5 Killer Self Defense Items every Woman should have


If you are a woman, then you must face the reality that you are vulnerable to attack. Because men often are stronger and larger than women, you are especially threatened in your body structure on a general level. However, the good news is that there are steps you can take to help protect yourself and prepare for a potential attack. Swordsaxe.com said, “Knowing self-defense techniques and being prepared with the right items to aid you in protecting yourself are both critical to your survival.” Read on to learn our top five killer self-defense items every woman should have with her as she goes about daily life. Keep in mind that you must be trained to use all of these items — and to have practice using them — in order to increase your chances of getting away and not having these items turned on you to hurt you even more. Let’s get started:

Item #1: Pepper Spray
Purchase pepper spray that has a law enforcement endorsement. Pepper spray is a great self-defense item because it can unleash its wrath on your attacker just by being in the vicinity of that person. You don’t have to get it in his or her eyes. You can just get close to the face, and the stinging yet non-lethal powers of this spray will be enough to at least distract your attacker. All you need is seconds to get away, and this self-defense tool could provide those critical moments for you.

Item #2: Monkey Ball
Purchase a monkey ball. A monkey ball looks like a mini ball and chain. Really it is a steel ball wrapped in paracord with a cord handle. You can swing it at your attacker and land an unsuspecting blow if you know how to use it properly.

Item #3: A Charged Cellphone
If you encounter an attacker and your cellphone is dead, you literally are on your own or the kindness of passersby. So charge your cellphone. You need it with you at all times so that you can call 911 immediately. Also, consider downloading a safety app that you can use when you are walking alone late at night. This app allows someone — such as a friend or family member — to track your steps and to watch you get home safely through the app tracking system. If your phone dies, then the person watching you can call 911 on your behalf.

Item #4: A Gym Membership
Go to the gym so that you can be as healthy and as strong as possible. Not every person is going to be ripped — but you’ll see how investing in your health can go a long way when you need to run from your attacker or try to fight him or her off. So work on cross-training that includes some weight lifting so that you are getting stronger every day.

Item #5: A Strong Kick
Sign up for a self-defense class and learn the proper techniques for subduing an attacker with your physical body. There are a variety of techniques you can learn — including how to develop a strong kick and an killer elbow strike — as well as knowing exactly where you should target your attacker’s body. Every woman should go through a self-defense class at least once a year to practice these skills.

In conclusion, not just any one of these items is likely to help you survive attack. It is possible to thwart your attacker, but you’ll need to have practice using all of these top self-defense items. So begin preparing now. Take that self-defense class to learn that killer kick and elbow strike. Go to the gym to get stronger and quicker. Always keep your cellphone charged so that you can call quickly when there is an emergency. And when you need to carry a weapon, consider pepper spray or a monkey ball. Practice pulling out and using these items (without spraying or striking someone) so that if the time comes when you need to use them, you can with confidence.

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