

Spotify’s Steps towards Sustainability:

New music is released daily, and more than half the Earth’s population listens to it by the minute. So when Drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo came out, it broke music records and produced enough CO2, which was more than flying from New York to London but multiplied by 4000.

From 1960 to 2000, the musical platforms have given rise to carbon emissions by 45%, that is, two hundred thousand tons a year. Listening to an album for straight 5 hours is equivalent to making a plastic CD (this doesn’t include the making of its packaging).

To help the environment, Spotify has ditched its data centers and now uses Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Spotify tries to maintain its commitment with GCP to use renewable energy but fails in execution.

What you can do on an individual level is if you are only listening to a song, you can rescue the streaming quality or switch the device you’re using.

After Thoughts

After reading this article, some of the numbers might be shocking, or the revelation that a simple act of binge-watching a series is also affecting the Earth should be enough to make you take a stand.

What you can do to help is firstly choose a company that works to reduce their carbon footprints, then reduce your internet consumption, switch to any other device, a smaller device is better, use fewer devices, reduce video quality, borrow your DVDs or get them from Shopify, and if you like to rewatch, then get yourself one.

All you need to do is make smaller changes to your lifestyle, and as a result, it will significantly impact the Earth’s climate.

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