Maximizing Savings: Long-Term Parking Tips For Charlotte Airport (CLT) 

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Long-Term Parking Tips For Charlotte Airport

Planning a trip involves a lot of moving parts. You need to make sure you purchase airline tickets, plan accommodations and pack. The final piece to the puzzle is securing a parking space for your vehicle while you’re away. If you’re planning to take a long trip, traditional airport parking can have the tendency to get pricey. Thankfully, new options have risen in popularity over the last few years. Read on to get our best long-term parking tips for Charlotte Airport. 

Tip #1 – Use A Parking Service 

It’s no secret that Charlotte Douglas International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. As a result, the parking situation can get a little bit dramatic. With thousands of people traveling through the airport each day, parking is sure to be somewhat of a hassle. Parking services are coming to the rescue. 

One such parking service is On Air Parking. This parking company is all about saving travelers time and money. On Air Parking partners with five-star parking facilities near airports to bring travelers the lowest parking prices possible. The process is similar to valet service, but with a twist. To reserve a space at one of these facilities, you’ll visit the On Air Parking website and set your location and travel dates. You’ll be able to see your options for pricing at facilities near the airport you choose. After you’ve checked out and paid, you’ll receive an email containing the information for the parking facility you matched with. 

On the day of your departure, you’ll proceed to your parking facility to drop off your vehicle. No endless circling the airport lots and dealing with frustrating traffic. Most locations offer a complimentary shuttle service that will take you on a short ride to the airport and drop you off right at your terminal. Upon your return, there should be a shuttle waiting to return you to the parking facility. You get VIP services at a ridiculously low price! 

On Air Parking boasts world-class customer service. If you have an issue or your travel dates change, all you need to do is contact customer service to modify your reservation. Reservations can be changed or canceled right up until a few hours before your scheduled arrival at the parking facility at no cost to you. On Air Parking offers an affordable Annual Membership. The Annual Membership eliminates the online booking fee, bringing your reservation cost even lower! The Annual Membership also gives members access to exclusive events, first look at new products and priority access to Reservation Specialists. 

By partnering with parking facilities at nearly every airport in the country, you’re almost guaranteed to be matched with a facility near your home airport no matter where you are. You’ll

truly get the lowest prices with On Air Parking. Most travelers save an average of 50% on parking costs. That’s less than half the cost of traditional airport parking! 

Tip #2 – Always Compare Prices 

Never ever settle for the first price you see when you’re researching airport parking prices. Instead, be sure to look at all of the options available before making a decision. You can find pricing information for parking on airport property on the airport website. Take note of the costs for each of the different lots and then compare those prices against pricing if you book through On Air Parking. More than likely, you’ll see that traditional airport parking will cost you much more in the end. 

Tip #3 – Book Online 

If possible, you should always consider booking ahead online. Oftentimes, lower prices and additional discounts are offered when you book through the website. While not always the case, you’ll usually find that the earlier you book your parking reservation, the more money you’ll save. It’s best to start researching as soon as you know your travel dates. Check cancellation and change policies just in case you need to adjust your travel plans. 

Booking with On Air Parking saves you from having to worry whether you’ll lose your money. If you find a better deal somewhere else, you can always cancel your On Air Parking reservation up until your arrival day, no questions asked and no hidden fees. 

Long-Term Parking at Charlotte Douglas International Airport 

If you absolutely must park your vehicle on airport property, CLT offers two areas for long-term parking. Booking ahead online has the potential to save you up to 23%. Long-term Lot 1 and Long-term Lot 2 will cost you, on average, around $10 per day. Do the math: a 14 day trip costs in the neighborhood of $140 spent on parking alone. Even with the multi-day discount and discounts for booking online, you’re still looking at paying quite a bit more than you would pay using On Air Parking. Of course, you’re welcome to skip online booking and drive up, but there’s no guarantee that spaces will be available. You’ll definitely want to check accepted payment methods for this option; most only accept credit cards for payments. 

If you run into the unfortunate issue of both of the long-term parking lots being full, you do have the option to use one of the Daily lots. Charlotte Douglas International Airport parking has two options. The Daily Deck is designed as a parking garage and your vehicle is covered. The daily cost for the decks usually won’t exceed $12 per day. 

The Daily Lot is designed for those needing to park their vehicles for longer than 24 hours. This basic lot is uncovered and a shuttle ride or 5-10 minute walk to the terminals, but will still cost you around $12 per day. If you book ahead online, you may be able to save a few dollars, but pricing will still not be anywhere near as low as booking with On Air Parking.

Fly Away 

No matter how you slice it, On Air Parking is the clear choice. If you’re planning to leave your vehicle parked for several days, On Air Parking will give you the most bang for your buck. All parking facilities partnered with On Air Parking are secure and monitored so you’ll never have to worry whether your vehicle is safe. Why pay more if you don’t have to? You’ll always get VIP service at a reasonable cost. On Air Parking allows you to save time and money and skip the crowded airport parking lots altogether. What more could you ask for? Definitely consider On Air Parking for your next long-term trip.

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