Can You Join the Military With Tattoos? What Are The Rules?

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Can You Join the Military With Tattoos

Tattoos have always been a part of the military’s culture. But, lately, the military has been cracking down on tattoos that are deemed “inappropriate.” 

The military is now strictly enforcing tattoo rules in an effort to make its members more professional-looking. If you’re thinking about joining the military and want to know if your tattoos will disqualify you, here are some things to consider.

Can you join the military with tattoos?

Yes, you can join the military with tattoos. Long answer: Yes, you can join the military with tattoos. Though it’s difficult to predict what your tattoo will look like in 10 years, yes, you may be disqualified for tattoos that violate the rules. That being said, if you’re a good fit for a particular military branch or service and are willing to put in some elbow grease and time in the recruiting process, then joining with tattoos may be a possibility.

Before we get into specifics about how to join the military with tattoos, let’s first talk about what kinds of tattooed people have been accepted into the armed forces.

What Are The Rules For Tattoos In The Military?

  1. Generally, tattoos that have religious, political, or sexual themes will not be allowed. The military does allow tattoos with designs of a flag, as well as patriotic tattoos like the Statue of Liberty and bald eagle. However, tattooing that is deemed inappropriate will not be tolerated.
  2. If your tattoo violates any of the above rules or if it is deemed “inappropriate,” you may be ineligible to join the military. If you’re unsure about how your tattoo might affect your chances of joining the military, enlisting medical personnel can help determine whether or not your tattoo should disqualify you from enlisting in the military. 
  3. If you are still interested in joining the military after learning about these rules, consider talking to a recruiter who can go over them with you and help determine which branch of service suits your needs best.

How Do You Make Your Tattoos Less Of A Liability For Military Service?

If you’re considering joining the military but have tattoos that would be an issue for service, it’s important to consider how you can make your tattoo less of a liability. Some options include:

Removing the tattoo with laser surgery

– Covering tattoo with makeup

– Covering tattoo with temporary tattoos

– Covering tattoo with medical prosthetics

– Taking advantage of military enlistment opportunities that have been created in response to tattoos

– Taking advantage of tattoo removal services that are available through the military

What Is The Army Tattoo Policy?

  • It is an Army policy that a service member may not have tattoos visible on their hands, neck, face, or head. Additionally, the tattoo must be in good taste and not offensive to the uniform.
  • Just because you have a tattoo doesn’t mean you won’t be accepted into the military. However, if your tattoo violates Army guidelines, it may prevent you from joining. If this happens to you, contact your recruiter for more information about how to apply for a waiver.

What Is The Marine Corps Tattoo Policy?

  1. The Marine Corps is stricter than other branches of the military when it comes to tattoo rules. They only allow tattoos on one arm and require a temporary cover-up before you can even apply. The Marine Corps requires that tattoos must be covered before you join.
  2. If you want to be an officer in the Marines, they will also ask you if your tattoo has any religious or gang connotations. If it does, they won’t accept it on any part of your uniform. 
  3. Many people have had their dreams crushed because of this new policy. It’s not fair for those who have a lot of tattoos but still want to serve our country and make a difference.

What About Tattoos After You Are Enlisted?

  • Once you’re enlisted, it’s important to be careful about the type of tattoo you get. You can’t get a tattoo that violates any of the rules above or that would be deemed inappropriate if you get a tattoo while in the military. It will be covered with makeup or temporary tattoos.
  • A tattoo is a form of body modification in which human skin is altered by inserting ink beneath the epidermis through puncture wounds on the skin. The process of tattooing involves using needles to inject ink into the dermis layer of skin, which results in pigment-filled pigmented tissue in the subcutaneous layer. Tattooing is a form of body modification that serves no medical purpose. There are various types of tattoos, such as Japanese-style tattoos, western-style tattoos, and tribal tattoos.

Side Effects In The Human Body Of Tattoo?

Tattoos can cause a number of side effects in the human body. These side effects include infections, rashes, and allergic reactions. Some people may also experience more serious side effects like bleeding or swelling. Side effects are usually minor, but they can be quite painful. If you’re concerned about any possible side effects from your tattoo, talk to your doctor or dermatologist first.

  1. It makes your skin irritating and itchy.
  2. It can make your hair fall out.
  3. You may have an allergic reaction to the ink used to tattoo you
  4. It makes you feel like you are under a spell, freaked out 
  5. You will look terrible in a suit, especially navy blue 
  6. You will itch all the time 7. Your skin will look 

U.S. Army Tattoo Policy: What’s Not Allowed

In the United States Army, tattoos are allowed, as long as they are tasteful and don’t violate any of the following rules.

The United States military has a tattoo policy that states that tattoos aren’t allowed on your body if: 

  1. It’s religious 
  2. It’s political 
  3. It’s sexual 
  4. It contains words or symbols that have a negative connotation 
  5. It’s vulgar
  6. Is highly offensive 
  7. Is indecent 
  8. Is obscene
  9. Isn’t safe to be displayed 
  10. Contains an image of a weapon 


Tattoos are a part of our lives now, and so is the military. They’re not just a way of life for some; they’re an important part of our culture. But what are the rules for tattoos in the military? Tattoos are not allowed in the military, but there are ways to make them less of a liability.

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