The Dos and Don’ts for Buying Outdoor Furniture


When warm weather arrives, you might begin thinking about how you’re going to design your patio with outdoor furniture. Before you go to a store to buy the first thing that you see, there are a few tips to consider so that you get something that is comfortable and that you enjoy.

As with any other shopping trip, make a list of the details that you need or want with your patio furniture. You should also make notes about the dimensions of the patio or deck so that you don’t get a patio set that is too large for the space. Think about why you want to get the patio set. If you plan to entertain, then you want to get chairs that have soft cushions and a table that is large enough for all of the food and other items you serve. If you only want to enjoy nature or relax in during the day, then a simple set might be the best option.

When you visit any store, you should sit on the chairs that you are interested in purchasing so that you can see how comfortable they are or if you should avoid getting the set because the chairs are too hard. Even a patio set that looks good and has all of the features that you want might not be the most comfortable. After deciding on the comfort level, look at the material that patio sets are made of, such as wood or metal. Avoid getting a lot of wood unless you’re going to take the time to stain it and use products that will prevent it from splintering. Metal usually holds up well under all weather conditions. Wicker furniture is sometimes the best option if you want a set just for looks instead of function. You also need to think about the time that you have to clean the furniture. Metal and plastic can be wiped down or sprayed with a hose while wicker and cloth usually need to be cleaned with brushes. Cloth can be removed and washed in a machine to save time.

You can keep some patio sets outside the entire year. To keep your outdoor furniture in the best condition, you should store it in a shed or in an area where it will be safe from snow and freezing weather conditions. This is something that you need to think about when shopping for outdoor furniture. If you don’t have the proper storage, then you should avoid getting a larger patio set that has several chairs or a swing included. An option is to get furniture that can be folded, making it easy to store in even a small shed or inside the house if needed.

With all of the color trends today, you can find furniture in a variety of shades instead of only brown, white or beige. Furniture that is a neutral color is a benefit because you can get cushions in bright colors or shades that you enjoy. Before settling for inexpensive outdoor furniture, consider investing a little more money to get something that will last for years instead of something that could tear up after only one or two seasons. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to furniture, so try to look for the outdoor pieces that are made with sturdy pieces of wood or metal instead of flimsy plastic. Look for the accent pieces that will complete your furniture set. These include small tables, rugs, cushions, and an ottoman. An umbrella is an accessory to consider as well to keep the sun from blazing down on you while you’re sitting at the table.