5 Must-See Attractions Near Victoria Station

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5 Must-See Attractions Near Victoria Station

There are many transportation hubs throughout London. And one of the most popular is Victoria Station, which sees millions of people to and from the station every single month.

Because of the high foot traffic area, the space around Victoria Station has grown to have some of the main tourist attractions and local favorites. From dining to one of a kind experiences, there are endless attractions to keep yourself entertained near Victoria Station.

But before we get too far into the list of must-see attractions, did you know that this station was actually named after Queen Victoria herself?

Now, it is a world-class destination that deserves to be explored properly. So when you arrive at Victoria Station, make sure you have your hands free and drop off your bags at a convenient luggage storage Victoria Station service that you can book in advance online.

From there, you can hit the ground running and experience all the delights that Victoria Station has to offer.

Here are the five attractions you must have on your Victoria Station itinerary. We promise you will not be disappointed in the slightest.

1. The Apollo And Victoria Palace Theaters

One of the best parts about Victoria Station is that it is in a prime location to two incredible theatres and world-class shows. Just a short walk from Victoria Station is Apollo Victoria. It is home to a whole spectrum of play, with the most famous being Wicked. The show has won hundreds of awards around the world and hosted nearly 4,000 performances. A trip to Victoria Station is worth it alone to see this show. But there is another theatre that does give the Apollo a run for its money—and that is the Victoria Palace Theater. One of the most well-known shows to perform here is Billy Elliot, which takes theater-goers on a whirlwind of emotions and boats a repertoire of incredible songs. So try to plan your visit to Victoria Station accordingly so you can at least experience one of these great theaters.

2. Victoria Place Shopping Center

One of the biggest perks about having your hands free from your luggage is that it is easier to get some more shopping in. Victoria is one of the busiest parts of London so is a likely spot to have a whole range of shops and retail chains. It is literally right next to Victoria Station and offers at least an entire day’s worth of shopping. Best of all, there are some great cafes and coffee shops mixed into the center so you can fuel up in between splurges. No matter what your budget or style is, there will be a shop for you in this center.

3. Westminister Abbey

One of the most iconic landmarks in all of London is right by Victoria Station. Westminister Abbey is full of history where you can walk back in time and admire the historic paintings, sculptures and impressive stained glass displays. But best of all, Westminister Abbey is only a few short steps away from the likes of Buckingham Palace and the House of Parliament. This means that it is actually really easy to plan a full day of sightseeing and historical tours right next to Victoria Station. You can check off some of the most iconic spots in London in one go—which is a huge perk for any tourist short on time.

4. St. James Park

London not only has impressive buildings but also some stunning outdoor spaces as well. St. James Park is one of the loveliest and also oldest parks in the city. And it is in close proximity to Victoria Station. It is a great place to be when the Horse Guards Parade or the Trooping of the COlours takes place. And if you are a bird lover, you will love being able to watch the pelicans feed on fresh fish every afternoon. There is also a beautiful Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk that links up to the Kensington Gardens. So get some fresh air when you are at Victoria Station and head to this park for at least an hour or so.

5. The Queen’s Gallery

London has no shortage of historical artworks, with some of the best being showcased at The Queen’s Gallery near Victoria Station. With new exhibitions coming through constantly, you will always get to see something different—from 17th-century artwork to cartoon satire. Plus, if you time it right you can be treated to performances by the Royal College of Music there as well.

Victoria Station is the spot to be if you want to experience some of the greatest attractions in London!

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