What Is White Labeling Software And How to Use It?

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What Is White Labeling Software

Many companies are wondering what white labeling is and how they can benefit from this idea. First and foremost, White Label is a type of cooperation between a manufacturer of the product and a third-party company that sells it. After the production of goods or services (for example, software), another company purchases it and resells it under its brand. 

Therefore, each company deals only with its range of issues, and such cooperation can lead to a successful activity.

White Label participants

The role of the manufacturer includes the following:

  • Sharing the experience with other companies and benefitting from this cooperation.
  • Expanding the expertise and number of strategic partners.

As for the reseller, they benefit from:

  • Fast launch of a novel product without losing resources on its creation.
  • Access to the innovations in the industry.
  • Focus on their strength and ability to improve their weak points.
  • Promotion of the company and products in the chosen way.

Today, White Label is successfully used for:

  1. Software when distributors sell PC and Android antivirus software, Windows cleaners, widgets, online security software, etc.
  2. Branding, for example, online logo design services allow you to create a corporate identity in a couple of minutes. The builder will display your logo and contact information, so customers will associate a useful service with your brand.
  3. Finance where you can get access to the entire payment and IT infrastructure tailored to your design. In addition, there can be official permission to promote financial services in different countries.
  4. Utilities and household services include selling gas, electricity, and other services (water, telephony, television, insurance, security, maintenance, etc.) to customers. The company promises that it will take care of all the nuances: from customer support to software.
  5. Tourism utilizes mobile applications for travel agencies with the automatic addition of travel itineraries, flight delay notifications, planning capabilities (weather forecast, maps, exchange rates, etc.), and other useful options for travel organizers.

Who Can Use White Label And How To Do This Best?

Which brands could potentially take advantage of this idea? Almost all of them start from the media and proceed to online stores and travel agencies. To do this, an online resource must meet two criteria:

The theme of the site directly or indirectly correlates with the theme of the White Label partner

Answer yourself the question – what use you can offer to the target audience? If the site is dedicated to automotive topics, post everything related to the interests and problems of motorists. If you are monetizing a travel blog, add the option to buy airline tickets, search for a travel companion, or book hotels. However, the function of booking a beauty salon on the portal of a financial organization will look strange and repel potential customers.

An exception to the rule is information sites with different segments of the target audience (media or multidisciplinary forums). In this case, you can place coupons, promotional codes, and cashback, focusing on the multiple interests of users.

The theme meets the needs and capabilities of potential customers

Partner with brands with a similar target audience. Are you aimed at teenagers and students? It would be appropriate to place a White Label of budget brands with a youth character. Do you sell luxury goods? Team up with companies offering related products. The more accurately you get into the queries of the target audience, the more likely it is that customers will want to return and repeat the purchase.

After choosing a partner, take care of the effective use of White Label:

  • Prepare the resource. What is the point of a great offer if no one sees it? To prevent this from happening, increase your audience in advance, fill the pages with content, and do SEO. The more readers on the portal and the higher its position in search results, the faster While Label will start generating income.
  • Plan your promotion. Think about where to place the showcase: allocate space on the thematic pages of the site or create a special section. Unobtrusively tell users about the new solution, place hyperlinks on the main page (in the header, menu, or text), write blog articles that lead to the storefront, talk about the new feature on social media, etc.

Altogether, this popular way of cooperation between brands is worth trying.

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