How To Make The Pines Work For You On Christmas?

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How To Make The Pines Work For You On Christmas

As Halloween came to an end, many of us began to dust the shelves and clear up space in the living room. Of course, while Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, Christmas preparations are already begun.

Tree-hunting trips are booked in advance. The lights and trinkets awaken from their long slumber in the attic. People begin cleaning for the holidays to make space for the tree and the gifts. Home bakers experiment with jolly desserts and savories. 

On a related note, are you dreading the pines from your Christmas that will inevitably scatter around your living room? Do you hate to see your magnificent tree shedding into a wilting, weeping shrub of misery? Then forget your worries and keep reading to find out how you can ensure your tree remains evergreen for the merry nights of December.

Tips To Keep Your Christmas Tree From Shedding

While a Christmas tree, large or small, can put a shine to your room, it also begets its own problems. Many people believe that adorning a living tree is true to the spirit of Christmas. However, the opposition to that is plenty. Pine trees shed a lot and the spines litter all over the floor, creating a mess. No matter how many times you clean your room, you will always find small (and often not-so-small) piles of pines. 

However, worry not. You can use this nifty bag of tricks below to keep your Christmas tree bushy as the day you brought it home and your house clean:

1. Mist Your Tree Regularly 

Misting a live tree regularly will ensure that the branches and leaves get adequate water. Make sure your tree is alive as water will not be of any use to dead trees. Spritz with a mister at the roots.

2. Go for a Fresh Tree 

Fresh trees last much longer than dying or dead ones. When you visit a Christmas tree farm, you should ask the owners when the shipment came in. If it was a week before, ask them when the next shipment gets in and go for a tree from that batch.

3. Humidifiers Are Handy 

Humidifiers are excellent tools to help keep your Christmas tree fresh. You should keep a humidifying machine close to the tree and ensure it gets plenty of moisture.

4. Swiffing Goes a Long Way 

Tools like the swiffer are perfect for plucking out dead needles. You can always run your hand through them, but use a swiffer to collect them and throw them out.

5. Keep an Eye out for Pests 

Pests are detrimental to the health of your Christmas tree. When choosing your tree, check out whether the pines seem chewed off or discolored.

How To Ensure A Neat Christmas?

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most wonderful time of the year, as those who celebrate will testify. You may also simply guarantee that your tree is perfect and displays the brightness of your spirit during this wonderful season. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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