8 Frugal Ideas for decorating at your Wedding Reception


Wedding costs can add up quickly if you aren’t careful. It’s always a great idea to try and find a few frugal ways to bring down the costs of the wedding but in a way that adds to the festivities. Here are a few frugal ways to add some fun to your wedding reception.

1. White Christmas Lights
Everyone always has white twinkly Christmas lights and they are used year round as decorations on porches and in back yards. It’s a beautiful, simple and elegant way to decorate any space. They will also work beautifully in a reception space. They can be hung from the center of the ceiling and draped to reach each side of the room. They can also be placed around potted plants and tables. One good way to score a bunch of white lights for really cheap prices is to stock up on all the day after Christmas sales.

2. Lots of Ribbons
Seat covers can be pricey to rent and if you if you’re not a seamstress, then sewing something that will look nice will be a challenge. Try and tie some ribbons around the backs of chairs to add some elegant looks to the room. Ribbon is a cheap alternative but can add a festive look to your reception space. For more ideas on using ribbons at your reception, follow this link.

3. Water Fountains
Water fountains always add a nice touch of elegance to any occasion. Even if you have to use a small one from home or borrow one from a friend, it’s a nice touch to have at the reception and it will help your guests relax and have fun.

4. Feathers
Feathers can be a fun addition to your reception plus they are extremely trendy right now. If you can order them in bulk, then you can create large centerpieces or even wreaths for the walls. They are a lovely and inexpensive addition to any wedding. Here is a link to some wonderful feather creations. Here are some ideas for creations of your own.

5. Candles, candles everywhere
Candles always add the most romantic touch to any room and your reception can always use a little more glow. Candles are an elegant and inexpensive way to light up your reception.

6. Cover the room with Fabric
According to Confete Events, draping is also a fun way to add some color and elegance to a room. If you go to your local fabric store or craft store, you can get yards of fabric to hang from the ceiling to create a romantic atmosphere or you can cover the tables to create a soft, intimate mood.

7. Use Your Engagement Photos
A great way to use your engagement photos and to add some personalization to your reception is to use them as table decorations. Many of your guests will not have seen all the photographs and this will probably be the only chance they get to. They can also be used for a slide show for a little entertainment at the reception.

8. Flowers, Flowers Everywhere
Large flower displays always make very memorable decorations. They can be done professionally or they can be done by a frugal bride and groom. All you need to do is purchase some large styrofoam balls at a local craft store and stick the stems of flowers into them. You can get some ideas online like these or you can be creative on your own. To keep the costs down you can use silk flowers or you can order flowers from an online wholesaler. These designs will be eye-catching, elegant and very memorable.