Restaurant Booths vs. Tables: Which Is Better For Your Business?

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Restaurant Booths vs. Tables

When you are about to invest your money into establishing a business that will hopefully attain long term profitability, it helps to know what your best options are. If we were to focus exclusively on restaurants, there’s one choice in particular that tends to stand out. This involves an ongoing raging debate in the restaurateur community, specifically regarding whether booths are better for restaurants or if standard tables are superior.

It can be easy to get heated whenever questions like this arise. After all, deciding between tables and booths is no laughing matter. It can have a measurable impact on the performance of your business in the long term, so this is not the type of decision that you should take lightly. We have done some research to settle this matter once and for all, and there’s a conclusion that we have reached that seems to be quite indisputable.

Generally speaking, it really seems like restaurant booths are better than tables as far as your business is concerned. Now, you are not just going to take this information at face value, so let’s dive in to some of the benefits that booths provide when compared to tables!

For one thing, booths can minimize restaurant traffic without decreasing your customer capacity. Customers won’t be packed in so tightly that they can scarcely breathe. Instead, they will have their own little islands in the ocean that is your eatery. Not only will this give them a satisfactory experience that will improve your standing in your local community, but it will also make it far more likely that the customers will come back for a repeat experience and potentially even bring some other patrons along with them! 

This has a lot to do with how effectively these types of booths can maximize space. You see, instead of crowding a bunch of chairs around an already cramped table, booths can provide far more seating in a surprisingly compact manner. Hence, you can start to serve a greater quantity of patrons on a regular basis, something that will bring your restaurant no small amount of profit growth, whilst at the same time avoiding the pitfalls associated with claustrophobic spaces.

We are only getting started with the advantages of booths over tables, so it’s time to get down to the really important stuff. You already know that your customers will be able to dine with privacy and have much more space to spread around in, but did you know that booths are also far more comfortable?

That’s not to say that chairs can’t be comfortable in their own unique way, but it’s rather difficult to compare them to booths. The thing about chairs is that they need to be shuffled around constantly. Hence, the added weight of some plush lining to make the chairs more comfortable just wouldn’t make all that much sense from a practical point of view.

The great thing about booths, on the other hand, is that they don’t require any adjusting. They will occupy the exact same space that they have been installed in, so the addition of some extra weight to make them plush and luxurious will have absolutely no impact on worker wellbeing. 

What’s more, booths tend to offer a level of comfort that gives you a taste of home. Some booths are so comfortable that people can actually stretch out and fall asleep on them, and it’s easy to see why they have been gaining so much popularity in recent years!

It’s more than just the soft, padded surface of booths that allow them to enhance customer experiences to such a degree. We should also probably mention that booths can create an enclosed space that can feel downright cozy. Such an experience is difficult to provide with tables and chairs that leave customers open to people looking at them on all sides. With booths, you can let customers sink into their corner, and they’d feel comfortable as well as cozy enough to let loose and properly enjoy the meal that your chefs have so painstakingly crafted for them with the finest ingredients!

Furthermore, this kind of vibe is great at giving customers some much needed privacy. A fairly significant chunk of your diners will be couples who are out on a date. Chances are that they would want some privacy in order to let their romantic feelings fully express themselves.

While tables and chairs can be decent on that front, they also often require a bit of a compromise as far as privacy is concerned. Booths can cater to customers in a much more significant way, so the privacy alone is something that makes them worthy of your consideration.

There is one more benefit that booths can offer, and it’s one that doesn’t really get mentioned all that frequently. They can be great for noise cancellation! Restaurants are bound to be full of customers who are happily chatting away while they enjoy their meals, but sometimes this can be somewhat overstimulating

With booths, you can make it so that customers will have to experience a minimal spillover of noise from their fellow patrons. You can clearly see how the various advantages of booths can work synergistically with one another to make your restaurant a truly exceptional eatery that will become a part of the cultural fabric of your community.

The combination of comfort, space maximization and of course privacy makes booths the only viable option. Budding restaurateurs can use their abundant and interconnected benefits to give their career a massive kickstart, or at the very least prevent the numerous problems that can occur if you stick with the old school table and chair route. 

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