A Guide To Understanding Foot Fetish

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A Guide To Understanding Foot Fetish

What Is A Foot Fetish? 

A foot fetish is also know as podophillia where feet or anything associated with them like shoes and socks causes sexual arousal in a person. One of the first doctors to study foot fetishes was named Sigmund Freud who focused greatly on the development in childhood and believed foot fetishes start from childhood. He proposed that as children we are shocked our mothers do not have a penis and so fixate themselves on other parts of the body which are associated with the phallic. He states that people fixate on the foot and toes as they see them as a penis substitute. Another psychological theory is that foot fetishes are a result of learning and association as people link a non erotic part of the body to arousal through positive feedback. Foot fetishes may also have a neurological explanation as it has been found that the part of the brain which processes the sensation they get from feet is next to the genital stimulation area, linking the two areas together. An infinity ring could be a great gift for your loved ones.

Why Do People Have Foot Fetishes?

There are a lot of theories to what causes a foot fetish, researchers with behavioral, social and cultural knowledge have attempted to work together to find a simple cause but this is not the case as there are many explanations. The first explanation proposed is a psychoanalytic theory where they believe fetishes are caused by events in childhood and fixations. The behavioral theory states fetishes are learnt through conditioning, where they learn to associate something through a reward such as physical closeness, love, arousal. Fetishes can also be a result of socialisation as some communities may place more of a sexual emphasis on different body parts which leads to fetishisation. Others propose your cultural background can have an effect on fetishes developing. Some communities are sex positive and others sex negative, these sex positive communities are more likely to contain people with fetishes as they see sex as a fun activity whereas sex negative communities only see sex as a way to procreate, eliminating any type of fun or experimentation, such as fetishes.

How Do Fetishes Affect Relationships?

If you have a fetish you’d like to explore with your partner it is important you discuss it with them first as fetishes can make other people quite uncomfortable as it is something new and different. Talking is extremely important in a relationship and you should answer any questions they have and be respectful of their choice and not force them into it as some people simply do not like the idea of fetishes. To start off by introducing this fetish you should go to a salon and get pedicures or foot massages that can be furthered throughout the relationship if the other person agrees. Consent is always the most important step in a loving relationship and you should respect their preferences and work together in order to make each other feel comfortable.

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