Where To Find Tesla Superchargers Nearby

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Do you drive a Tesla and want to find Tesla superchargers nearby? Would you like to know their locations, connector types, and how to find them? It is crucial always to map out the available EV charging stations on a particular route, especially for long-range driving. 

But how do you even get started? 

A simple trick to find Tesla Superchargers nearby is to use the onboard navigation system or the Electrly EV charger locator, which works for Teslas and non-Tesla EVs. Read on to learn more. 

What Is The Tesla Supercharger Network Like?

Tesla is the leading electric vehicle manufacturer, making an assortment of EVs. However, although a compelling alternative to combustion-engine vehicles, EV charging stations are rare, unlike diesel and gasoline filling stations. The Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, recognized this gap and rolled out Tesla Superchargers to boost sales and enhance the Tesla ownership experience. 

The company has the highest EV sales market in the US and the largest global network of 45K+ superchargers. Although only Teslas could initially charge at these superchargers, Tesla and its partnering fleet operators are opening them up to other brands’ EVs, which is presently only a pilot scheme accessible for CCS-enabled EVs. Thus, if you drive a non-Tesla EV and want to fill up your EV batteries at a Tesla Supercharger, ensure it has a CCS connector.  

General, Tesla is far ahead in the fast charger network competition. You can find their EV chargers, Superchargers, and Destination chargers almost anywhere across the US, and the same for the UK. This makes it convenient for Tesla drivers to charge and recharge their batteries away from home. It is also cheaper to charge an electric vehicle than pay for gas, especially with the ever hiking fossil fuel prices.  

Where To Find Tesla Superchargers Nearby

As of April 2023, America had 1.5K+ Tesla Superchargers in 52 states and territories and 1262 cities. California tops as the State with the most Tesla supercharger stalls, about 20% of the US total. To get a clear picture, think of a typical gas station with a smaller footprint and no gasoline or diesel. 

Tesla Superchargers are common at parking lots in popular business parks, malls, grocery stores and even in larger traditional gas stations off major highways. Most are open 24 hours, and you only need to pull in, park at the available charging stall, and plug in the connector. The LED at the vehicle’s charging port will turn green once it starts charging, and you can use the instrumental panel on the Supercharger to monitor the charging progress. 

Alternatively, if your battery runs out while traveling, consider a nearby Tesla Destination charger, usually at parking garages or hotels. Some Destination chargers are free to use if you pay for other services like the hotel or garage fees, but some chargers have fees. 

Also, 3rd party level 3 EV charging stations at nearby workplaces and community-based residential areas can be handy if you need to charge urgently. Companies like Electrly manufacture, supply, and help install Level 3 DC Fast Chargers for home and commercial use, enhancing EV driving convenience. Such fast chargers are common in businesses, estates, apartments, etc., and you can order one for your home directly on the Electrly website.   

Finding Tesla Superchargers Nearby

Tesla Superchargers are spread across the country, primarily on major routes, and this is how you can locate nearby charging points:

Way 1: In-Car Navigation System

The most efficient and convenient way to find nearby Tesla superchargers is to use Tesla’s inbuilt navigation touchscreen. You start by entering your destination before hitting the road, and the car’s Trip Planner automatically calculates and displays your route with all Tesla Superchargers along the way. 

It factors your driving style, traffic, elevations, charger availability, and more for a convenient door-to-door experience. You can quickly know about charger availability as a red map pin on the nav screen has a number indicating available chargers. Otherwise, the charger is likely too busy or closed if you see a grey map pin with a clock instead of a number. 

Note: This method’s data is live and up to the minute, but non-Tesla EV drivers are excluded as it only applies to Tesla vehicles. 

Way 2: Electrly Tesla Supercharger Locator 

Electrly is one of the leading companies in the EV charging products market, with sales in over thirty countries worldwide. They are renowned for manufacturing and supplying quality level 1, 2, and 3 chargers for business and home settings. The company also operates an EV charger locator accessible via its official website. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the Electrly website on your phone or computer browser. 
  2. On the Homepage, scroll to the bottom and click on Resources.
  3. Select Tesla Superchargers Near Me, and a map will open displaying all Tesla chargers and other Level 1, 2, and 3 EV chargers.  
  4. Hover over any Charging point nearby your location to see its details, or use the search bar at the top of the page along with the available filters to find a suitable Tesla Supercharger for your EV charging needs. 

As easy as that, and you will see the selected Charger’s precise location with street address, contact details, charger level, connector type, working hours, costs, and more. 

Way 3: Tesla Website and Mobile App

In addition to the in-car navigation Tesla Supercharger locator, Tesla has an app and website to help find nearby chargers. You can easily download and install the Tesla app on Android or iOS smartphones or visit the Tesla website on your preferred web browser. However, the Tesla app only displays the superchargers near your current location and not those outside. If you want a more detailed map, consider Electrly or other 3rd-party apps. 

Way 4: Third-Party Mapping Applications

Many non-Tesla apps are available online and can help you search for your nearest Tesla Supercharging stalls. You can also use these apps and websites to find other DC fast chargers at non-Tesla EV charging stations. Whether you drive a Tesla or other EV brands, your charging options aren’t limited to Tesla superchargers. There are plentiful options to ensure a worry-free driving and charging experience. Examples of these 3rd-party apps include the ABRP (A Better Route Planner), PlugShare, and more.  


I hope you now know where to find Tesla Superchargers nearby and are okay to use your preferred method to find them, as provided in this article. Although Tesla’s touchscreen nav system is handy, it only applies to Tesla drivers. Fortunately, you can rely on the user-friendly Tesla Supercharger Locator by Electrly for an all-in-one electric vehicle charger finder solution. It is fast, more detailed, easy to use, and shows all available EV chargers in your immediate area and outside, including levels 1, 2, and 3 chargers.  

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