Why You Must Play Golf As A Business Person

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Why You Must Play Golf As A Business Person

Golf is the king of sports when it comes to entrepreneurs. Along with finding it relaxing, many business professionals play golf because it offers the chance to network with other like-minded people. In addition, the fun and relaxing setting of the golf course removes some of the seriousness that business suffers from. It offers some key amenities to all those who want to grow and prosper in their business related ventures. As a result, let’s take a look at why you should play golf as a business person. When playing golf as a business person, it is important to understand the various golf terms and their meanings on the course. To learn more about golf terms, check out this helpful guide on The Left Rough website.

Huge Business Potential

Did you know that one out of every three golfers conducts their business on the golf course? Over one-third of them said that they did their biggest business deals on the golf course. So, depending on the type of business, you could be looking at three potential business people every time you tee up.

Many business relationships and sales start on the golf course, where they played a round beforehand. Golf lets you relax and network with new friends, and having similar interests will put you on the fast track to becoming friends. 

You would not want to miss the opportunity of meeting new people. But something, more importantly, is that, golf, offers you the chance to go through various discussions with somebody at your own pace, while doing something to keep you entertained and anchored into the present. They are a far cry from the stuffy, uncomfortable office meetings that have to be formal and not at all relaxed.

Quality Bonding Time

Most golf games last about four hours, and since a golf swing takes about five seconds, you spend the rest of the time conversing with your prospects or business partners. Usually, you will spend the time speaking and learning about their interests. No other sport lets you spend this much time with your prospect business partner, which explains why most US presidents since the turn of the 20th century have played golf. 

Only a couple of presidents since that time didn’t play. But they were few and far between. It offers the right occasion for partnerships to be formed and for deals to be agreed upon. While you have to spend all that time with another person or a group of people, it is significantly easier to come to an agreement with them. It would not serve you any good to stock fights with your golf partner while you have to spend four or more hours in each other`s presence. 

Learning The Character Of The People, You Are Dealing With While Golfing

Golf opens a window of insight into the people that you plan to have a business relationship. During a golf game, you can learn how they handle their emotions, whether they play by the rules, or they try to sidestep them. You can also have a good grasp at how they manage themselves in stressful situations. After all, it is very important to know that the person next to you, in any business context, knows how to keep themselves in check at all times. You do not want to be surprised by a business partner that suddenly starts to shout while discussing some important matters in the office.

 You can learn if you want to continue your business partnership or if it would make more sense to run in the other direction. Golf is more than just a game when it comes to business; it is a revealing sport that mirrors the thinking pattern that one may employ when wanting to make strategic moves. As it stands, you can learn more from four hours of playing with a partner than in a sterile office. After all, people let their guard down on the golf course. As a result, you can take advantage of any vulnerability that may be exposed.

Friendlier Environment Than An Office

The golf course wins every time over meeting someone in an office because you don’t spend as much time on meaningless formalities. Surrounded by nature, water and greenery, golf sets your mood into a happier place. You can come together for a friendly competition and establish a new relationship. 

Enhance Relationship With A Golf Gift

You may not know this about golfers, but they make for one of the easiest groups of people to give a gift to. Even a small gift will create an impact that can grease the wheels when it comes to doing business. Some of the things that you could give to a golf enthusiast include

  • Golf movie,
  • A voucher for online golf lessons,
  • Books about golf (the history of golf is more interesting than one may guess),
  • Hat with a golf logo, 
  • Golf towel,
  • a personalized T-shirt with a golf related print

None of those gifts much, but you’d be surprised what an impact they can have on e business relationship. They will strengthen the bond you may start to from and confirm that your partnership has the chance to blossom into something fruitful. If pricing is not a problem, you may consider getting premium golf club membership as a gift. Read more about it on the links golf club.

Builds Character

You only need to encounter one person without morals in business to learn how quickly good character matters. You want to surround yourself with virtuous and ethical individuals. Golf can improve your own moral fabric because it teaches you many lessons, such as how to deal with frustration and how to keep trying until you succeed. To highlight the importance, an estimated 90 percent of all Fortune 500 CEOs play golf. Even as a bystander, you may have noticed how many business people play golf. Don’t think of it as a coincidence. It is the ground play for many strategical moves in the business world of today`s day.


If you enjoyed this article, you could learn more exclusively on performancegolf.com. Every business professional can benefit from playing golf with their potential prospects. However, you would be surprised if you were to look at how many people in business play golf, which makes it easy to schedule a time with a potential prospect. 

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