3 Things to Ask on Your First Trip to a Dispensary

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When it comes to your very first trip to a dispensary, especially if you are a first-time cannabis user, you may have a lot of questions and feel a bit nervous. Any kind of new experience can be potentially intimidating, and this is normal when it comes to cannabis. Cannabis, or marijuana, pot, weed, or any of the other plethora of names that it has gone by, has had a bit of a controversial history, to say the least.

In the United States, this plant has been seen as a felony to be in possession of, and there are still heavy restrictions that exist in certain parts of the country. If you live in states like California or Colorado, then not only has medical cannabis been legalized, but so has recreational as well. In these states, you can freely go to a local dispensary, like the San Diego dispensary, and purchase retail cannabis just for the fun of it. 

So if you are going to a dispensary for the first time, here are some things you need to know and questions you need to ask! 

Why Use a Dispensary?

The first thing that you should know, is that you are making the right call by using a legal dispensary. With Cannabis having such a controversial background, a lot of less than legal options for obtaining weed have and still are being utilized. Not only is cannabis from a dispensary like the San Diego dispensary completely legal, but it’s also run by professionals who understand the industry. 

Part of the problem with the legalization issues that cannabis has faced is that it’s produced a general lack of education and knowledge. A dispensary not only will have all of the legal facts that you may question about, but they will also be well versed in their products. While it may seem intimidating to go to a dispensary for the first time, this is the best place you could go. With a staff of trained professionals who can answer your questions, don’t let a lack of knowledge intimidate you from visiting. 

Bring Your ID!

Cannabis is considered a controlled substance and is restricted to adult use only. This means that to purchase non-prescribed (recreational) cannabis from a dispensary, and in many cases even enter a dispensary, you have to show proof of being 21 years or older. The same rules that apply to alcohol consumption apply here, so as long as you have a valid state or federally-issued ID you should be good. This includes a valid driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or passport. 

Any ID that has expired will not be accepted as valid.

What Should You Try First?

This is a great question to ask the employees of your local dispensary! Cannabis products are varied, and dynamic, and come in all kinds of shapes sizes, and flavors. One of the appeals of cannabis is how it can be used to create so many unique experiences. The psychoactive effect of cannabis that ‘gets you high’ is known as THC. This compound is an all-natural cannabinoid that interacts with the human ECS. 

While the most traditional form of enjoying cannabis is smoking, there are several ways you can get your dose of THC and relax and unwind for a bit. Cannabis products include everything from vapes, edibles, extracts, and even wellness products like topical creams. 

How Much Should You Have?

If you are a first-time visitor, this is a great question to talk over with dispensary employees. Even though these professionals will know the ins and outs of the products they sell, they’ll still be able to remember their first time. While cannabis is a very safe recreational drug to enjoy, it still needs to be handled responsibly. 

For those who are new to enjoying cannabis, you can’t go wrong with low and slow. Find products with low THC percentages, get the cheapest option when choosing, and then take it slow. This is the best way to introduce yourself to the experience without overexposing your system to it. 

Is Delivery An Option

Another great question to ask your local dispensary is if delivery is an option. Cannabis is most often used as a recreational drug to relax and unwind. This is what makes it perfect for a slow weekend afternoon, or a pick-me-up after a long day at work. That being said, cannabis does alter your state of mind and you should never drive or operate a vehicle while under the influence. So, in the case that you want more cannabis and you’ve already been enjoying it, or you just don’t want to leave the house, the delivery service is perfect.

Not all dispensaries will offer delivery services, but it’s worth checking out to see if your local dispensary does. 


The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the experience of your local dispensary. These retail locations for cannabis are designed to bring you safe, clean cannabis products that you can enjoy.

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