Do Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Make Sense For Your Home?

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Do Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Make Sense For Your Home

As winter approaches, you might be getting worried about the high cost of heating your home through the cold months. In the past, the cost of electricity was low enough that we would crank our thermostats to stay warm in the winter. With higher energy costs, we need cheaper alternatives. One of these alternatives is a heat recovery ventilation system.  In this article, we will be looking at some reasons why installing one of these systems might make sense for your home.

It Saves You Money

A heat recovery ventilation system uses the heat from the outgoing air to heat the incoming air. The most efficient systems can recover between 85% and 90% of the heat from this outgoing air. The warmer incoming air then heats the home without the home losing too much heat due to the ventilation these systems provide.

Your energy bill might indeed go up a little due to the heat lost during ventilation, but it will go up by a lot less than it would have if you used other solutions. To ensure you are saving the most money, choose a model that is right for your home and have it installed properly. 

Home recovery ventilation system retailers like BPC ventilation supply different models so you can pick the best one for your home. 

Better Air Quality

It is never a good idea to open the windows during the winter for obvious reasons. If you live in a house with more than a few people, you might notice the amount of moisture in the house increases and the quality of air degrades as time passes. 

All this happens because there is no transfer of air into and out of the home. This is unless you have an adequate ventilation solution.

A ventilation system will help remove moisture, CO2, and other pollutants from the air to ensure better air quality.

As a heat recovery ventilation system pushes state air outside and brings fresh air inside, it not only heats the incoming air but also filters it. These filters keep pollen and dust out of the home during the summer and pollutants from vehicles and other sources in the winter.

Reduced Stress On Your Overall Heating System

As the temperature drops in the winter, your heating system starts working harder. This is because the temperature difference between the outside and inside is so great that the home loses heat much faster, especially in cases where it is not properly insulated.

Because they recover most of the heat that your home would lose to the environment, heat recovery ventilation systems do not have to work as hard as other heating systems. Apart from reducing power consumption, this reduced stress also ensures their longevity and saves you maintenance and service costs in the long term.


A heat recovery ventilation system is a great addition to your home as winter approaches. The energy costs savings and indoor air quality it affords you are among the tangible benefits of installing one.

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