Why Is Cdg So Expensive? Is It Worth The Money?

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Why Is Cdg So Expensive

When talking about fashion, certain brands consistently top the conversation. Comme des Garcons happens to be one of those brands; you will agree with me if you’re a fashion fanatic.

Comme des Garcons, otherwise known as CdG, is an iconic brand first started in 1969 by Rei Kuwakubo. 

The designer has transformed the fashion world with her aesthetic silhouettes pieces that you can describe as artistic. The brand is known for many reasons, including its red heart-shaped logo and its expensive.

The brand is based in Tokyo and Paris. However, the brand gets manufactured in many countries; Spain, Turkey, Japan, and France. 

Apart from its main collections, CdG has many diffusion lines. If you wish to learn more about the brand, then you’re in the right place.

Why is cdg expensive

Comme des Garcons is a premium brand and therefore worth many pennies. The main reason the brand is high-priced is its exclusivity, image, and the story behind it.

The brand is exclusive because few pieces get manufactured, so much effort and the cost put on the pieces. The quality of material used in the manufacture contributes to its high cost.

In addition, the brand’s location contributes to the cost. Other significant factors contributing to the high price are shipping cost, office space, and import taxes.

Comme Des Garcons Labels

When Comme des Garcons was founded, it was popular with beau monde members. However, in the late 1970s, the brand became more recognized. 

Comme the Garcons is a multiverse with everything you will need. The common labels under the brand are;

Comme des Garcons

This original brand was first launched in 1969 though it became official in 1971. Kuwakubo channeled her ideologies to this brand, challenging the fashion industry’s pre-existing perspectives. 

The label uses exaggerated silhouettes, avant-garde aesthetics, and clashing prints to make it unique.

Comme des Garcon Homme

This was the first diffusion line launched by Comme des Garcons in 1978. The label was exclusively menswear. 

The label consisted of clothes with clashing prints, ranging from shorts, trousers to shirts. The pieces were still easy to wear and gave men a conservative look. Junya Watanabe still collaborates with Kuwabuko to produce more collections under this label.

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

This line was started in 1984 under the CdG multiverse. The brand was a transformation from menswear to womenswear. 

Homme Plus was more like the brands before, it being outlandish and deconstructed in nature. 

Some of the most popular pieces from Homme Plus are pleated mini dresses, patched jackets, and knee-length shorts in leopard print.

Comme des Garcon Homme Deux

Homme Deux was launched three years after the Homme Plus label. This line focused on the old-school uniform; structured trousers, boy ties, and blazers. 

In addition, the pieces are made using Japanese traditional techniques. The designs are sharp and streamlined in nature, and you will still find them appealing today.

Comme Garcons SHIRT

This label is one of the most renowned brands under the CdG multiverse. Launched in 1988, the brand focused on upgrading the male wardrobe, specifically the work shirt. Kuwakubo used her brilliant ideas to rejuvenate dull essential to create a savvy style.

Comme des Garcons, Comme de Garcons

The label is one of the designer’s personal favorites, as she wears the label often. Launched in 1993, the brand consists of distinctive monochrome pieces. This line consists of clothes made from asymmetric cuts and intricate details.

Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons

As the name suggests, the line is by the famous patternmaker Watanabe. The brand consisted of knit womenswear. 

The brand was epic combined with patchwork, deconstructive patterns, and sharp tailoring. Hence, the brand became one of the world’s high fashion on demand.

Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons Man

The brand was an expansion after womenswear proved to be successful. Starting in 2001, the brand dealt, particularly with menswear. Like the preceding line, the label is heavily reliant on silhouettes and patchwork.

Play Comme des Garcons

Talking of fame, Play CdG takes the lead. Just as the original brand, Play is renowned and iconic to date. Play tops the fashions streetwear category.

The brand was launched in 2002. It consists of essential pieces such as hoodies, sweatshirts, cardigans, short sleeves, and long-sleeved tees. The clothes are cotton made and possess the Filip Pagowski heart-shaped logo design.

