N95 Mask- A Professional Guide On What To Consider Before Buying

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N95 Mask- A Professional Guide On What To Consider Before Buying

Are you wondering why the N95 mask is different from other masks? First, this mask is called N95 because this is the standard requirement. This type of mask should filter at least 95% of the tiny particles, including the coronavirus. 

In most cases, N95 masks are worn by medical staff and workers at factories who deal with, for example, industrial chemicals or paint. This type of mask gives the wearer sufficient protection and avoid germs. N95 is more efficient than surgical masks because the latter doesn’t create a well-fitted seal on the wearer’s face compared to N95.

Mask manufacturers worldwide have had a boom in mask production. However, they are yet to meet the high demand. Everyone is supposed to mask in most states, especially when in public places. However, before buying your maskthere are some essential factors you have to consider. Read the following guidelines and learn some of the vital points to consider before purchasing your N95 Mask

1. Quality And Genuine

Although there are multiple N95 manufacturers available, some don’t sell genuine and quality masks. Your masks must offer you sufficient protection. Therefore, before buying this type of mask, ensure that it is approved. The mask must have an “N95” printed in the filter material. The masks should also be listed on Niosh’s website. Also, genuine N95 masks are fitted with elastic bands that stretch behind your head instead of the loops used to attach the years. 

2. Consult  

If you suffer from a heart condition, respiratory or have a complex medical condition consult with your health caregiver on whether you should use N95 masks. This is because this mask can make it more challenging for the patient to breathe in. Please note that N95 nose and mouth masks fitted with exhalation valves are essential to cut moisture only. If breathing becomes severe or when your mask is cracked, you need to take it off and use a new one.

3. Disposal 

After using your N95 mask, it is crucial to dispose it of properly. Please put it in a disposable bag before throwing it in the trash bin. After that, make sure you wash your hands with soap and water because you have touched the used mask.” with coronavirus nowadays, you must be extra careful.” 

Do not use the N95 beyond the approved filter life. It won’t effectively filter the pollutants and contaminants, and you may also experience difficulty breathing. 

Please note that bearded people and children are not recommended to use the N95 masks. The N95 Mask respirator won’t offer complete protection because the wearer won’t get a precise fit. Kids can use disposable masks or clothes masks. This makes it easy for kids to breathe and ensure the simple filtration needs are met. Always ensure that you buy a mask that fits your child correctly to avoid air leakage and provide sufficient air filtration. Finally, please note wearing a mask keeps you safe and protects others. 

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