Benefits Of Playing Video Games

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Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Video games have been around for decades now! So has been the debate around being good or bad for mental & physical health. However, research has outweighed the benefits, claiming that video games make you smart. 

But does it make you smart? And since intelligence is a broad concept, are there any other benefits of playing video games? 

Let’s explore the benefits of playing video games in this weblog! 

How Do Video Games Affect Your Attention?

Contrary to popular belief, video games do have a positive impact on your attention capabilities. Studies on the matter show that playing video games filled with action can help one enhance their attention control. 

Since action games involve high-speed gameplay, one needs to develop quick responses and reflexes to succeed in such games. As a result, one can notice tangible benefits with better attentive capabilities.   

Additionally, action games require people to maintain the utmost attention on specific entities and objects in the game. This optimum level of focus helps them avoid all sorts of distractions, which further aids in enhancing the focusing capabilities of individuals. Many studies have also shown that gamers have far quicker reflexes than people who do not play games. 

Impact Of Video Games On Learning And Memory

There is a very close relationship between memory and attention. So as gamers have better attention capabilities, there is also a positive impact on their memory. A study was conducted to verify the same, and the results show that gamers excel at memory-related tasks compared to non-gamers. This means gamers are far better at retaining information with greater precision in carrying out short-term memory-related tasks.      

Other studies have shown that gamers have greater precision and accuracy in visual memory. The study further claims this capability results from gamers being more responsive to visual cues. Playing 3D games also has a very positive impact on hand-eye reaction and coordination time. 

However, it is not just children who can enhance their memory by playing video games. Studies show that older adults can enhance their brain functions with video games. This reduces the risk of them suffering from memory-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. This is because gaming helps the brain enhance its flexibility in monitoring and updating new information. As a result, one can see a significant enhancement in the memory capacity of gamers. 

Problem Solving With Video Games

Problem-solving is key to succeeding in even the most basic video games of the modern-day. Of course, different games require different problem-solving capabilities, but all of them play a key role in enhancing an individual’s problem-solving skills

A 2013 study shows that it automatically positively impacts problem-solving skills when you play strategy games. It also has a positive impact on the overall academic performance of children. So adolescents playing strategy games tend to perform better academically as they are equipped with better problem-solving capabilities.     

Besides that, playing games can also help one enhance their creativity skills. This includes better capabilities at tasks such as drawing pictures or writing stories. Surprisingly, there can be a significant enhancement in creativity skills, irrespective of whether the person is playing a violent or non-violent game. So the fear that a child will be driven towards violence if they play a violent video game makes no sense whatsoever. 

Spatial Intelligence And Video Games

Spatial skills are essential for succeeding in a video game, especially the 3D ones. These games require one to navigate complex environments and succeed in the game. A 2007 study showed that people playing games are better at rotating complicated shapes in their minds. It also helps to focus on a specific object and ignore the other while playing games or otherwise.       

Additionally, gamers are better equipped with skills to facilitate faster response time for straightforward and complex visual search tasks. For instance, when someone plays an action game, they must focus their attention on a specific target and avoid all distractions. This means showing a gamer any specific object, even for a brief time, is enough for them to process and retain the information. As a result, they are also better equipped with the skills needed to track different objects compared to people who do not play games.   

Final Thoughts

As you can see, gaming yields many cognitive benefits for gamers. It helps them make better use of their mental capabilities, be it decision-making, spatial intelligence, problem-solving, learning, and even retaining capabilities. 

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