Comme des Garcons Black

This label was launched at a time of economic crisis, 2008. The line deals with leisurewear pieces that are white and black in color.

Comme des Garcons Girl

This brand is purely feminine. If you are trying to romanticize with reality, then the Girl collection is an excellent choice. The pieces under this label are flirty and sexy but still maintain their eccentric nature.


This is the latest line by Comme des Garcons. Launched in 2018, the label relies on organic marketing. 

Owing to this fact, you spot numerous celebrities and socialites wearing a piece from this brand. The brand cannot get defined by better words than sleek, bold, and youthful.

Sneaker Collaborations With Comme Des Garcons

Comme des Garcon does not only produce original pieces. Instead, the brand collaborates with several other brands and collections, such as sneakers. 

The famous brand has its shop at Dover Street Market, where it sells its collections and the diffusion lines under the brand. The CdG sneaker collection consists of;

Converse x Comme des Garcons Play

As a matter of fact, this collaboration formed the most fabulous shoes. The Chuck Taylors is a classic silhouette that is fashionable and comfortable.

Comme des Garcons Shirt x Vans x Supreme

SHIRT is a menswear label; hence its collaboration with Vans is sensible. The brand refreshes its footwear, with shirt prints and ‘BOGO’ of Supreme brand since 2010.

Comme des Garcons x Nike

When two powerful brands collaborate, the results are trendsetting, and so is this brand. Despite being expensive than the rest, this brand is most sought-after.

Here Is Why You Should Buy The CdG Sneaker Collection

Despite CdG sneakers being expensive, the brand is worth every penny. Below are some of the reasons why CdG is an excellent choice.

  • Unique design- Despite sneakers being common, CdG sneakers have a unique design in addition to the welcoming heart-shaped that it comes with.
  • Unisex design- Most items in the CdG sneaker collection are unisex, and you can rock them anytime.
  • Comfort- The comfort offered by CdG sneakers is unmatched. The shoes are all well-cushioned, and you can never go wrong with a pair.

Facts You Should Know About Comme Des Garcons

1. CdG is a French name but a Japanese name

CdG was founded in Tokyo by Rei, who got inspired by the song “All boy and Girls .”Despite so, Comme des Garcons is French and means “like some boys .”The label focused on manufacturing fashion for both genders.

2. The founder of CdG is not a fashion Graduate.

Kawakubo is not a fashion graduate, relatively a fine arts and literature graduate. The designer worked in advertising for the textile industry before her passion for fashion grew and joined the industry as a freelancer. 

Despite lacking fashion design training, Kuwakubo has made a way to the top as an iconic fashion creator.

3. Kuwakubo makes art pieces rather than clothes.

CdG’s creations lay somewhere between clothing and fine art that speaks for itself. Kuwakubo is imaginative, and her style is out of this world. She completely changes the fashion industry with her fashion sense.

4. CdG was the first Japanese brand to present at a Paris Show

In 1981, CdG held its first show in Paris, where the brand got recognized internationally. The Japanese brand was the first to showcase its pieces in the Paris fashion show.

5. CdG’s designer featured at Met Gala.

Met Gala featured Comme des Garcons in a fascinating exhibition in 2017, an event that was the second to be featured in history

The show displayed the brand’s journey over the decades and the designer’s fashion philosophy, culture, beauty, and art definition.

6. CdG’s first design was controversial.

When Comme des Garcons first emerged, the pieces were controversial. This thought ranges from the dominant dark color palettes and exaggerated silhouettes. 

Despite this, Kuwakubo made her designs more creatively and innovatively till they gained acceptance again.


As you can see, Comme des Garcons is a high-end fashion brand and worth every penny you spend. Then brands reputation is not a debatable issue. Comme des Garcons continues to produce awe-inspiring products, and you can never go wrong with it. 

Comme des Garcons have a wide variety of goods to choose from. The brand produces high-quality goods, ensuring that you stay loyal to the brand. In terms of fashion, Comme des Garcons have unique designs, and you don’t go out of style with them.

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