Is It Rude To Return A Gift To The Giver? All You Need To Know About Gifts

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Is It Rude To Return a Gift To The Giver– All You Need To Know About Gifts

In modern society, gifts have become one of the most common ways to show appreciation. Gifts are given to loved ones, employers, employees, and friends on many different occasions.

The significance of gifts has grown, and it made them a particularly personal subject. This means that you need to be good at giving and receiving gifts.

A gift is a thoughtful way of showing gratitude. A gift will show the recipient that you have noticed their actions. It will show that you have remembered their big days such as birthdays and anniversaries.

This brings us to the most controversial question, is it rude to return a gift to the giver?

Yes, it is considered ill-mannered to return a gift. Once a gift is given, it is a possession of the receiver, and he can use it however he likes.

Remember that a gift is personal. The giver gave you something he or she feels you will connect with. So even if you don’t like it, don’t give it back.

Why Do People Return Gifts?

Gifts get returned a lot, and it is not necessarily a sign of rudeness or ungratefulness. There are some somewhat acceptable reasons why people can return a gift.

A good example would be getting a gym membership for a ‘plus-size’ friend. This might offend them and cause them to return it. Do not get hurtful or negatively suggestive gifts.

  • A gift that is intended to help the giver himself eventually. This is a selfish move that will cause your gift to be returned. You buy a gift knowing that you will also enjoy it.
  • Bragging. You give someone a gift because they are special and important to you. It is a personal affair that you do for someone you love.

Bragging about a gift might cause the recipient to give it back. They will feel like you gave the gift for show and not to appreciate them. Do not go bragging about a gift you bought.

 What Kind Of Gifts Should Be Avoided

Some gifts are likely to be returned even though they were given with the purest intentions.  There are gifts you should avoid to be safe; they include;

  • Costly gifts. Some people are not materialistic. They are made uncomfortable by expensive gifts. Something like a car would make someone feel like they owe you.

Do not be too extravagant when buying gifts unless you know the recipient wants them.

For a gift like this, you should know someone well. Be sure of their taste before you go in this direction.  The fitting may also bring a problem. If you have to, let it be their choice.

  • Pets. Americans and most humans take pets seriously. To most people, a pet is like a child. The decision to get a pet requires a lot of thought.

Forcing a pet on a friend would be a bad move. Unless they tell you to, don’t get a pet. A pet will also take a lot of their time; therefore, you should ask before you get one.

  • Household necessities. Gifting someone with soap or detergents might be unintentionally offensive. The recipient might think that you perceive them as untidy.

Even perfumes and groceries should be avoided. They suggest poverty or untidiness. Be thoughtful when buying a gift to ensure it isn’t misunderstood.

What To Do With Gifts You Do Not Want

You are probably wondering. If I can’t give a gift back, what do I do with it? There are some simple and thoughtful ways of getting rid of gifts.

Return it to the store

This is a simple way to get the money back. If the gift came with a receipt and you know the store in which it was bought.

Read up on the return policy and, if possible, return it. Some stores will not allow you to return the item. Others won’t accept it without a receipt.

By returning the gift, you will get some cash and get rid of the gift. The important part is that you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Donate it to charity

You might not want the gift because it is useless to you. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. There might be someone needy that could use the gift.

You can donate pretty much anything to charity: socks, bedding, silverware, shoes, clothing, and many other things.

Even If they aren’t used directly, they might be sold, and the money could help. Another plus side to this is, you may get a charitable donation on your taxes.

Re-gift it or trade it

You might have a gift that you don’t need or like, but a friend does. You could give it to them as a gift. It could also be that the gift doesn’t fit, probably clothing or shoes.

You could give them to a younger sibling or relative or friend who can use them. Regifting will save you some money when it comes to shopping.

Trading is also a way to go. You could invite some friends and family members over for a gift trading party. This would be a way to show that you are grateful even as you trade the gift.

It will also be a chance to bond and have fun together. This way, the gift will remain in the circle, and there will be no wastage.

Sell it

You disliking a gift does not mean it’s something bad. There is someone else out looking for it. So if you don’t like a gift, sell it. You could sell it to an acquaintance or neighbor in a garage sale.

There are many online sites to sell the gift. You could sell it on Craigslist, Marketplace, Facebook, or eBay. Check for the item’s value to know how much you will sell it for.

How To Select A Good Gift To Give A Loved One

You want the gift you give to really make an impact on the recipient. This would need you to have good gifting skills. You need to understand the recipient to know what gift will work best for them.

Give gifts that offer a solution to a problem

Most people make a mistake when buying gifts. We assume that people want to have more stuff. We, therefore, buy a lot of things, thinking it is what makes people happy.

Fact is, happiness doesn’t come from adding good things; it comes from reducing bad things. Everyone wants to reduce problems in their lives as much as possible.

Know the recipient’s life so that you buy a gift that fixes some of their problems. If they complain about boredom, get them something to help pass the time.

If maybe they have back pains or comfort issues, get a massage chair. Do not buy a gift for problems you see in the recipient. This will make you look judgmental, or it may make them uncomfortable.

Do not give gifts that bring up more work or problems

This is an important part of buying a gift. The gift you purchase ought to be convenient for the recipient. It should not bring up more work for them or infringe on their schedule and time.

It is a good idea to avoid pets. Pets need a lot of attention. They are bound to be a burden to the recipient. Unless someone asks for a pet, do not buy a pet.

Memberships and gift cards are also not good ideas for a gift. They will need the recipient to squeeze time into their schedule to make the meetings.

Something like a gym membership is awfully suggestive. If you gift a friend with it, it might look like you are suggesting they are fat or unfit.

Think about the recipient and not yourself

When you are buying a gift, you should get one that the recipient connects with. It should be something they like even if you do not share in their interests.

The gift will be the recipient’s property, so it has to be something they will like having. If the recipient is a sportsperson, get them part of the sports gear.

You could also get a signed jersey. This way, it is supportive and meaningful to them. Get a CD of their favorite album or artist.

Show the gift that you actually have an interest in their lives. Feel free to ask the recipient what they want. This will save you a lot of thought and disappointment.


Gifts are an important part of today’s society. You need to be good at gifting. The selection of gifts can be a good way of building your relationship with friends and family.

Before you buy a gift, make sure you know the recipient well enough. If you are not close, then ask them what they want. This would be a thoughtful and nice way to get them satisfied.

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