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Need Inground Pool Heater

Best Pool Heaters: Buying Guide Plus The Best Brands

You pay a lot of money to build a pool, but you can only use it for a few months a year because of cold weather. So, you’re probably thinking of spending more money, right?

The solution to this problem is to invest in pool heaters unless you enjoy cold water swimming. While they are not cheap, there are several low-cost solutions.

Depending on your location, a pool heater might extend your pool season by a few weeks or months.

If this is worth the price, we will save you time by providing you with the best brands. This list will include a model that will meet your requirements.

What To Consider When Buying Inground Pool Heater

When choosing an inground pool heater, you must factor in many aspects. These factors include the pool size, energy type, the weather in your place, how fast you want to heat the water, and the installation procedure.

If you live in a colder region, consider a heat pump or gas pool heater instead of a solar pool heater. A gas pool heater heats the water more quickly, making it ideal in places with cold weather most of the year. However, the heat pump is more energy-efficient and has less operating cost. 

A solar heater is a good alternative for those who live in warmer regions and enjoy plenty of sunshine on most days of the year. If you don’t mind waiting a day or two for the water to heat up, this is for you. If you have a big pool, you may need to install many panels to reach the desired temperature.

If you live in a cold area or need to heat a larger pool quickly, you need a gas-powered inground pool heater. Gas heaters are incredibly strong and may raise the temperature of your water by 20 or 30 degrees. The downside is it consumes more energy to use to heat your pool. Using it will most likely raise your electric bill too! 

Consider an electric-powered heat pump for a more energy-efficient but still robust choice. It uses ambient heat from the outside air, saving you money on your power cost. However, while this model is more energy-efficient, it may not perform as well as a gas heater in icy conditions.

Best Inground Pool Heaters To Check Out

The swimming pool heating technology has come a long way in the past two decades. Today, the machine is more energy and cost-efficient than its predecessors. However, it’s better to visit Cleanup Expert or other review sites to see the best swimming pool heater right now.

1. Hayward W3H250FDN Gas Pool Heater

If you search for the best inground pool heater online, don’t be surprised if Hayward W3H250FDN will. Hayward has long been a household brand in the pool equipment industry. This natural gas pool heater is dependable and powerful. It is built to last for a long time and can heat a large pool.

Reliability and energy usage/savings are two of the most critical factors when selecting a reliable pool heater. This has a long-lasting cupro-nickel heat exchanger that helps to prevent corrosion. It also employs a hydraulic architecture to save energy. This machine is simple to use, thanks to its front panel access, which makes the operation easier for anyone. 

Its low NOx emission feature ensures that air quality safety is met. If you want an all-around pool heater that works fast, consider Hayward. One piece of advice is to have this heater professionally installed. Otherwise, Hayward may void the guarantee. You will pay extra for the installation fee, but the warranty is essential in the long run. 

2. Smartpool Solar Pool Heating System

The SmartPool S601 Pool Solar Heater System is a good choice if you prefer a solar pool heater. This brand is designed for do-it-yourself installation. The device will raise your pool water temperature by 6 to 10°F over many days.

This device measures 4 feet by 20 feet, large enough to receive plenty of sunlight. However, the package does not have an installation kit. You will need to purchase it separately.

It is advised that you install enough solar panels to cover at least 50% of your pool’s surface area. Say the surface area of your pool is 400 sq. ft.; you’ll need 20 sq. ft. of solar panels to cover 50% of the pool area. 

3. EcoSmart Electric Pool Heater

The Eco Smart Electric is a tankless system that we consider the best value for money. This device is relatively small. You can make various changes to the settings using a digital display which is very straightforward to use.

If you want to heat the pool without going to where the machine is, there is a remote control that is also compatible with the heater. Aside from heating your pool, this model can also be used as a heat pump booster.

We suggest you hire a professional to install the heater to comply with its warranty requirements. Because of the EcoSmart Electric Pool Heater’s difficulty, you will need help from a professional. The good thing is that with its low price, you’ll have enough money to hire a professional installer.

4. Pentair MasterTemp 125

The Pentair MasterTemp 125 is a low-cost propane gas heater for smaller pools (up to 15,000 gallons). With approximately 80 pounds, this tiny pool warmer can fit in narrow locations where conventional heaters cannot. It also has a revolving digital display that shows the current water temperature.

Because it provides less power than the other alternatives, the Pentair MasterTemp 125 will be unable to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature if it is larger than 15,000 gallons.

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