How Expensive Is It To Redecorate A Bedroom?

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How Expensive Is It To Redecorate A Bedroom.

Do you want to redecorate your bedroom, but you’re worried about the cost? It’s understandable, bills and general living expenses will always beat out décor when it comes to what you spend your money on.

If you’re not sure how much things should cost, or how much you should budget for redecorating, it can be hard to know how much to spend. So to give you some perspective on the general cost of redecorating a bedroom, we’ve put together a handy guide to estimate the cost of re-doing your bedroom’s décor.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be using average measurements and sizes for an average sized bedroom. If your bedroom is smaller than our examples, your redecorating will cost less and if you have a large bedroom, you’ll end up spending more.

New Carpeting

Starting from the bottom, we have bedroom carpeting, if you’re looking to redecorate your bedroom, it’s good to start with your carpets as the rest of your bedroom’s décor will have to fit in a colour scheme and having the wrong coloured carpet can throw off your colour scheme.

With an average sized bedroom measuring in at 4.2m x  4.8m there’s 20.16 m² (Square Meters) of floorspace to cover. The cost of carpeting will vary based on the colour and quality, but you can find carpets between £5/m²-£30/m² so the cost of carpeting should be between £100 (low end) and £600 (High End). So work out what you can afford for carpeting and look for carpets within that budget

Repainting Walls

Next up, it’s time to repaint your walls. Your walls play a lot into your décor and colour scheme, so you’ll want to make sure you pick an appropriate colour to fit in with the rest of your décor. It’s also important to note that purchasing higher quality paint like Dulux could be cheaper, as higher quality paints will need less layers.

Using average size of a 4.2m x  4.8m bedroom with a ceiling height of 2.7m, you’ll have a total of 48.6 m² to paint, meaning you need around 10 liters of paint to do 2 coats on each wall. Paint will cost between £10-£25 per liter of paint, so for your whole room you should expect to spend £100-£250 on paint.

New Bedroom Blinds

From walls to windows, we move onto blinds, which are important in any bedroom. They play into your décor, but also keep light pollution from leaking into your room and keeping you awake at night. So it is important to ensure you have blackout blinds in your bedroom to ensure quality sleep.

An average sized bedroom will have one window in it and the average window size is 1m x 0.67m. According to DotcomBlinds the cost of blinds made to measure for a window in that size with blackout fabric would be between £35 to £125. So work out what your budget is and find a blind that will fit your budget

New Bed Sheets

Finally, we move onto bed sheets, which are an underrated décor piece, as they give you a large area to use colour and patterns and of course, good bed sheets will make your bed more comfortable and inviting, making bed sheets a good investment.

Bed sheets are likely the cheapest area mentioned in this list. For our average room, we’ll use a double bed as they’re the most common size. It’s important to remember that the cost of bedsheets will vary based on your retailer, but when looking at a supermarket or average homeware store you should look to spend between £10-£50 on bed linens.

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