What You Should Consider Before You Decide To Purchase Air Filters For Your Home

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What You Should Consider Before You Decide To Purchase Air Filters For Your Home

Your heating and cooling system is a crucial part of your home. This is because it can keep you and your loved ones comfortable and creates a healthy environment. An air filter can remove air impurities like pathogens and dust to give a fresh and clean air. Even better, an air filter like a 14x30x1 air filter can last for quite long, though you should always change it regularly so that your HVAC system can perform efficiently. This article discusses what you should consider before you decide to purchase air filters for your home. You can Contact Provincial Heating to get more information.

Original Vs. Aftermarket

Regardless of whether you decide to purchase air filters at a physical store or online, you can come across two types of filters, which are original air filter and aftermarket filter. Both types of air filters are efficient, though they tend to have some distinguishing features that you should always be aware of.

An original air filter belongs to the same brand as your air system. They are also produced by air system manufacturers for use with their models. When it comes to an aftermarket filter, it is manufactured by an independent company so that it can be used with current air systems. They can be the same in quality and design, but an aftermarket air filter is often cheaper than the original one. 

Size And Type Of Air Filter

It’s important to know the size of the air filter your heating and cooling system needs. Many filters you can find on the market have size specifications that are labeled on their surface. You should note that the measurements can be rounded up. Therefore, if you want to purchase a new model, you have to utilize a tape to measure the unit so that you can get the right width, length, and height. 

You can find various types of air filters out there, such as high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA), electrostatic filters, carbon filters, electronic filters, and many more. Besides, you can find a variety of models for these categories designed to meet specific needs

For example, you can decide to buy pleated or flat-panel filters if your focus is on affordability. And, if you have allergies like asthma, then an electrostatic or HEPA filter can be suitable for you. This is because these filters can remove microscopic allergens. Likewise, if the interiors of your home are not well-ventilated and can trap odors, you should choose carbon air filters.

Air Quality Needs

It’s worth mentioning that air filter needs can vary from one house to another. For example, if your house is highly insulated, there is a good chance that it can capture pollutants. Likewise, individuals with breathing problems and other allergies must have a higher quality air filter so that there is efficient air purification.

Therefore, you need to get air filters that can provide high-quality air for your home, especially an air filter that is specific to help you with breathing issues. Alternatively, you can ask the air filter supplier for recommendations on the right air filter ideal for your specific breathing issues. 

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