What Are Some Cool Hacks For School Computer? Discover Fun Computer Tricks

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What are Some Cool Hacks for School Computers

Computers are fascinating and fun to use if you have enough skills. Some shortcuts and hacks are built into the operating system. You wouldn’t know about them unless you go searching for them.

There are some simple tricks you could do in your school computer lab. These hacks will be beneficial to get you out of otherwise perilous situations.

Many of these life hacks on the internet, but most of them are not useful to you. The hacks here will be useful in making your use of the computer simpler.

1. Automatically Locking Your Computer When You Are Away From It

You might be working on an important personal project. You then need to go somewhere quickly or take a walk to stretch your legs.

You will need to ensure that the work you leave on the computer is safe. You will need a way to lock the computer as soon as you leave the room.

To do this, you could make use of the Dynamic lock feature.  Bluetooth-enabled phone and computer are needed.

  • First, pair your phone to your computer via Bluetooth. This can be done under, Bluetooth settings option.
  • Once they are paired, go to accounts in the settings. In the account section, sign-in.
  • Scroll down and check on the dynamic lock checkbox to enable the dynamic lock.

Once this is done, you will be able to lock your computer automatically once the phone is out of the computer’s Bluetooth range.

This way, every time you leave with your phone, the computer gets locked, and your work is safe. This feature might only be available in an updated windows 10 operating system.

2. Freeing Up Of Storage And Memory

One of the reasons computers are such a big deal is their memory and storage capabilities. At some point, you might have faced problems to do with this.

It might be a shortage that occurs due to the accumulation of temporary files or duplicates. Windows 10 comes with an amazing storage manager to help you deal with all this.

  • Go to the system setting, and then access the storage options. The next window will show you all the drives you have on your PC. If you want specific detail on using up space, click on the drive you want.

All the memory allocations will be displayed for you. At this point, you can get rid of all files you don’t need. This will give you more storage space.

  • To do the above process automatically. Go to storage settings and enable Storage sense. This will allow windows to delete temporary files from apps.

It will also delete data present in recycle bin that has been there for more than a month. This will free up space and increase your computer’s performance.

3. Setting Up And Scheduling The Night Light Feature

One of the biggest concerns linked to the use of computers is eye problems. You might have noticed some pain in your eyes, especially when using the computer at night.

This is caused by the bright colors that are produced by the screen. Initially, you would have to use flux to filter out the blue light. Windows update allows you to make these changes and even schedule them.

  • Go to display under system settings. You will see a button for the ‘night light’ option. Please turn it on.

You will notice that the color temperature of the screen changes to a warmer, more eye-friendly tone. You can go to night light settings and personalize them.

You can schedule night light with a custom time. You could also change the color temperature of the setting. This will help protect your eyes when you are working for a long.

You could also use dark mode. This changes the screen to dark mode, which will be much safer for your eyes. All the Windows 10 apps will conform to the dark mode.

4. Recording Steps You Take To Do A Task

You might need to record the steps you take to solve a problem or do something else. This will be useful to you in the future or to another person that might need it.

This will help, especially if you are teaching someone. Texts and calls may be cumbersome. Windows has included an amazing steps recorder feature in their updates.

  • Search for steps recorder in Cortana. Launch it; a small window will pop up.
  • Click on the ‘start record’ button. All the steps you take will be recorded from this point forward.
  • Click stop once you are finished. Windows will display the steps you did. There is an option to add comments and review.

5. Insights In Sticky Notes

This is a smart feature to improve the reminding option.

  • Open sticky notes on Cortana.
  • Click on the menu and then the gear button on the lower side of the note.
  • Enable the insights option.

This will highlight time, contacts, and websites using Cortana. The reminder will help keep your appointments.

6. Using Linux Command On Windows

This was a big help for Linux fans. By using Bash Shell, Windows can now allow their user to use Linux commands. This feature is disabled by default. You have to enable it first.

  • Go to Updates and Security under windows settings.
  • Select the ‘For developers’ option and enable it.
  • Now click on the control panel and then open programs; select programs and features in the new window.
  • Click the on and off button for the windows feature. You will find it on the top right side of the window.
  • In the new window, enable the option “Windows subsystems for Linux.”
  • Restart your PC.
  • Search for Bash. This will bring up a button that will open the command prompt window.
  • Enter ‘y’ in the window to install Ubuntu. After this, you will be able to use Bash shell as if it were on Linux.

7. Taking Screenshots

You may need to capture a specific moment on your screen. Like in android phones, Windows allows you to take screenshots of the monitor.

To screenshot the entire screen, press the Windows key + print screen key (PrntScrn). You might want only to capture a small section of the screen.

To do this, press the Windows key together with the shift and ‘S’ key. This will blur the screen and leave a cursor for you. You can use the cursor to select the range of the screen you want to be captured.

You can also snap the screen easily by using the Windows and arrow keys. There are other important keyboard shortcuts you should know. They will help you work a lot faster on the computer.

8. Other Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are an awesome way to save time when you are working. There are some essential key combinations you need to enjoy Windows more.

  • CTRL + S used to save a word document
  • CTRL + V used to paste text
  • CTRL + P used to print word documents
  • CTRL +C used to copy text
  • Windows Logo Key + V allows you to copy and paste multiple text items at a time. It will open the clipboard for you to select the text to paste.
  • CTRL +ALT +Delete to access a list of some important functions. This would be particularly helpful in case of a deadlock. You could use it to restart the computer or run task manager.
  • CTRL +Shift +ESC to access task manager.

9. Calculator

Everyone knows about the calculator. What most people don’t know is the capabilities the calculator has. Open calculator in Cortana and look into it.

The calculator app has numerous functionalities. You can run almost every conversion in this calculator: currency, volume, time, speed, weight and mass, energy, and length.

The calculator is speedy and accurate. If you give it attention, you will discover a lot of other functionalities within it.

10. Quick Assist

This will come in handy when you need to help a friend or relative that is not tech-smart. It is hard to help someone if they are far away and you can’t see their screen.

Quick assist allows you to connect to someone else’s computer, see their screen and even control it if you need to make some changes.

To launch it, search for quick assist on Cortana and click on it. You could get assistance from someone else or assist.

If you are to assist, then you will have to type in their email address. It will produce a code; the other person will receive the code and input it in the quick assist window. This is what will give you access to their screen.


Computers are full of functionalities designed to improve the user’s experience. You should look into the computer to know exactly what functionalities you have.

If well used, the functionalities will make your use more conducive and healthy. It is important to get regular updates. This will ensure that your systems work with the newest and best features.

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