How To Get Ants Out Of A Carpet – Keep Your Carpet Ants-Free

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How To Get Ants Out Of A Carpet - Keep Your Carpet Ants-Free

Imagine having a carpet that is full of ants. It seems annoying and inconvenient.  This is a situation that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible to avoid escalation.

The ants will make your home unbearable for you, your family, and your pets. Imagine having a child that can’t walk yet. The ants will sting it, and it will cry all the time.

Ants will multiply quickly, and they will become destructive. As soon as you notice any signs of ants, make haste to get rid of them.

So are you wondering how you can do away with ants in your carpet?

Do not get too alarmed in the case of ants. There are some very effective ways of getting rid of ants. You could call for professional pest control. The experts will do all the work.

You could use ant baits to kill all the ants. You could also use borax acid on your carpet. All these methods are effective, and you can pick any.

Details On How To Get Rid Of Carpet Ants

As mentioned, there are three common ways of getting rid of termites. You can choose one depending on your situational need. There are advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Some methods work better than others, and it is best to have details before making a final choice.

Using Borax Acid

This is a very effective product to use against carpet ants. This acid will kill all the ants on the carpet. Using it is relatively simple.

Sprinkle the powder all over the carpet. Make sure that the acid settles well all over the carpet. This is to ensure that all the ants in the carpet die.

Leave the powder on the carpet overnight. This will allow time for it to kill all the ants. The following morning, get a vacuum cleaner and clean the carpet thoroughly.

Vacuuming is important since it removes both the dead ants and the borax acid. You must clean the acid well because it is dangerous to humans.

In case you have a young child or a pet, you should avoid using borax acid. It can be corrosive to the eyes and will irritate the skin. If you are not careful, you will get someone badly injured.

Children are more responsive to such pesticides. In case of exposure, call 911 for immediate medical services. Poisoning can become lethal if not addressed on time.

Calling Professional Pest control

Perhaps it is the safest way to get rid of ants. You will get helped by professionals that understand termites and how they operate.

They will use methods that are safe for you and any other person or animal in your home. They are mostly advised in case the infestation is severe.

If the ants are many, don’t try to kill them yourself. You might cause them to spread further into the house and cause you more problems. There are many exterminators or companies you could call for this.

You might end up spending more money. But professional help is worth the money, and your safety and comfort are worth the money.

Using Ant Baits

Some homeowners have tested this method, and it has provided good results. Ant-baits lure the ants out and poison them. It is somewhat scary in its working, but it gets the job done.

You might notice that ants start showing up all over as soon as you bait them. Do not get alarmed by this; it’s completely normal in baiting.

There are scout ants in the nest. Their work is to go out and find food. These ants will find the bait you left out. They will leave a trail for the workers to go and get the food.

The workers will then come out of the nest and cry the food back to their homes. The poisoning of the food will kill all the ants in the nest.

The ants consume a large amount of the bait. This makes it more potent. It will kill them all between 20 and 48 hours from the time they eat it.

The time depends on the size of the colony you are dealing with. You must then vacuum the carpet to get rid of the dead ants, and your carpet will be good as new.

What Attracts Ants Into Your House?

Well, prevention is better than cure. This is true even in this case. You should prevent the ants from coming into your home, rather than going through the trouble of killing the ants.

To prevent the invasion, you have to understand why they come to your house in the first place. This will put you in a position to prevent any infestations.


This does not mean that your carpet is dirty. It mostly has something to do with the carpet’s surroundings.  Your carpet might be clean, but the surroundings untidy.

The ants will come for the untidy surrounding. They will eventually nest in your carpet. Ants can easily cling onto clothing or pets’ fur and move to your house.

Carpets require a lot of maintenance to remain clean. If you cannot keep the high standards of cleanliness, you are bound to have an infestation.

Clean your house thoroughly regularly. Vacuum your carpet to ensure you don’t get yourself into messy situations.


Ants have scouts to look for traces of food. One of them might come into your home and find breadcrumbs. They leave a trail for the remaining ants to follow.

The only reason ants will stay in your house is if there is a lot of food available. Breadcrumbs will be particularly more damaging to you. They will be getting a lot of food.

The food will allow for reproduction, and before you know it, you will have an infestation. The safest thing to do is be as tidy as possible.

Do not eat on carpeted floors. Vacuum the floor thoroughly to ensure that the carpet doesn’t have any breadcrumb left. Clean all eating surfaces well to ensure no food is left to attract the ants.

It is not only breadcrumbs that attract ants. Pretty much any food you spill will attract ants, crisps, sugar even some vegetables. Clean up after eating, and you will be safe.

How To Prevent Ants From Getting Into Your Carpet

Now that you understand what attracts ants, it is easy to know how to avoid them. There are measures you can take to ensure that you don’t get ants in your home.

Regular, thorough cleaning

Just like any other pest problem, cleaning is the number 1 solution. Cleaning the house will keep the ants away. Ants can only go to places they can find food.

So a clean house means no food, therefore, no ants. Make it a routine to clean regularly. Clean all eating surfaces and vacuum the carpets. In case some food is spilled, clean it thoroughly.

Clean the dishes after meals. Don’t let them stay in your kitchen for long. Any leftovers should be well kept or disposed of correctly.

If you don’t clean, you might find ants in your kitchen and plates the following morning. This might be the beginning of an infestation.

Keep all your food in sealed containers.

At some point, you must have left your sugar open and found ants in the container. This will be the norm if you don’t seal all of your food containers.

After enjoying your snack or cereal, seal the container and store it well. This is effective since the ants will not find any food.

For used-up containers and packs, throw them out. They have crumbs that may be a dinner bell for ants. This will help with ants and other household pests that might be a problem for you.

Making your walls crack-proof

The small size allows ants to come into your hose through doors or windows easily. They are not that bold. They are likely to creep in through a crack in the wall of windows.

To prevent this from happening, your house needs good and regular maintenance. Repair any cracks on the walls to reduce the point of entry.

Seal any openings to keep the pest away. This will also help with other pests and insects. Insects such as mosquitoes use the same kinds of openings; sealing them will keep all of them away.


Ants can be a nuisance in your house. Their bite can be very irritating to adults, children, and pets. Carpet ants are not deadly, but they can make your life very uncomfortable.

In the event of an infestation, be quick in dealing with it before the issue becomes bigger. There is a list of options to select from when it comes to eliminating ants.

If you are not sure about what to do, get a professional exterminator. The best way to deal with ants is to avoid them. Keep a clean house and carpet to ensure you don’t attract any ants.

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