Is Star Wars Old Republic Worth Playing In 2021?

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Is Star Wars Old Republic Worth Playing In 2021

With almost all of the MMOs either being 2D games or medieval fantasy based games, a MMO set in the sci-fi universe of star wars surely seems like a great idea and Star Wars The Old Republic surely did prove it in the best way possible. 

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a great story based MMORPG that you can experience all solo as well as with friends and it will be just as great. released all the way back in 2011, this decade old MMO still remains to be one of the best MMO games for players that are not only looking for some classic+modern gameplay experience but also having a deep connection to the Star Wars universe.

And while Star Wars: The Old Republic is the kind of game that leaves a mark in the genre, there are plenty of new MMO lovers wondering if it’s worth buying a new SWTOR account and getting started with the game in 2021. So, let’s talk about that.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars is different from the traditional MMOs. Like I said, most of the MMOs are based in medieval fantasy themes and SWTOR breaks that traditional standards and sets its own. I mean, who doesn’t like the sound of swinging lightsabers ?! The idea as a whole, the concept of SWTOR alone, is so immersive that even if we take out its great playability, the game would still be a great hit. 

What a lot of players think is that SWTOR is a game that is heavily inspired by the original star wars movie and the ones that can play the game while actually having fun are those who are familiar with the star wars series beforehand but that’s not exactly the case here. SWTOR is set in a universe that dates back to thousands of years before the movie, meaning there’s not much connection that you should be aware of to grasp the concept and story of the game.

This allows for the new players to play the game exactly how they want in any way they like. They are free to choose any path that they like to follow, create their own story without getting overwhelmed by anything including the star wars series. This allows the new players to settle in with ease and have their own adventure going.


With hundreds of hours worth of gameplay, the game blesses its players with great experiences from time to time. You can enjoy all the quests, activities and adventures to their fullest as the difficulty scales so appropriately according to your level making it a greatly playable experience, you are never worried about certain things in game being overpowered.

With 4 different classes in both the good and the evil sides, the character creation in Star Wars: The Old Republic is an extraordinarily creative process. Each different class has a whole set of its own endless possibilities that just never cease to surprise the players. This allows for a rather interesting hold over how your character should be in the game, which in turn, can make your gameplay experience incredibly satisfying if you get it right or not so much, if you don’t.

Another great thing about SWTOR that sets it apart from other MMOs is that you don’t necessarily have to rely on your teammates competency and availability and this is what makes this so good. The game lets you choose how you wanna play it which really makes it just too enjoyable. You could head into the game all solo or in groups and all that matters is your personal skills in both of the scenarios. 

This can be extremely useful because a lot of players complain about not finding good players to team up to complete quests, challenges, boss fights or even help earning SWTOR credits, which makes it as frustrating as it gets.

The part where SWTOR lacks is that it isn’t challenging enough. From the normal gameplay to the boss fights, the game doesn’t give the tough time that its supposed to, to shape you into a hardcore player which makes it really easy-going and that’s why SWTOR isn’t in the books of hardcore gamers.

SWTOR as a game is a really good experience and a concept that players surely enjoy, the universe of Star Wars is loved by millions out there and SWTOR managed to keep up to that standard somehow. The gameplay is pretty great, the mechanics work just fine and it looks gorgeous, what else to expect. However, if you are looking for a more hardcore MMO action without any sort of hand-holding experience, I would say, SWTOR isn’t the best option for you to start with. Games like RuneScape or WoW would be more fitting options to go for.

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