Does Plato’s Closet Buy Clothes: An Inside Look At Plato’s Closet

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 Does Plato's Closet Buy Clothes

A complete closet is every person’s dream, at least for most ladies. You’ll have items in your Closet that you haven’t worn in a long time now and then. You also need space for new clothes but don’t know where to dispose of the old ones. 

Goodwill is the go-to option. However, a better choice can make you some extra cash.

Some stores will buy and sell gently used clothing. That is especially true for brand-name clothes. Plato’s Closet is one such store. You can get rid of unwanted old clothes and earn some cash while you are at them. 

Does Plato’s Closet Buy Clothes

Plato’s Closet buys used clothing and sells it for a profit. They are a thrift store that mainly focuses on name brands. These clothes have to name Vans, Abercrombie, Pink by Victoria Secrets, etc.

According to their website, you can take the clothes to their stores; they’ll assess it and offer you a price. The value of the clothes will depend on factors such as the brand or the prevailing season.

7 Facts About Plato’s Closet

Plato’s isn’t just any store where you may sell your old clothes. There are various reasons why it is a unique trading opportunity.

  • Plato’s Closet has a pay-on-delivery policy. Unlike other consignment shops, Plato’s pays you as soon as they sit through the clothes. They pick the clothes they want and pay you according to each item.

    That means there is no need to wait for more than a month to get paid.

  • Plato’s sells clothes mainly to teens and young adults. That means they have to be ready and chic. If the clothes you present to them do not meet this demographic, you are better off donating to goodwill.
  • This store does not buy designer-name clothes. If you have clothing bought from designer names, the best you can do is find a buyer other than a thrift store. Most of these stores want to make a profit. 

Such items in a thrift store don’t bring in as much as the initial cost. Their goal is to make at least a 40% profit.

  • They don’t buy highly worn-out clothes. Some people have favorite clothing items. These items tend to be worn more than the rest, which means more wear and tear. That will be rejected at the store. 

Even though they sell second-hand clothes, they should be gently worn.

  • The store buys throughout the year. It doesn’t matter what month or season, Plato’s is always open for those willing to sell. They will buy winter boots in summer and tank tops in winter. 

So no matter what you have purged from your Closet, you can always make a buck from it at Plato’s.

  • Bring as much clothing as you can in one trip. Plato’s doesn’t have a limit when it comes to the number of clothes you can bring to them for sale.

You can do this as long as you are willing to endure the long wait in sitting through your haul. Not to mention the mean-mugging looks you will receive from the employees.

  • Except for a few items, Plato’s accepts jewelry. If you were wondering where to sell some of the jewelry you no longer use, try Plato’s. They can buy rings, bangles, watches and so on. 

However, items like earrings and other body piercings are not welcomed into their inventory. The reasons are self-explanatory.

What To Sell To Plato’s Closet

Before making your way to Plato’s and selling your booty, it is essential to consider a few things. Realize that not everything that is presented at the store will be bought. When it comes to the products they invest in, the Platos are selective. 

The clothes have to be gently worn. In their definition, gently worn clothes have no streaks or holes, should not be faded, and shouldn’t have unreasonable wear.

Another factor that should be in mind is the style. Don’t be deceived; if you have stylish clothes in the 80s, don’t bother with Plato’s. 

Not every style presented at Plato’s will fly. They are very keen on trendy styles. Whatever is in for the season will be a hot cake in their eyes.

Even as you make your way to the store, keep in mind that they will choose not all the clothes you take. Most people selling to them return with some of the clothes or accessories.

Types Of Clothes To Sell

Certain clothes will be acceptable to them. Plato’s sells trendy teen and young adult clothing. The clothes sold to them should be this and belong to the following categories:

  1. Dresses, skirts, trousers, leggings, trainers, shorts
  2. Shirts, blouses, t-shirts, camisole, tank tops
  3. Monokinis, bikinis, swing trunks, and boards
  4. Blazers, sweaters, coats, hoodies, kimonos

All these items of clothing can be boys’ and girls’ clothing. They do not discriminate. 

Tips On Selling To Plato’s Closet

As stated before, you will not make a killing while selling your used clothes. However, you can learn to maximize the capital you receive when you sell. Here are some tips to help you.

  • You will receive a maximum of 40% with their final sale. For example, if you bring an item you bought for $50, you will receive $20 at most.
  • Make sure you understand the store. Just because it is Plato’s Closet, it does not mean their policies are the same. Plato’s has multiple stores across the US. 

Different business owners with different policies own these stores. Know what style they sell before taking your clothes to them. Their social media pages will be an excellent place to start looking. 

  • It is advisable to trip to the store as a window shopper. Take note of what is on the racks. For example, if sweaters and jackets have a full rack while tank tops and t-shirts have bare racks, it means the store sells more t-shirts than sweaters. That should provide you with an excellent example of what you should bring in.
  • Always bring in a large haul. If you want to make the utmost out of your clothes, here are some tips, bring in at least two large bags. That will ensure that you go home with cash even if some of the clothes and accessories are rejected.
  • Take the items to the store during the weekdays. Weekends tend to be busy, and the stores don’t have enough time to pick through bags of clothing. On weekdays the traffic is small, and the store owners can find enough time to sift through bags of clothing.

Remember, just because you saw an item on the rack while shopping at Plato’s, it doesn’t mean yours will sell. 

That item could have been on display for a long time. Meaning a similar item will end up on the reject list. 

Also, don’t take warm or cool clothing at the end of a warm or cool season. Stocks will change towards the end of a season. If the summer is winding down, take warmer clothes and vice versa. 

Similar Stores To Plato’s Closet

Other stores exist that have similar operations, such as Plato’s. These include:


Poshmark is a consignment business that operates both brick and mortar and online. However, their presence online is predominant compared to physical stores. They provide a platform for you to sell and shipping and logistics.

Crossroads Trading

Crossroads is an option that buys both brands and designer items. They have physical stores all over the US, but most are centered in California. They buy clothes for both genders and have no specific demographic as far as age. 

However, clothes must be in impressive condition to be bought.


eBay has been in existence for a while and is no stranger in the used items business. It is a global brand, and you can sell practically anywhere in the world. However, you have to be prepared for the amount of competition you will face. 

Since it is a well-known online store, hundreds of vendors on the platform are selling similar items.

The RealReal

RealReal is a store that has built itself around designer items. These high-end articles are not just limited to shoes and clothes. They also include paintings, clothing accessories, handbags, and home decor. 

They have physical stores, and you can drop off your clothes, ship them to the store or have them pick them up.


Selling items to thrift stores is an easy process. However, you also want the best experience and a better deal. Plato offers both. They have been in existence for a while and have stores all over the country.

You can find a store or two, In almost every state in the USA. You only have to do proper research to know which store is best for what you have. Thrifting can help you save money. 

That is something you can never have enough of, something like that. We hope you will find this article to be eye-opening.

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