Your Perfect Companion For Streaming And Recording

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Your Perfect Companion For Streaming And Recording

Live video streaming is a staple in most industries today. Whether for a lecture, a business presentation, or managing remote teams, having the right equipment makes a huge difference. Finding a device that’s easy to set up and operate makes the job effortless for everyone. Straightforward equipment means that last-minute live streams can take place without a hitch.

There are so many reasons for using the Pearl Nano. This device can simultaneously capture up to two audiovisual sources and create a custom layout with backgrounds and transparent images for a professional presentation anytime one is needed. The Nano can record, capture, and stream from multiple sources, including computer monitors, HDMI, DVI-I (Single link), SDI, and SRT. Its user-friendly setup makes it an invaluable source for streaming over enterprise networks.

Enjoy Functionality With Ease Of Operation

Let’s face it. Not all of us understand how a streaming service operates. Setting one up may appear daunting. That’s when having the proper equipment makes the difference, especially when putting a last-minute live stream in motion. Professional live-streaming equipment pulls everything together with a hardware encoder that captures audio and visual content and formats it. Connect the audio and visual sources to the encoder. Then connect the encoder to a streaming platform, and it’s time to begin the live stream.

A Portable Size Unit That Contains Everything That’s Needed

The Nano is streaming and recording made easy. It’s small in stature, approximately 10″×7″×2.5″ or about the size of a thick paperback book. The front of the unit contains a headphone jack, a slot for an SD card, and an LCD monitor with menu controls for previewing. It also has a record and stream button. 

Accessing the input and output takes place from the back of the Nano. It has a power supply input port, a USB Drive for audio usage, an HDMI port, a PoE+ Ethernet switch, and an SDI input port. It also has an HDMI pass-through and an HDMI-in. Finally, the RCA connectors and the XLR connectors complete the back of the unit.

Key Features That Make Streaming and Recording a Breeze

Some of the key features of the Nano include it being able to capture two audiovisual sources at the same time and arrange them with backgrounds and transparent images in a custom layout. It has a custom layout builder that creates dynamic settings, simple picture-in-picture displays, or wow factor compositions and graphics. The Nano is lightweight and portable. It supports SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) for high-quality, secure video streaming on any network. It pairs well with Panopto and Kaltura, which lets the operator stop and start streaming from the Nano controls. The front screen allows swift access to essential functions, and the ability to see and hear what’s feeding through the stream provides peace of mind for the individual in charge.

A User-Friendly Design That Makes An Impact

The Nano may be small, but it packs a powerful punch in the world of streaming and recording. The simplicity of operation makes it user-friendly and the perfect choice for a professional presentation at a moment’s notice. It works well for school lectures, government meetings, sending information to remote teams, and business meetings of any kind. It integrates seamlessly with Panopto and Kaltura, is always secure, and lets you stream anywhere you desire. The Nano allows you to stream and monitor with confidence.

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