How Much Do Truck Drivers Make In Texas? A Career You Will Love

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How Much Do Truck Drivers Make In Texas

Might you be considering making a career change and becoming a truck driver? Or maybe you are currently a truck driver and looking to work in states with excellent pay potential. 

If you are reading this article, you are interested in truck driving in Texas. Therefore, you wonder how much they pay truck drivers in Texas and probably the highest paying trucking company. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the number of truck drivers in the US is approximately 1.8 million. The information reveals how much the transport industry is growing. 

This article will learn about truck drivers’ salaries, the best truck companies, and how to become a truck driver. The compensation or pay of truck drivers differ according to states, so let’s find out more about it. 

How much do Truck Drivers Make in Texas?

The salary of truck drivers in Texas typically starts from a low of $27,350 to a high of $74,898. It brings the wage to an average of $45,260 yearly. 

The top-level truck driver in Texas makes at least $36.01 hourly which is $74,898 yearly. The senior-level truck driver makes a minimum of $28.37 hourly, which is $58,999 annually. 

The mid-level truck driver takes home at least $21.76 hourly, which is $45,260 yearly.  The junior-level truck driver makes at least $16.69 hourly which is $34,720 annually. The starting level truck driver makes a minimum of $13.13 hourly, which is $27,350 yearly. 

How Truck Drivers Earn 

In the trucking industry, experience allows you to make more money. Like other jobs, those at the entry positions usually get the least pay. 

The drivers with less experience are a high risk to the truck companies; however certain companies pay the entry-level truck drivers well. 

When it comes to truck drivers’ salaries, the companies do not consider the cost of living in an area. 

You get the salary according to the job you do and your company. The states that pay truck drivers well are Mississippi and West Virginia. 

In West Virginia, the pay is high because of the terrain. To get a truck driving job in any company, you need dedication and precision driving.

Truck Drivers Average Salary In The Other States

The salaries of the truck drivers vary according to the states because of different factors such as terrain. Here are the average truck drivers’ wages in ten states in America.

  • Alaska: $56,281 
  • California: $45,790
  • District of Columbia: $52,060
  • Illinois: $48,650
  • Massachusetts: $48,290
  • North Dakota: $52,120
  • New York: $50,460
  • Nevada: $50,920
  • Texas: $45,260
  • Washington: $47,700

How To Become A Truck Driver

To be a truck driver, you have to go through several steps successfully. That’s from selecting the right driving school to meeting all the state and company requirements. 

Before you join the transportation industry as a truck driver, you must evaluate the state/federal requirements and the company’s qualifications. You need to meet the requirements of the company to fit well as a candidate. 

You need a Commercial Driver License (CDL) to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV). You can get the certification from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Find a Reputable Driving School

After learning about the requirements, you need to identify a great driving school that will enable you to train for your new career. Ensure to join a driving school that’s reputable and so professional. 

You will get all the essential skills and CDL knowledge from school, so joining a great school is critical to your success.


To fully enroll in a truck driving school, you will need to pay some tuition fees. However, truck driving schools have great fee payment options. 

You will select one that meets your financial circumstances. The payment plans include aid, grant, and up-front paid training and tuition reimbursement. 

Score a Job

Only having a CDL is not enough; the certification does not guarantee you a job. Therefore you need to add to your experience, and this will make you a reliable candidate. 

To achieve this, you need to look for a driving school that offers both on-the-job training and pays. However, the CDL will help you get a variety of driving jobs.  

The companies usually employ their drivers from certified schools, CDL truck driving schools, or community colleges. 

If you do not fall on any categories, worry not; other companies have CDL programs and will pay you as you earn your CDL. 

The Best Trucking Companies In Texas 

Trucking in Texas is diverse and excellent because of the facilities. Here is a list of some of the best trucking companies in Texas. 

The companies have been chosen depending on their salaries, work environment, benefits, etc. Check them out. 

You will also find a brief description of the trucking company, the location, and contact information in the list. 

Lonestar LLC

The truck company is in Fort Worth, Texas, and you can contact them at (800) 541-8271. It’s among the best companies in Texas that offer the best truckload transportation services. 

The company has excellent equipment and staff that do the transportation job well. It delivers to 49 states, including Mexico and Canada, using intermodal transport. 

JB Hunt Transportation Services Inc.

The company headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company offers various customized solutions to their customers’ different needs. The company has equipment and drivers and is a great place to work. 

The company also uses the latest technology that allows it to measure and track capacity.

YRC Worldwide Inc.

The trucking company is in Irving, Texas, and you can reach them at 972-790-3611. It’s among the biggest truckload companies and has less-than-truckload (LTL). 

The company employs professionals who have proper training and offer industry-leading expertise.  

Estes Express Lines

The company is in Dallas, Texas, and their contact is 214-678-9911. The company offers supply chain management and shipping to all parts of the world. It has several workers and excellent benefits which make it a perfect working place. 

The customer will enjoy the comprehensive terminal network, excellent personnel, and excellent customer service. 

Overall – The Best Trucking Companies For New Drivers 

US Express

The company was started in 1986 by Patrick Quinn and Max Fuller. It began with only 48 trucks. Today it’s the fifth-largest trucking company in America. 

The fleet has grown to about 15,500 trailers and 7,000 tractors to operate across a broader region. The company ensures customer satisfaction and incorporates innovation into its operations. 

On career, the company encompasses CDL-A team drivers, Class-A team drivers, trailer technicians, truck drivers, etc. The company has a great work atmosphere, plus training; you will surely enjoy working. 

In addition to its excellent working environment, the company offers a steady paycheck. The OTR team driver makes around $51,882 per year. The truck drivers with good experience earn $51,601 to $53,280 yearly, while the truck driver’s salary is approximately $49,796 annually. 

Drivers working in US Express supplies receive various benefits such as professional support, insurance, perks, discounts, etc.  

The insurance covers disability, health, life, dental, mental health care, etc. On retirement and financials, you will get the 401k plan, performance benefits, and many more. 

Heartland Express

The logistics and transportation company began in 1978 and was founded by Russ Gurdin. The company is quite popular and dependable. 

It offers quality services at great prices, and this gives it a competitive advantage. Being large, the company has various job opportunities such as CDL Class-A driver and many more. 

The company offers excellent work-life balance, benefits, job security, compensations, etc. In the company, the average salary of a truck driver is $49,519 yearly. 

The company offers several benefits to the workers, like health insurance, paid vacation, and a 401k retirement plan. The employees can also ask for time off and flexibility to do other things. 

The drivers also return home weekly, something that is not common in the shipping industry. The entry-level drivers will enjoy the company’s working experience because it offers competitive salaries and benefits. 


The company was founded by father and son AI and Don Schneider. Today the company offers a wide range of services such as brokerage, regional trucking, warehousing, supply chain management, etc. 

The driving job in this company is regional truck driver, part-time truck driver, etc. A truck driver at Schneider earns $51,208 yearly. 

The company has many incredible benefits like insurance, retirement plans, paid holidays, sick days, etc.  

The company also has many driving positions; you will undoubtedly find your perfect job as an entry driver. As a beginner, you will be able to access several perks and benefits. 


Now that you know the pay that a truck driver makes in Texas, hopefully, you can confidently make that career decision. 

The truck driver position will expose you to various advantages. You will indeed have a great job and social security

The trucking companies offer numerous perks and benefits that you can surely enjoy, such as salary packages that can comfortably sustain your livelihood. 

At retirement, you will also get a considerable amount of grants, but this depends on the company you work for. 

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